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El cerebro humano y la usabilidad: cómo evaluar la experiencia de usuario

Jens Christian Bang, Emilie Lindqvist  · 


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thank you welcome nice to see so many people want to hear about UX we are Emily linguist and my name is ian's Christian bomb we are working together in a company called old radio we are kind of the new kind of a company because we are two people in Norway

and then there are 25 people in Ukraine and the market is all costs Norvin and we're both working with the is building and they are really a passion for his building we read a lot about it we test it a lot on our clients and we are also attending to to

use built a Congress's where it's only his bill t people the last one we went to was something called the needs no Norman group and one heard about it I think that is one of the largest analytic companies American which only worked with you x yes he's

Danish and he also had am I critics Oh windows 8 in November I think he said that the new Metro user interface was not so smart and so on Norman you have written a book for 30 years ago that deals something that they read in school because what you wrote for

38 years ago is still important Emily attended two to three days of topics maybe you can say what emily is also on web called UX freecom and I recently wrote a book about how to evaluate use your experience or use built-in of complex applications so they're

going to use some of the materials that we have from both the book and from Emily's web and what we have learned in all the places you know it in the region maybe I will translate it but our market is a the Norwegian market so if lot of people are already

in English so what we are going to talk about today is what is UX and what is this building how to capture and then about graphics how shape colors and icons shape our decisions and a bit about appreciation triggers and then noise and how what's not there

can affect the experience and affordance and matching mental models and a bit about language yes and then I will keep on with the complex web application what we need with that patents a valley is under evaluation of UX and user testing which is a part of

that first I will ask do you know does anyone will know that the difference between is built a and use your experience is it cloudy nobody want to try if you don't want to try them i don't want to try yes let's bright because when the first time

I heard you x used massive it was a 41 year ago because when we had the humor 3.0 UX as a project name you remember that and then after that you X has been a very hyped word but to explain the difference you can you can imagine cutting a tomato with a very

sharp knife has anyone we've done that one person three people have a cattle tomato with a sharp knife you know you know the feeling when you cut tomato with a very sharp knife it's a very good feeling it feels real good you can't stop cutting

because it's slice so good that's the feeling let's say use your experience that you get and the sharpness in the knife that's the usability because that's a part of the tool that you use that makes it good to use so the feeling that you

use object that's the user experience the feeling that you get and this feeling can be good as cutting a tomato or exam bit bad if you are using a bad bad website or if you're using another kind of object that is not fit for human so holders poor user

experience feel like I have a video here it's telling a lot do you don't see it ya know is it have you seen it before do you know the feeling that's why it's so fun because we understand the anger you feel because he's using a application

which is a very poor use building it's very irritating frustrating and I'm going to get really mad and I think that everybody that has used the computer know this feeling so usability according to our danish friend nielsen that is you can put it into

five different topics that is something called learnability and of course at this whole how easy it is to use it how intuitive you see if you start use application and you learn it and you can start using it in in a few seconds then learn abilities is good

but you also have something called efficiency and that is how fast you can work with the application if you are talking about coming back to complex application like accounting system if you have to do 20 klicks to do a invoice then it's not efficient

if you can do tasks with few clicks and in a short time then it's efficient and you see it's a difference between learnability and efficiency so sometimes a call system is not may be so easy to learn to use the first time but you can be very efficient

when you're using it because you know how it works with shortcuts and stuff like that and then you have memorability that is how is it is to remember because if you have used the system or we learned how to use the system and then it will be away from

the system for a couple of days weeks and then you come back to it how easy it is to catch up and start using it efficient again and then you have something called Irish that means how good is the system to handle mistakes made by the person that is using

it because when you're using a system as a human you will you will try something you're not quite sure but you think that the system should work like this and when you do it and the system just stop or not telling you that you probably try to do invoicing

or you try to buy our object but it didn't work because you should rather do like this that's a good way to handle Irish from from the system and then the last part is satisfaction that goes to very much with the feeling if you like the design if you

