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Desarrollando juegos de mesa con Ruby

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hi everyone so as Jim said my name is Jonathan Bergman and Hum here to share the story of how I build a board game and how Ruby latest it at all now I'm not going to talk about digital board games with actual physical board games so I hope you enjoy the

talk so I'm a tech lead at the ebay Israel Innovation Center down in Tel Aviv and we build cool projects for ebay mostly using Ruby on Rails and I wanted to not click that button but I wanted to start off with a short intro to board gaming because I'm

guessing that when i say board games some of you think of this or maybe this but board games have changed a lot in the past 20 years i want to have a quick show of hands who here has played a board game in the past year whoa for the past month not bad today

so there's a current revival of board gaming as a hobby and more and more people play board games each year now Mardan games also have a very wide variety of both mechanics and themes available to them from settlers of catan which was considered the grandfather

of designer games it's a game where you raised to settle an island competing with the other players for resources but never actually fighting them carcassonne a tile laying game where you have to build a medieval city in France and ticket to ride which

is a set collection game where you lay railway tracks across the u.s. and try to block off your opponents to lesser-known games like agricola a worker placement game where you build a farm and harvest food and try to make sure that your family doesn't

starve over with winter galaxy trucker which is a really crazy game where you build a spaceship using only one hand fly through space and get it then you get a seed get pulverized by meteors and aliens and pirates and so forth and the resistance which is one

of my favorites a social deduction game with no physical parts at all where you just accuse your friends all the time for being spies all the while hiding the fact that you were one all along so there are many other examples of Awesome board games right now

but all of them have in common that they bring people together around the table now board gaming as a medium is unparalleled than the way that it has both a competitive gaming aspect as very social interactions we're now in a golden age of board gaming

as people say since 99 sales have been growing at a rate of ten to twenty percent each year with the amount of games published growing accordingly from around 500 games published in the year two thousand two more than a thousand you board games published last

year that's a crazy amount and a lot of copy pasting to get the graph there so let's talk about how board games are made I'm going to generalize the process it's not the same for all the games out there but it should get you an understanding

on how board games are made and what is required to produce a barber game right now so we start with a designer that's the person who invents the game usually the one whose name adorns the box when it's ready so they come up with a basic mechanics

and rules of the game they iterate through the rules several several different iterations and they usually add a theme to the game whether it's a farming game or racing game a giant monster game or whatever they will go through several iterations and have

a prototype ready to show the publisher while a designer is usually one person or a small group a publisher is usually a bigger company that will help produce the game the designer will show the prototype around to several publisher and get when interested

in buying the rights of the game then the publisher takes the game to its internal development team now these are not programmers even though they're called developers but people who are in charge of getting the game ready the raw state so it's ready

to print they work with the artist and the content writers on getting all the assets ready they set the final game rules in the final theme they might even change it based on the other games that the company's currently producing and they do a lot of player

testing during that phase this is an iterative process when they try to iron out all the bugs out of the game there are many different ways to play us the gang right now open closed play testing and even something called blind play testing where you just sent

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