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Los problemas de vender extensiones Joomla! en América Latina

Guillermo Bravo Olivares  · 


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we'll try to understand and learn how to do things and business with South America South America is a very special signed in the world is a political guilt or an economical and social very different from one country to another country you can be an example

in Chile and you can have the last ipod and people is wielding websites and four hours by car people is living in the homeless is a next country so we have a big difference between one and another country so the thing is the facts like it or not this is reality

aha we have many stupid people as government right now as president right now and the stupid the most stupid of all is the Chilean one so we have a venezuela's President Bolivia's president equal or president or y para wise president and Argentina

and Chile this this one is a very close group all of them has the same vision about Latin America or South America they think in the believer Bolivarian dream a devoted el sueño valluvar ya know which means a no frontiers novel rears one only be country this

one don't believe in that dream no problem hello this one don't believe in that dream he believed in freedom of economy he believed in market he lived in the market put the price the market the market take the decisions so we are until a little alone

in the region because we don't play the game of the others but the others one have a very special game this is our continent we have Central America and South America if you can see there is aprox 21 22 countries which is a lot but all this area is the

conflicted one so the problem the credit card access in South America to have access to the credit card you have to help you you have to win a very good money per month if you all salaries are not for ours is per month we have we need to work 45 or 48 hours

per week and at the end of the month we have the diamond only once at month you must have a lot of money to get access to the credit card but even when you have a credit card that this credit card is not with dollars so you you can pay you can buoy online

but only with your local money you know I don't have access to to voice international and I don't have access to dollars to buy so the payment get away did you know how many payment get away there is working right now just for Europe believe it or

not all that are the option to pay if you sell something if you have something to sell to to deal with you can use all of this but the winner is that everybody use that the problem with that is that we need to have access to dollars and then we need to put

the card into the paypal website uh-huh and then we need to connect with paypal to debate for some weird security reason some banks block it so in example Tilly we have ten banks and only with to a credit card of those banks you can pay online through paypal

and the others eight don't let you and if you use they don't let you have the the insurance for online by so you are a totally unpredictable so the insurance you can buy through paypal but you have the risk to to buy it without insurance online so

let's talk about people in South America and let's see them up again now the map is changing this is what's the first and the second one is where we don't have possibility to have a credit card that's all you know don't don't wait

the time we have Bolivia we have para why we on away Jana Cuba and a lot of Central America has country in all those country people just don't use it huh what about joomla customers developers and website builders in South America what about us what about

me I am a slight boiler what about me how can I work if I don't have access to buy online if I don't have access to to buy this extension or this template or whatever I need to buy online let's see them up again now if you see venezuela is that

equal or is there peru bolivia para why would why is there and all Central America is there so all your market changes to Mexico Guatemala equal or Brazil Argentina and Chile this is all market this is the market in which we can focus if we want sell extensions

to South America the rest of the countries is a waste of time you know if you if you have something like hosting an example a hosting company probably you can a charge for a hosting company two dollars per month and Bolivia will say no it's very expensive

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