Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2014

Cómo formar y supervisar bien a los programadores junior

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so my name is Kate Huddleston this talk is called technical onboarding training and mentoring it was originally written and co-presented at PyCon with Nicole Zuckerman she's not here today but she is a software engineer at Eventbrite she's the one

that's not me so I will let you use your powers of deductive reasoning so I'm a software engineer I work at a company called run scope I usually work at really small early-stage startups I've never joined one larger than twelve so I usually join

companies that don't have any onboarding and this talk was originally written because nicole and i had separate experiences completely independent where we joined two companies and there was no onboarding and we learned a bunch of stuff and about a year

later we looked back and we were like a little bit of onboarding would have gotten us to this point much faster and so we turned around and started implementing onboarding for the new employees at our respective companies so first what is onboarding this talk

focuses a lot on junior engineers many of the things that I talk about can be co-opted for mid-level or senior engineers but I specifically focus on junior engineers because there are a lot of code academies that are putting out a lot of junior engineers and

companies are having a hard time absorbing these engineers into their organizations but onboarding is the process of taking someone from outside of the company outside of the team outside of the group and making them a productive confident and independent

member of your team and I picked these things these three things very specifically and I'll go over them although productivity is pretty straightforward there's a lot of apps and blog posts about how to be more productive and efficient it's important

but the bulk of this talk is about independence and autonomy and confidence so autonomy is hugely important independence in new engineers it's a big motivator I also have two somewhat depressing anecdotes about the of autonomy the first is in prison systems

so prisoners by definition have no autonomy they're stripped of all autonomy all ability to make decisions and when they started doing their research on the sociology of inmates they realized that giving inmates the ability to choose the TV channel and

to rearrange their own furniture seemingly mundane choices significantly reduced prison riots so autonomy reduces riots this is good the second depressing anecdote has to do with nursing homes it's another place where people are stripped of autonomy although

in this case they're usually stripped of autonomy in order to provide good care but they're also they don't have any choices about what they do and they found that people in nursing homes who had choices like what to eat and had some small responsibilities

like chores and cleaning lived significantly longer than those that had no choices so autonomy also prevents death so you want independent people on your team it's a great motivator but it actually also is really critical both to life and our happiness

confidence confidence is most people will agree very very important but what is confidence confidence is really the belief that you are valuable and the fact that it's the belief that you are valuable is hugely important how many of you have heard of the

stereotype threat anyone a few it's actually a pretty well researched and documented phenomenon someone decided to basically go figure out if people if people play to stereotypes if stereotypes are true and what they found was that statistically people

will play to stereotypes so some examples of stereotypes and I in no way can don't justify these that Asians are better at math men are better with computers women are better at nurturing etc so what they did is they took some of the quantifiable stereotypes

and if you remind a group of people before they take a math test for example that men are better at math what happens is men perform better on that test and women perform worse than the control group where they're not reminded of the stereotype what they

also found was the if you flip that on its head if you tell a group women are better at math we've actually found that women perform better on these types of spatial reasoning problems women will perform better and men will perform worse than the control

group so it's not really about whether or not the stereotype is true it's about this belief this idea that I am capable of learning these things or I am capable of being good at these things so why do you care I think a lot of people care about onboarding

what I want to convince you of is not that you should care in general it's that you should care right now that onboarding isn't something that you should do next month or next year that onboarding is something that you should do immediately like automating

your deploy so there's four major categories that I'm going to talk about as to why onboarding is important the first is the individual the second is the company in the bottom line the third is the immediate team that a person joins and the fourth

bonus category is diversity so the individual it's pretty obvious for individuals that training is important learning skills having an upward trajectory confident productive independent but also losing an engineer at a company is really expensive and having

engineers they're not as productive as they could be is also a loss of money so losing an engineer can be 1.5 - 2 X the cost the annual salary of that engineer and while onboarding or a lack of onboarding doesn't lead directly to attrition good onboarding

will mitigate things like that so for the company's bottom line companies care about money they build products and they sell them and hopefully they make more money than they burn for companies when you add a new engineer to the team you want to make more

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