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Microdatos, Google Authorship y Joomla!

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okay good morning everybody can everybody hear me ok I'm just going to move this chair out the way so I don't keep tripping over it ok so if we get started my name is Ruth cheese lee i run a comforter group of companies in the UK varia technologies

various software and microdata the joomla which is our new baby i'm going to be talking for about 40 minutes or so i buy it my career data semantic HTML authorship and how you can use that to develop your brand to develop your reputation but also how you

can use that to help your clients develop their brand than their reputation and improve how things look in search engines so if anybody has any questions if you can hold them to the end because I quite often get asked questions that I'm going to answer

in the presentation so maybe write them down in case you forget so why should you pay attention to this talk rather than fall asleep after too many beers in the bar last night I really believe that this is the way that search engines are going every week I'm

finding new things that are being done which are using micro data that are using semantic information to improve the relevance of the information that is returned to you in a search engine and where the people who are putting the website together so we're

the people that can add this into our websites to make that happen for our clients and obviously to make this happen for you as well ok before we talk in any depth I'll tell you a little bit about Who I am and why I'm interested in this and why I'm

talking about a dreamer conference and I came across this by accident really I'm one of these I'm not an SEO guru just to get that out of the way I'm not an SEO guru I am but I like I'm a bit of a geek so if I seen something new or something

I haven't seen before I do like to know how it happened and I started to see a lot of people talking about Google+ and how it was really really important that you do this if you're interested in change in optimization and I thought God not another

network another thing that I need to be involved in and then I saw I just kept listening I didn't really do anything I didn't really take very seriously and then somebody said to me on if you just connect up your Google+ profile with this then you

might see some changes happening i did that and suddenly i went from like page 10 of google i was it for joomla specialist literally I was like g double OD le and then four dots and I was on like that page back 20 and then I was on the first page just by making

one change and that listing on the first page was visually different to all the other listings so it really stood out so that's when I thought wow I really need to listen a bit more to what people are saying about this because it's really powerful

let's make this change with one small change from my website so what else could it do and that's when I started researching this a little bit more finding out how we can use it in joomla and realizing that actually it needs a little bit of technical

skill but it's actually quite easy to do so that's how I came to find out about microdata if you want to keep up to date with all the latest stuff you can follow me on twitter at archies Lee or Google+ which is where I normally share this kind of stuff

on google+ so if you just search for my name you'll find me i'm also on facebook but as someone of my dutch friends advised me when you look search me on facebook the translation of business person in dutchess businessman so hopefully that doesn't

confuse too many people it is me really so it's on there as well so ultimately at some level we're here because of money either you want to make more money by doing websites or developing extensions or whatever or your clients want to make more money

or you work for a charity that wants to make money so that they can help other people these techniques help you to come up through the listings to stand out against your competitors or your company or clients competitors and and it really does make a big difference

if your competitors aren't using micro data and they're not using Rich Snippets in their search listings are you are you've got a thirty percent higher click-through rate in general for your listings against your competitors so it can actually

result in real sales and it has done for me especially in terms of developing my reputation as a person people you'll get sick of seeing my face my avatar because it's in this presentation loads but people literally say all routes that I search for

for joomla you were there like your face was this mining at me and that's because I use micro data so it's really interesting to see how it might be able to help you so this is what it all comes down to establishing your brand establishing loyalty

people recognizing you and knowing you for what you do so you're a specialist in e-commerce for Joomla or what have you if you use an avatar on the forums and you're replying to people and being helpful to them and answering questions and then they

see your avatar then against something in a google search listings they'll remember that you're the person that's really helpful in the forums and they'll be more likely to view that listing because they already have seen your face somewhere

than then a random listing so to do with reputation as well that's the wrong button so search engine optimization and do more kind of like my school reports could do better yeah it's it's come an awful long way since joomla 10 and any of you remember

using joomla 10 i mean SEO virtually didn't feature but you do still have to use quite a lot of extensions you do need to if you want to get the optimum control of your SEO and the thing is if you don't know about it you won't do it this stuff

isn't included in the gym liqueur so by coming here and finding out about it that's the first step unfortunately people do leave my presentations and go I've got work to do now because it does give you some things that you can implement on your

site so be warned you might have some homework so everything I'm going to tell you about in here I've actually done so I've had a go implemented on my sites and seen a positive change so if you want to find out about that then come and speak to

me afterwards I've also had people who come to these sessions at the world conference or at gym the day in the Netherlands who have implemented this and have had a positive change so it's really worth having to go so it all starts with the mark-up

hopefully most of you will be familiar with h1 h2 and h3 and that's a way that we can organize the information on our page so that when a machine reads it it knows that this is the main heading this is a subheading and this is the subheading of the subheading

and so forth so that's a really basic form of semantic markup giving some kind of context to the information but when I search engine reads through these pages that's all it knows like this is a heading this is the list it doesn't know that this

information is about a particular subject it has no way of picking up if this is an address or this is a telephone number it just sees the information that's there so what what microdata allows us to do is to tell it the context so if I was searching for

avatar it might be my favorite film of all time that I'm looking for it could be a Swedish melodic death metal band which are never knew about before I started this it could be avatar from Ultima Online if any of you used to play ultima online it could

be an american animation cartoon or it could be that i want to know about avatars in a forum or pictures in a forum if you don't provide any information the search engine doesn't have any idea what type of avatar you're trying to find out about

it has to get in effect which one to provide you with so for me people say content is king for me content plus context is king the context is becoming more and more important anyone feel like this when I first started coming across this I was thinking call

God another social network that I need to be doing things with more stuff I need to be doing on my website more code I need to be learning about but this is something that really really makes a change it really does make a change how many social networks are

you active on that actively affects your position in a search in a search engine Google Plus as far as I'm away is the only one that actively changes stuff in the search engine so it's something that we really really need to pay attention to and micro

data is affecting search listings so if you have it on your website you will start to see changes in your search listings so that's one reason why you kind of have to get over this oh not another thing to do and just kind of feel well let's have a

go so here's some rich snippets in action I just search for these on Google Jim lola laughs you haven't seen that video you really should it's awesome here's a video snippet so our thumbnail it tells you the date it was uploaded the duration

of the fill of the video and who uploaded it and then you've got the description here and with a with the image you can actually specify what thumbnail image you use know about you but I've quite often uploaded a video on youtube and it's like

a picture of me with my mouth open is the thumbnail and that's not really what you want to use so using microdata if it's on your site you can actually specify which image to use here this next one is a personal profile so that's my personal website

and you can see it's got my avatar there it's got my name and if you click on that in google com it gives you all the articles that I've written ever anywhere on the web because I've got the microdata in place that links it all to my Google+

profile and this is an indication of how many people have me in their circles so it's an art it's an indication of reputation in fact here we've got the stroopwafel which obviously I have to get into these presentations and that's a recipe

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