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this is called everything as commerce beyond the shopping cart thanks for joining us my name is Scott Dahlgren I'm the managing director for North America for commerce guys and we've got Ryan I'm Ryan serama former developer of uber cart na drupal

commerce been with commerce guys since 2009 and one of the few original US Commerce guys remaining so it's a little badge of honor they that's right but we're happy to have new ones so following the the Opera theme we missed it but I heard that

went on in the first session Ryan and I are going to do a duet here so we did this at a drupal camp in Austin a few months ago worked well we kind of bring two different perspectives to to open source the commerce to commerce guys to build a romantic comedy

exactly you're pursuing me yeah I'm fairly new to Congress guys i've been there here for six months prior to that I was at magento for four years so I know Commerce well might open source even better than an open source for about six years and

really excited about the opportunity to do commerce right in the Drupal world so that's what we're going to talk about just a quick for those who may not know Commerce guys were the creators and experts behind Drupal commerce we're getting close

to 60 60 people we're multinational in Paris and ann arbor michigan and in the UK or vc-backed and we're growing and looking for for good talent so what we're going to talk about today again everything is commerce it's kind of a theme that

we've been has been percolating with in commerce guys for a while when we are competing against commerce the big commerce players who offer a great shopping car functionality and customers want to know feature function how do you compare we scratch our

heads and we go well you're missing the point you know it's not about feature function I mean that's important but when you get down to and you compare all the commerce solutions that are out there they're all about the same even drupal commerce

we can all do stuff and and commerce is really becoming a very kind of normalized utility it's not about that it's about other more important things that Drupal really has the opportunity to leverage and be big and really mapped to the major trends

happening today in commerce so we're going to talk about that future of Commerce is really changing and we see it as Commerce should exist everywhere not just at the at the store where a customer buys or some whatever it is they check out and they leave

that's not what the future of Commerce is going to look like information social connections are going to be increasingly important and they're going to be in key influencers to what people buy with all of the commerce platforms that are out there some

complex some simple it's gotten really easy for people to sell online and when it becomes really easy to sell online it's harder for merchants to differentiate and so another important trend here is the the importance of merchandising really targeting

and personalizing the message and you know the bottom line here is that Drupal is ideally positioned to win you know it's a native solution that delivers content community and commerce you'll hear that theme a lot if you listen to aquia they are sending

a much stronger message as well when I talk to system integrators both magento and drupal commerce integrators particularly the magenta ones they tell me I'm finding more and more opportunities that I can't compete with with Magento because they're

highly content oriented and so these are the kind of the key themes and we're going to be talking about today so three trends that are really changing Commerce is going to be the bulk of our conversation here and really how Drupal is ideally positioned

to win the first is contextual commerce so creating this rich digital experience this kind of experiential journey for a user coupled with engaging social connection connection is really going to drive buying decisions more and more merchandising you know

being able to target users and personalize the message is going to become increasingly important and then the idea of Commerce anywhere really kind of the essence of our our talk today commerce everywhere it's fitting in and enabling commerce not plopping

down a big store and taking over and then trying to integrate with the store it should be seamless what I think that with these trends the reason I asked at the beginning is anybody here actually actually selling Drupal commerce is because within the drupal

commerce community we as developers aren't really focused on and communicating about these things but these are these are the things that we're having to compete against or promote our software as solving when it comes to actually selling the solution

to a new merchant so you know yes this this talk is aimed more at the sort of like how do you position commerce in Drupal specifically against the competitors to grow your e-commerce practice but also how can we as developers kind of not miss the not miss

the forest for the trees while we're sort of focused on into the API integrations and views field handlers and the like how can we actually create the modules in solutions that will communicate merchandising and recommendations and so on and so forth to

the end-user otherwise you know Drupal will not be able to sort of elevate itself to play against the people that do this messaging like the Hybris and demand where companies of the world so yeah no great great point Ryan um you know I think a lot of this

is intended to help everyone who is focused on Commerce bring thought leadership to your customers when you get asked you know how does from a feature comparison how does drupal commerce compared to magento I hate that question because that's not the point

yes point is we all do 400 things like there's checkboxes it proves it to you right now and you could say look we could spend days and days doing that check box you know what we'd find they're all about the same and getting turning it around to

what's really important and getting your customer to think about what's really important I think will separate you from the competition so contextual commerce here is really about promoting and selling within the context of whatever it is whatever

it is you're doing whether it's a picture of video document you're reading a blog you're reading it's it's enabling commerce anywhere I have a just a couple of examples here also we also call this buying in the moment you know it's

sometimes we know exactly what we want to buy and we find the store and find the product and we buy it but many times we buy things when we've never had the intention to buy that's why my wife no longer sends me to the grocery store cuz always come

home with a six-pack of some crap here that i bought in the moment hey and i just want to show a couple of examples here these are very simple examples but you know images here where you know you can actually find information about products and purchase oh

I'm sorry that means i need to move this make your direction there we go sorry guys so images here where these can opportunities to buy and simply pop up within the context of what it is I'm looking at it can be more complex involving videos actually

I have that one and to be clear this is not Drupal unfortunately this is you said a Finnish company kiosk yeah it's a finnish company called kiosk that does some very interesting things but here's a video which i need to start and this is a Crocs if

anyone's familiar with Crocs but within the context of the video you know I can say well I like those shoes and you know we find out more about those and even buy them within the context of the video so as a user and we're all users we all buy things

I knew intuitively that that rich content the experience connecting with my friends or people I respect really influenced the way I bought we all know that really getting examples and this is one of the things that really sent it home to me one other example

here is you know for instance somebody buys some some shoes or some boots in this case and like some and wants to share it with their friends on Facebook everyone sharing things on Facebook but in this example you can actually you can actually buy these your

friend tells you hey i just bought these and i love them and you know i can buy them right there from within Facebook so think about the opportunity for a merchant to sell something to a user who likes that product and who's now going to share it with

their social network you know just examples lots of them so let me get back to the presentation here so for me that really kind of cemented it made a little more interesting the other trend here is that the amount of information is really growing at an exponential

rate and and consumers are looking for more information to make their decisions they they really use that and finally you know content delivered within the buying process so content and those social connections they're all really key influencers let's

look quickly at you know typical buying by buying journey right this is these the key processes you have a need you do a little research you do what they call risk alleviation you know is this product better than that one and finally you know you purchase

you evaluate at the end you know whether you liked it or not that's a typical buying journey again most commerce platforms bring you ultimately to a store will you check out and leave the site if we look at this a little in deeper detail we see that obviously

and this isn't profound but I'm kind of speaking the obvious he said finding the need and doing the research is all about content and delivering that content to the user when that user wants it to answer their questions and it's all about as they

do research and determine whether this product is better than the other it's all about connections whether it's their friends or or maybe people that are like them and so content and connections are really really key to driving the buying decision

and and not only do they influence buying decision but they create a level of trust and credibility that that makes me as a user comfortable with what I'm buying so let's look at how and the point is I can't Commerce occur anywhere we'll talk

about that a little bit later let's look at how most commerce platforms provide their solution they provide their solution with really the store at the center and they connect either they provide or they integrate with best-of-breed solutions to provide

lots of other functionality but some of that functionality is content some of that functionality is social connections and they treat those as just one of many many solutions and they're loosely connected it creates because information about the user is

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