Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2014

Sketchnoting, capturando ideas mediante notas visuales

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hello my name is Jessica Eldridge I'm a front-end developer at Shopify and I want to talk to you today about taking notes more specifically how to take awesome very cool notes by practicing something called sketchnoting so what is sketchnoting it's

basically visual note-taking it's the practice of combining hand drawn elements and text to create visually compelling notes if you're familiar with something like mind maps if you've ever used a whiteboard to draw things out while designing software

you're already kind of gotten a head start on sketchnoting basically it's the difference between more traditional looking notes like this and notes like this I actually did listen to this talk two times to get that example for you I know nothing about

Ruby cryptography but hopefully this looks like like I know what I'm talking about I got into sketchnoting because of a man named micro D I was preparing to go to South by Southwest one year and I was looking up stuff on the internet trying to get an idea

of what I was getting myself into and I came across this Flickr stream and he had these amazing notes and I you know kind of went down this rabbit hole checking out these photos and I said I really got to try this so I started doing it at meetups and at conferences

Mike Brody coined the term sketchnoting by the way he does a lot of podcasts and like really promotes the practice so I took my hand at trying at these I dug up my very first sketch notes at that South by Southwest that I went to and it's kind of funny

cuz I knew nothing about Ruby on Rails at the time but my first sketch notes were actually a talk by DHH so I think that is kind of funny there's a couple of different ways you can do sketch notes you can do them live or you can do them later live sketchnoting

means taking them at the same time that the content is being presented and later sketch notes you might write them down on scratch pads or take bulleted notes or type them up and then you go back later and put into a sketchbook I'm a developer and I like

to keep things dry so I prefer a live sketch noting because when the talk is done my notes are done and I don't have to go back and I can concentrate on the next thing so a lot of the stuff I'm going to talk about today is gonna focus on live sketchnoting

techniques you can also use different mediums for sketchnoting Veronica Arab is sketch notice she uses pen and paper I really like how she has created sort of this visual concept of using these tags to highlight technical terms she Illustrated the concept

of get branching in two different ways to really reinforce that concepts and she always takes time to make her title area and her speaker know it's very fun it's really draw attention to that Sasha schewe uses a tablet PC and a sketchbook app on her

PC she uses color to highlight important concepts and kind of reinforce this thought bubble by literally drawing a thought bubble she goes to a lot of technical talks and has a lot of very dense content but using those colors you can still pick out the high

points of of the talk could also use an iPad like Daniel Kirsch with a smaller device you're gonna have to have more concise notes I loved that he used the pops of color and really simplified stick figures to illustrate you know there's three concepts

on this thing I can barely read the type but I think it says nope I don't even know everyone everyone starts agile and gets stuck inspiration often comes from fresh perspectives that's what it says and that makes lessons so why am I talking about sketchnoting

why might a ruby comp trying to tell you guys how to take notes firstly I think we can find a lot of inspiration and analog processes we are all developers even as people I mean we're in San Francisco we spend a lot of time on electronic devices it's

our comfort zone but taking the time to get away from the computer and do something different may bring up fresh ideas as you're doing something new you might think of new new clarifying ideas just trying something and slowing down a bit some famous people

that use sketching to enhance and clarify their ideas include Leonardo da Vinci Sigmund Freud Darwin and Kurt Vonnegut sketching also helps you to focus I know a lot of you are probably you bring your laptops to meetings and how many of you guys are actually

taking notes when you're in a meeting you're probably checking I am you might be checking emails somebody's pinging you because something's going down in production and you got to fix it right now we've got two rows of people here with

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