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Usando Phing para la compilación automática de aplicaciones

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hi this is this that's me now this a bit of a sneaky title so only slightly though its advertisers have a build and automate it with thing but it might as well just be called have a build and automate we will definitely be looking at thing but it's

not an N and some details particularly as it applies a Drupal but it's not a deep dive into thing it's that would be even more boring than a presentation on automated build processes so that's what you're after then I'm sorry there is a

really good manual online there that's right they're there for so I build a lot of Drupal sites i'm drupal developer in sydney i worked for previousnext and I've been doing Drupal since about 2006 in in some way shape or form and I've kind

of gone through the the you know fairly common common evolution of you know working by myself working on larger projects that need teams and that sort of stuff so the years I've become more interested in things like how we scale Drupal teams and and and

some of the problems that kind of come up you know triples obviously not not designed or doesn't work the same way as software frameworks and so there's some sort of our problem problems you run into your fairly earlier says you need to work with someone

which I'm sure many of you are aware of but but we you know we do a bit of everything as well so you know a lot of site building a lot of module development front end stuff we do with accessibility and cross browser staff performance you know this is the

beauty of working on Drupal projects is often you get to get to dip your toes in everywhere and and integration integration problems of course that's our stuff so this is in the DevOps track so I'm interested in in this sort of stuff from a developer's

perspective so interested in you know DevOps as applying agile practices throughout throughout the the organization's from from dev 22 delivery so really focusing on on shipping and we'll get into some of that so this is fairly applicable to a wide

wide group I don't know what sort of people would come to talk like this but you know hopefully you have some involvement in actually delivering sites that's sort of what we're talking about so that I could that could be developing it could be

could be um helping helping developers ship or testing or whatnot so this is a topic that kind of applies across the board so we'll kind of go through this right we'll sort of have a look at some of the problems that emerge as you kind of scale team

teams up so I mean this is this is definitely i'm trying to sell you on build processes in general and then we'll get into some specifics so so we're kind of starting at the beginning so keep that it might feel free to walk out if you've already

got your build automated and you see I working and that's all the stuff this is this is um you could stay for the thing if you want to see that I guess but it may not be that useful for you but if you're curious about people processes and you haven't

really done that or you you're looking to improve then then hang around so we'll we'll cover some of some of that motivation and then look at some of the how some Drupal examples which involve thing and and then I'll give you some advice that

we've kind of gleaned from sort of making a mess of some of our our build scripts and and fixing them and and and also some some patterns would be picked up from the community so quick story there is no one workflow and this is sort of what we're dealing

with with the build process is we're going to try and try and tighten up our workflow to automate it this is this is this is what the DevOps is about so there's definitely no particular like golden workflow for Drupal I mean Drupal is used in all sorts

of ways scaled all the way up and all the way down single person shops to you know big teams and big big hard problems so even though there's no one workflow and the processes of the tools are going to change depending on your situation having a process

and having a workflow is still very important although I will give a caveat that a lot of this stuff is going to be less useful if you're working by yourself but if you have goals to expand then pay attention so who here is familiar with the the agile

manifesto yeah you know that the very first bit that says we are we are uncovering a better ways over in uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others to do it through this work we've come to value blah blah and the first

one is individuals and interactions over processes and tools so this is all about tools and processes but it's important to as you as you nerding out on this stuff keep your eyes on the prize with all about delivering value and if anyone saw the B hat

talk i think it was in this room that had a very very good summary of the you know the motivation to keeping up keeping your eyes on the prize that we're delivering value and not get lost in the weeds of all this automation stuff let it let it serve our

purposes so so I used to work by myself if anyone else did the life was easier then do you really need things like configuration management may be used version control it's probably more interested in using version control to deploy which is not the great

idea either but that's all fine and then you start to work on things where projects we need to work with other people so and this is where the problems start you do automation before so the this disable a solution is not not in one particular order but

these are the sort of things that I kind of noticed as I worked on bigger projects so as you were contains you start to use things like version control to communicate with people not just to deploy of course use X portables and that's that they are a source

of automation opportunity syncing environments this sort of stuff becomes a reality different tools so as you work on different different projects you start to bigger projects you certainly things like solar and of course service staff mmmm cash d and all

sorts of things that small projects are less of a problem and not only do you need them in production you need them in different environments and you need to track them and so this is that this is the guts this is where it starts tarts to really become a problem

because doing this stuff this by yourself it's not that bad a production server you put solar on that you need solid on your laptop what's the problem the problem is when you have different versions on different laptops and different operating systems

and that sort of stuff so is this familiar kind of territory yeah okay and then development ramped up of course is probably the other the other thing which I hear a bit of pain about every now and then and that just gets compounded as we get more and more

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