Joomla! and Beyond 2013

Creando una aplicación con el framework de Joomla!

Chad Windnagle  · 


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I got one bug done and I think I tested two or three so it's pretty good people are still like coming in but I think we're going to get started because we're running a little bit late so I'm going to go ahead so hi everyone pretty much I think

knows me or is heard of me my name is Chad I've been pretty obsessed with the joomla framework it's kind of like a hobby that takes over in my life and I spend too much time playing around with it I'll tell you just you having a set of libraries

that allows you to be super super flexible and so after doing a bunch of the work which involved going to name spacing and using composer and getting rid of dependencies between the libraries we have an end result of a really really set of flexible code that

lets us do a lot of really cool stuff in terms of app development and here's some of the benefits of doing this first of all we can select specific packages that we want to use when we had the platform or when we had the CMS you wanted to use something

specific and you had to get everything you couldn't just say I want to use one or two packages and not have to get everything else with it so it was a lot of overhead so by doing this change we don't have all that overhead we can also leave the platform

alone the CMS can get onto the platform when they're good and ready and we also get a lot of major code improvements like name spacing which allows us to interface with other libraries and be compatible with them and work with the autoloaders and all of

that really cool stuff a big thing that came with the framework is this thing called composer and composer is this really cool thing and you know I'll tell you a little bit about it its dependency management and this right here is how we label dependencies

we simply say I want a specific joomla framework package like joomla application and composer will read that and say they want the application go get it and install it for them but the really cool thing about this is the application has its own set of dependencies

and as the developer I don't really want to know what those are or care what they are want composure to deal with that for me and so we have recursive dependency management it's not just I'm going to get the application and then find oh the application

actually requires a few other things composer will automatically look at the joomla application require statements and say that oh it has a few other dependencies and it'll go get all of them for them for for us on top of that if any of these have dependencies

composer will automatically go to those packages and get all of those dependencies as well so by saying I want one thing we end up getting everything else that we need to run it's a good thing the bad thing is right now we have a lot of dependencies really

more than we need and so we're trying to get rid of as many as we can so we can keep things as as light as possible okay we're going to do the fun part a little bit of roller coaster ride I have a video that I hope I could find yeah and this is I'm

going to set up the project folder and get composure ready to go so I'm using the command line here because I'm going to end up doing Stefan composer and it it works out I'm going to create a directory and i'm going to go ahead and enter that

directory and i'm going to create a new file called composer dot JSON and then i'm done yeah so now I have this file called composer JSON and what I'm going to do is I'm going to add these contents and you can see this is a JSON encoded string

and I'm just going to give it a name a description a keyword is pretty much optional I didn't put any keywords in it and you can see here I specified I want the joomla application and I can also specify a version number in this case we haven't

actually released anything so the version number is dev master which is just the master repository in the future once we start going towards having releases and version I'll be able to say I want version 1 and I'll know that I'll never get anything

that's changed with that version because I've specified exactly which version i want and i had an issue as i was putting together this presentation where i had written a bunch of stuff and then a bunch of code got committed and my presentation didn't

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