feel that the sign looks good then you also looks good looks good but then you feel that this is a good application so if it's a bad design don't look so good then you think it's harder to be forgiven with video there are tapasya topics as well

so personally I think that the satisfaction park in the usability is very important because if it looks beautiful then it's more it's more satisfaction to use it especially if you use application several hours per day you don't want to look into

something ugly you want to look into something beautiful I have a few examples that I would like you to come with give me some comments to in according to the usability the first one is something called all in that Sun region no bitching tax department where

everybody in Norway have to log in five million people maybe not all the children but for for three and half million people have to go into here and register it how much you have earned last year electronically signed a lot of papers so this is very much used

so what do you think about usability here here is it of course it's innovation so it's not well here it's written elements above I have what I'm here title what and some bait faith and status and here action what should I do I thought this

was my ice so yeah if we go to to the part that was a learnability it may say we have the part with the efficiency we can't say because we haven't used it used it the lotto link so maybe we can get to the job that we are going to do first we don't

know memorability probably how with the hobbit handle a little Irish we don't know because we haven't used it satisfaction and the comments does it look beautiful no it's not yeah they don't care about the people i have another one this is

the registry or all companies in norway and all cars it's called dranitsin what do you think hmm it's probably yeah what are you going to do with nice I can sorta explains everything of course we can say that it should have been more fancy flashy more

icons it could have been working with the only characters so that is member yeah that's right as much those things and of the three messages you want the free obvious in this case it before me the logo in itself the small picture and divided because there's

a little green under them from wine no nothing probably small building I think that I believe that eighty percent of people coming in here are going to search for companies to find the organization or VIP vit number i'm like to do here and after a while

you learn what you should go there but the cursor don't start there don't even start there you have to click there and I i would estimate it to be three hundred thousand people coming into this site every day so it's they don't respect their

users at all we don't know but you're right should be marked and they haven't changed it for several several years now they don't care because they have delivered the service as the law has sent you have to have a website where you can search

for a company some for cars and that's all and then they don't care they have enough money but they don't they don't care they don't respect the usage at all so what we mean is that it's better to design products around people instead

of teaching people how to use products because everybody that has worked with application know that they have made manuals and some miles is really large we are having clients that have have systems not for muscle course let they have to every every time they

are going to do the monthly invoicing they have to open their the manual and read what to do because they can't remember it and that that is not the right way to build application you should build application and use more time on building the application

and use building than using to build manuals for the systems how many of you are developers and designers and project manager or very good and we see we see very often that we have a interest conflict between the signer and developers do you know because very

often developers know how it works so they don't think it's hard and I think that the designer is making a hard time for them because signer is trying to make it more user-friendly and then then they have a little conflict so why is is built important

any suggestions do you feel better hmm and people that feel good all the suggestions no yes it's convert better if it's a website because if you get irritated at once you have loaded the site then you don't buy anything yes yeah but then the flight

is actually a very or Airport is a is a terrible user experience because you have to come there almost two hours before the flight is going and then you have to go through security shaking why do i what can't I do everything at once why do I have to do

all these stupid things is it to fill these two hours it stupid things and where is the free Wi-Fi shouldn't it be free Wi-Fi no they want to suck the blood out of us for some some internet connection so traveling with the airplanes is a terrible way to

user experience yes here's some other some of what you suggested yeah sorry jobs are satisfaction increase of trust increase usage and adoption as was mentioned employee James time-saving decrease training and support call and IT savings so it's a

lot of money into good usability but I thought about what has happened with disabilities the last six years have you have you experienced any difference a lot and this is justin's why iphone yes i believe that so because for six years ago iphone came and

i think that this set a new standard for how is built he was going to be you said apple in in general but everybody didn't have a macintosh but after a while everybody had or a lot of people had a iphone and then they demand that everything should be as

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