Comunicaciones en tiempo real mediante la API WebRTC de JavaScript

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hello hello um I am Lisa Larson kelly also lisa marie NYC on twitter and learn from lisa my website blog and i have been working with real-time communication and video 40 10 years or so and i'm really excited to to be here today to talk to you guys about

real-time communication for everyone because that's sort of been a barrier in the past and I you know I will warn you I don't have quite as many effects as Aaron did but I do have a few so um so you know I mainly do consulting and training and I've

had my share of start-up ideas over the course of the past 10 years and most of them have failed big time because variant for various reasons this one particular was licensing reasons the server to to get the real-time communication webcam stuff working was

using the f-word which you want to talk about and it just it costs too much to run it so these things don't work so that's why I'm so excited that WebRTC is open source it's for everybody you don't have to rely on proprietary software to

do amazing things so that's really my goal today is to get you interested and excited about WebRTC and how many of you have heard of it good all right and how many have actually tried to do anything with it yeah like three or four right and you probably

got started and saw what is this I server what what big brick wall right so so that's really what I want to do is get all of you familiar with WebRTC what is it what can it do and so you can go back to your client your boss or just you know to explain

it and and then dive in deeper to it if you want to so starting at the beginning web RTC is awesome but basically what it is is a JavaScript API that lets you share video voice and data peer-to-peer without any plugins in the browser so you might think oh

wow I can make skype right I could you skype in the browser it's tighten the next skype killer please it's definitely more than that I want you to think bigger think Amazon Mayday button right if everybody if anyone is familiar with that it's a

little button on the the kindle fire you press the button and a customer service rep pops up in video right on the screen and they can't take over the device but they can point they can draw on your screen and point you to the menus that you need things

like that and that's also on the new phone as well so it uses WebRTC technologies in it along with a bunch of other stuff think machine-to-machine communication also this isn't just browser to browser Google chromecast uses WebRTC technologies in communicating

between the phone and your TV so there's all sorts of things like that you can do and of course yes you can also build skype type applications but you can bake them right into your apps right into the website so i'm going to show you this totally free

custom chat room thing jump out of here and and I've got it running here in chrome on my mac and it is up here in / Lisa and you know you could go there right now but be nice to the Wi-Fi um so I'm gonna drag that over see me there this love eous aspect

ratios are huge there we go make it fit to the page and look somebody said so I have it running in chrome and then also over here on a nexus 7 as well and that's on the Wi-Fi and it just works right so it's yeah it's very cool and it's this

particular one is it's a totally free service anybody can use it you can grab your own room totally free i'm sure they have you no upsells and so on to you know for your company or whatever and there's a ton of these companies are popping up all

over the place Wow all right I'm jumping out of here now okay thanks for playing so um so that's just one example of of what you can do so it's clear that this is really happening there it isn't just this mythical thing that everybody oh this

WebRTC someday the specs going to be ready people are building things on it right now and companies are building you know startups and all sorts of things are happening so it is going to be everywhere it because it really allows you to like I said just bake

it right into other things that you're building so it's going to be in every aspect it could be you know on devices on its could be under refrigerator like all sorts of things right so it's in ways that we haven't even probably even thought

about yet and maybe you're thinking about it right now but there's always a but it doesn't work in IE or safari right now so but you know don't worry I'll get you there there is momentum building as I said you know people are doing this

it's going that when the internet wants something right it happens right we make it happen so right now this is the state of things we have browser support in Firefox in in chrome and also in opera Apple has joined the working group for the spec but they

haven't really they didn't make a big deal out of it I didn't really say much about it when they joined it back in February so there's they're moving toward it something's something's gonna happen there and then there's Microsoft

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