Joomla! and Beyond 2013

El sueño de crear un negocio basado en Joomla!

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good so good afternoon everybody thank you for coming to my session as fatel i'm joe joomla from joe joomla calm and yes my name really is Joe today we're going to have some fun and you're going to hear some things about business that come more

from an emotional side of things and you'll hear and we've already heard great information about different business models different ideas for businesses and all that but I'm going to be approaching things from a slightly different point of view

i do want to give you just a little bit of background about myself for those of you that don't know me Joe joomla calm has been on line since 2005 at that point in my time I was actually employed full-time with the National Association in Canada where

I'm from and I was responsible for the technology my title as the communications director I was one of the directors of a large charitable organizations and they brought me in and one of my projects was to manage change in technology for them they were

using outdated proprietary technology they had to make a change and I was working to help them come to a modern enterprise system which was also proprietary and it was a Microsoft based product out of the United States very very expensive endeavor for this

association and it was at that time that I discovered joomla and my frustration with getting simple features like a search in you know in the software in a database so I figured well you know this enterprise system all runs off a database should search not

already be an implemented feature and the answer was like no you have to pay for the customization to create that feature and it was very expensive and I started seeing that Wow right out of the box joomla has searched and some of the things that were in joomla

i was paying in our organization many many dollars let me just say that the the enterprise system that we were involved with was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range and I when I got into joomla I knew joomla could not replace this whole thing but

it certainly did a much better job parts of it than what this enterprise system was doing I've held the executive positions in advertising agencies I come from sales and marketing and when you go way back in my history I was a trained to be commercial

artist but I very quickly for the majority of my career was in sales and marketing so I come from that bias that's my filtration how to sell and how to market and in this this is uh this is so who you're hearing this is my website Joe joomla calm and

as I say this is not the site that was up in the two 2005 because my first website was obviously is Uma one walk website this is the third version of this website and its going to change again so it's a 2.5 website that custom site was actually my very

very first custom-built site that I did using a framework built on the bat promises construct framework and my business model the way that I work is I work with subcontractors so I find people with specific skill set that are needed for the clients that I

do work for and I find those people that are available and they work with me and to build the projects that our customers want and I'm very hands-on because I come from the design you know a commercial art thing I work with the clients to go over what

they want for a little and a look and feel because I change in advertising and marketing I get involved in strategies because most of the time people come to you there's no idea what the websites supposed to do for them and the ones that think they know

what they want are making their websites there's their business strategy and it's not website is a tactic which is very different from a strategy and so they you want the clients be able to know what this past achill website does to support their overall

strategy for the business or further association and so Joe joomla calm is where you will find the website and the website says incredibly popular because of walking and blogging is blinding that vlogging is probably being one of the more successful things

that I have done and I wish I have more time to do more blogging but for the blogging that I do it support it with social media through Twitter and my email for the clients in anybody that signs up for it sounds all very simple but it's actually highly

effective because people come to me I I have had the privilege of being able to have very very good clients comes to me because I spent the time to position myself I worked on the brand of Joe joomla and you know when I come to the first day and beyond event

last year lots of people recognize this super gay logo they've heard of Joe joomla and they were finally getting to meet me for the first time so lots of people knew about Joe joomla in one way or another and it was all just because of the efforts of you

know branding a site it got attention and then when people came to me I'm a good choices about who I did work for and this is something that you're going to find out that is very very important my if you want to go to the blog it's called sound

off my tagline is everybody has an opinion here's mine what's yours invite you i get to sound off and say what I think about joomla and things at large but I also give you an opportunity to say your piece as well too so today we're going to talk

about your joomla business dream and this dream is primarily for people who want to be somewhere different than where you currently are you have a dream you may not all you know most of the people in this room you're already in business but there would

be a lot of people who will hear this who were where I was with just the thought that what if I could be in business for myself what would that be like and and that was both an exciting and terrifying moment because that is the moment that you have to make

a decision and some people are flipped into the decision just simply because because of the the economics of the way they live and if you find yourself in a position where I I gotta go and get it another job or maybe I should work for myself you will be faced

just like I was with some some of the things that we're going to talk about today maybe you don't want to be in your own business maybe you want to be full time with a good joomla business and do what you love to do this is be the right talk for you

if you're at that place in that moment in time because everything starts with the dream dreams are powerful if you have a drain the thing that happens when it comes to you is you get excited and it brings you joy when you have that dream because it means

South something that you're currently not doing is going to possibly be done and it's what you want to do and so two things excitement and joy and those two things you never lose track up because they are very very important the dreams come they make

you excited they give you joy and them if while you're pursuing your dream the excitement and the joy seems to leave that is a big red flag that you need to make an adjustment because your dream is being challenged so you have to say how do I feel right

now about what I'm doing on my excited and I my full of joy about what I'm doing take your pulse I'm a happy guy I love what I do and I'm in a good spot or really unhappy I'm really stressed out I'm not having any fun anymore and now

this is a good place for you to be to hear what you do you spend so much time working so much of your time and your time is limited why would you do something that you do not like to do that's a hard thing to hear when you're faced with terrifying

proposition of being in business for yourself it's like oh people always say do what you love to do and the first thing that happens is you're challenged with the thought but how am I going to support myself you know some people's dreams are to

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