Joomla! and Beyond 2013

Implementando soluciones sin programar gracias a las herramientas del framework de Community Builder

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okay we're ready good evening this is going to be a presentation using community builder tools to implement small use cases or large use cases without coding or with minimum coding so I hope everybody's having fun this is the second day of J and beyond

people that are not here will be able to view this online because of the sponsorship and who are we basically there are two people from the community builder team here myself and bet and I'm presenting I will be presenting this presentation and there's

also a couple presentations tomorrow one is a lightning talk why GPL is good for sellers also and another one is geared on MySQL database optimizations that that's going to be giving okay a little agenda just for the people viewing the presentation online

basically we're going to be looking at we've all basically constructed were cases over cases websites and each website is a different use case no matter how similar the the site there's going to be a twist and turn that will involve the developer

actually trying to implement something a little out of the ordinary and in many cases people either hack hack not in the security threat way but hack in terms of actually finding a specific area in existing code and starting starts making changes on that and

the reason people do that we'll see is because there's a lot of overhead encoding things right and we're going to be looking at the community builder framework and how it helps you actually implement these use cases with no or a very minimum coding

and we're talking would be talking about the available solutions that are in place and basically we'll be presenting a couple three or four of these solutions with use case examples now this is the principle of uniqueness everything is unique always

remember you're unique just like everybody else okay so no matter what website you make it will be unique even if you make 10 websites for schools every single one will have a different twist that you will have to be able to satisfy now Justin Lee to lay

down the stage basically it's a hacking versus programming principle I mean those of us who have developed extensions realize that you know implementing the key concept is really quick but being able to handle the supporting areas around the presentation

layer the exceptions the testing and everything else and the maintainability and upgradeability that cause a lot of overhead and that's why a lot of many times our developers are basically website developers that basically bypassed the process find a specific

place in your code they make some changes they satisfy the customer but they might end up messing up the customer later on because at the next update upgrade of the website or the extension that the person has hacked the hack will be overwritten usually things

are not documented and so on so these are just some examples and and what the difference between a programmer and a hacker would be and my definition is basically a hacker wants to satisfy the end customer the end client as quickly as possible and with the

least amount of effort and they don't really care what happens a year down the road if they're around they'll probably paid again a year down the road if they're not somebody else will have to deal with the problem so ninety percent of the

code this is just that hot definition is overhead I mean you think about it you have to handle the input you have to handle exception hat you know how exception handling special cases you know what happens if this happens in the input and so on hackers don't

think about this they usually just satisfy the cut the customer the customer says yeah that's what I want to do it works and they move on language readiness you know if I mean if you look at the presentation foth I mean to write this one a single joomla

plugin you might need six or seven files even the hollow the hollow were plugging six or seven files so there's a lot of overhead to doing things right however let's just assume that what if we could easily interject our use case logic in the right

place without modifying existing code with no overhead let's cut the chase and say I want to do this here what if we can do that well you can I'm not going to be going through this so just printing it therefore for completeness purposes community builder

architecture is heavily triggered based I mean joomla has triggers also the community builder basically takes that to a different level there are triggers all over the place where you know every event is triggered before after you can even introduce your own

special triggers if needed and the entire architecture all are all the plugins include the Builder are triggering off events so it makes things a little easy community builder basically as a framework and there are various solutions surrounding the framework

so we have profiles of course groups we have integrations with third-party plugins like kunena uddi m and so on CB connectors will link with Facebook Linkedin Google+ and we're extending that all the time activity streams again all these are plugins that

tie around the community builder framework and everything works off events and you can extend this very easily and what we're going to be showing one of the I mean there are three or four tools basically that you could use to do this extension without

really investing that much in overhead you're basically concentrate on exactly what you want to do and you do it so the question again I'm showing on the left here is what if we could easily interject our logic in the right place without modifying

code and the right side of the screen basically I'm outlining some of these tools are in place right now one of one of the first one is called CB auto actions and what this is it's like a Swiss Army knife of tools it basically allows you to tie into

any event and interject your logic and do the specific activity you need to do i'll be going through lots of examples there CB subs is the paid subscription extension of community builder and it basically has two nice actions there the SQL action which

allows you basically to execute any SQL statement one a subscription starts or ends or whatever and there's also a GPO URL action basically you call URL which would be a script on the other end sent it variables and do whatever you need to do you can create

a query field a field that basically queers your database either an internal database of geo database or some external database and grabs information and displays it back as a profile filled in in user profiles and the last one is a DB look up validation field

there are lots of cases where we want to be able to allow people to only select values in a field that are in our database there think about the closed registration where we basically kid codes out and allow people to use those codes to go through the registration

form okay first of all we're talking about the auto actions ok these are triggers there are lots of triggers I'm not going to go through all of them there I'm just numbering things here so community builder has triggers front end or back in group

jive which is the group's extension CB subs activity which is an extension as a plug-in of community builder has its own events privacy the privacy plug-in has events anti-spam is a new plug-in has events and you can you select the filter the filter you

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