Joomla! and Beyond 2013

Creando un modelo de negocio exitoso con Joomla! basado en ingresos recurrentes

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intro image will probably be the entire image that people get to see online but we're we're good awesome okay great I really expected like five people to show up this morning so it's great to see that more of you actually decided to to get out

of bed I know some of us may have had some challenges getting out of bed today and it was a long evening last night for some people that I saw up very late three o'clock Plus bug squashing went on until at least three o'clock last night so that was

very awesome and now I'm noticing that on my little presentation screen here I am covering all of my notes with a clock so I'm going to take one second to change something here and move this over there this over there done and all right good well thank

you everybody for for having four people four people online there's like a hundred people in the room here it's just a fantastic session of only beautiful people we are just beautiful people at least maybe not hundreds these are hardworking people

that showed up even in spite of alcohol and bowling and lots of other bug squashing fun here also if you're watching this from the future I know you're watching this on google glass while roaming through space and your spaceship please don't crash

thank you okay basically yes I know that Ryan in 40 years will be watching this so obviously I was really honored to learn that I get to give a presentation about myself and what I've learned through building a recurring revenue model for the last 13 years

so I'm really excited to do that but I have a quick update for you guys because I thought that there might be a change in plans so last night this was when I say last night I mean like six hours ago or so i outsource my presentation to a Bulgarian a scotsman

and an Englishman at a bowling alley downstairs and unfortunately it through legal constraints the legal team said the presentation they made was not necessarily fit for consumption through a worldwide audience I will give the uncensored version of that presentation

if you want after we shut down the live feed okay good excellent it's very interesting to say the least but i do have a presentation about recurring revenue models i'll start by saying Who I am so high again for people that have been seen me in a while

or don't know who i am i'm ryan oz mech the ex-president of osm there's now a two person maybe three person x president's club where we hang out in retirement land and play shuffleboard it's very relaxing it's very nice I get to wear

sandals to conferences now which feels fantastic I'm the CEO of a company called pick net I'll tell you obviously about what we're doing and how we've changed over time through this session here at our offices we definitely try to have it fun

so I do a lot of putt-putt golfing in our offices so I'm hopefully moving on to the Pro Circuit soon but it's a fun place yeah so who should be in this room just to make sure we've got the right audience here are there folks here that our web consultants

where you can describe yourself as a web consultant if you're in the room here okay great good people here that our extension developers joomla extension developers awesome and people that consider themselves entrepreneurs or business folks all right good

my Tiger of room because I was going to have to change the entire presentation if you were a trust fund baby if you were a billionaire or if you just weren't interested gosh darn it one of the perks of being ex-presidents is that current president's

get to make fun of you it'll come back don't worry we'll see you in the retirement home so so I'm glad to see that Paul decided that this is a good place for him to join us here the format of the session today I want to do a little differently

not because I just made the presentation a few hours ago that would absolutely not be why it would be because I think what I'd like to have is some short stories to tell you guys about some lessons learned through the 13 years of building our recurring

revenue model and also I want to make sure that you guys have an opportunity to share some experience yourself because I see this as a unique opportunity of all of us as peers to share knowledge so that we can go back and implement them in our own enterprises

and businesses this is all about interrupting me by walking in late by by doing whatever you need to get my attention so if you want to yell and scream just don't throw things at me that's the only thing I ask questions are welcome the entire time

laughs are probably even more welcomed there's a lot to talk about today I changed the number of things that I wanted to share with you guys quite a bit and since I was bad in getting here early we might actually move our way back up the list here to less

topics so I'm happy to chat with folks afterwards as well because I think that this is something I have near and dear to my heart because I want to see more businesses in our community succeed and to do so not at the cost of spending your entire life at

the office I want to help us all find more work life balance I think one way we can do that is by helping each other build more sustainable business models so just one other question for you guys i'm interested in the types of folks that are in here because

i know that you're the right beautiful hundred-person audience but how many people here would describe themselves as a solo entrepreneur running the business by yourselves essentially good excellent and then folks here that are owners of a business that

have say less than 10 people okay great we already went through a couple of these how many people here would you say that the majority of the work your business is doing is product development product about building products no oh dear God look at that beautiful

and the second question is how many folks here have businesses that have software as a service business models or SAS business models okay good right on Greek says I think understanding that it's going to help me a bit as to where I think we can focus

our discussions today like I said we have a lot of topics and i think that the solo entrepreneurs that are in the room here pretty much make up the largest percentage of what we see in the joomla marketplace and those are the folks that are oftentimes working

the hardest and building some of the best stuff that i think we need to share with more of the world especially beyond the joomla world and i want to prescribe a few paths as to how we can get there and be profitable successful along the way so to start i

just thought i'd share a little bit about the background of what pic net is my company we're a company whose mission it is to empower the missions of nonprofits with affordable and effective technology i didn't say anything in there like our mission

is to build joomla extensions I didn't say anything in there about our mission is to build the coolest technology that will be here and then gone in a year it's really saying we care and are very passionate about the nonprofit sector and we know that

we're good at technology what tools were willing to build and how we're going to get there has evolved over time and that evolution has made us a stronger business and I think it's something that we can learn from as a community to see how we can

grow together we're a certified B Corporation benefit corporation in the US where we know there's a lot of capitalism going on there's different types of ways you can incorporate over the course of the last few years there's been this growing

area between pure for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations and somewhere in the middle are social entrepreneurs or people that want to serve both marketplaces and B corporations are very new legal vehicle in the US and that's where our focus is

to say how can we be most impactful for society not necessarily for shareholders and we want to make as much money as possible so we're neither a non-profit or a for-profit corporation I like to say that we are a not for much profit company which is essentially

what we we enjoy doing and like I said we've gone through a tremendous amount of change we've kept pick net as the vehicle as the business that we've run through all of this change during the past 13 years but it's been interesting to watch

it evolve and grow in the past we had one main offering that we had as a business and that was probably what a lot of you guys do in the room here which is custom web development and web design services so the model was pretty straightforward we knew we wanted

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