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Solucionando para siempre la gestión de los archivos multimedia

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we should probably start hello and welcome to this conversation about media and Drupal my name is Janice I'm /sm on our seed for Drupal velorek what I want to do with this session is to initialize a discussion about where can we go from the point where

we are now with media I probably don't have much answers I just want to try push think forwards so what I'm hoping to get here is a discussion about where can we go what what should we fix how we should do this stuff like that if you're looking

for answers it's probably not really special for you few words about me I'm a developer from Slovenia it's a small tiny country on a border with Italy Austria Croatia it's not Slovakia it's usually switched I work for examiner which is

a big media site in u.s. and I've been interested in media in Drupal for some time now basically started with my Summer of Code project a few years ago and even before examiner I worked for for a media company in my country so I saw a lot of issues that

companies with a huge amount of media and when they rely on media heavily have with Drupal and that's why I'm interested in I just want to say that I don't want to make war I'm not trying to rage against anyone I'm not trying to blame I

would just like to analyze where are we now and try trusting for words all my intentions are only positive so theta so first some introduction there is Drupal 8 on the way and we had a lot of class how to improve stuff related to media in in this new shiny

word version of Drupal we didn't accomplish all of our goals but there are some improvements that are worth mentioning I chose three but there are probably lots of more and there also some patches that are still in the issue queues that will probably be

committed so yeah first one is file listing in 8 we now finally have a file listing which basically displays all the files that you have in your site it wasn't there before you can also see where are these files used in terms of entities and its buildin

views so actually using horror allowed us to build this and that also means that it's easy to modify and is the extent so I think it's it's very basic but it's a good step in direction of real global library next improvement that we have is

WYSIWYG which is by default interpolate now and we also have a box ability to include images inline in this way which is as you will see later one of the most requested features by the users developers and it's it's done nice it also records the usage

of a file so it's you you cannot just delete a file that you're using on some note in in WYSIWYG without knowing that you are breaking something I checked with with WordPress and Joomla and and they basically don't do that if you include something

in in in a post in WordPress and you delete it from live library it will just allow you to and we also now have multi upload by default if you have a file field or or an image field or even if you're building your own form with form API elements from core

you can set an attribute that will allow user to select more than one file in a single step and upload them in in a single process which is also quite nice if you're building galleries with a lot of images stuff like that so we did improve some things

it's it's it's not much but especially the WYSIWYG is very important because other people requested we could argue if it's good to include stuff in text area and or not but people requested and we probably have to have to give them that if

we want to fix stuff because when it comes to media people are always complaining with Drupal I heard this all the time and I was complaining also on and my stakeholders were complaining and first thing that we need to ask is why are we doing this what's

wrong if you know what's wrong then we can fix it right if we don't know what's wrong then it's impossible to fix it to help to understand that I I in in during preparations for this conversation I published survey where I tried to collect

some answers it was a short one intentionally because I didn't want people to be scared when they see it and I got more than 200 answers which was quite quite surprising for me and I actually had to buy a premium membership for Survey Monkey because they

would not allow me to download more than 200 answers with a free plan and it's cool it's fine I loved it I loved it what I wanted to to get from from this survey was to understand how are people using media with their Drupal sites on day to day life

which solutions from consumers are using and which features they find most important it's it's not everything start they were also allowed to to leave comments and I later found out that that was very good decision because I got some really nice comments

and it gave me even better insight into especially in in their workflow and how are they using media I'm not I will not present full results here but there's a blog post on my on my blog where I attached PDFs with all the results so you can check it

by herself and analyze it I just decided to to to to present three most requested features because I found something that seems interesting to me when related to features the number one sure that people requested was in line median WYSIWYG we kind of have

this now in Drupal 8 for images it's still just for images not for videos and maybe other type of files like documents but it's a start and it will probably make people happy solution that we have in Drupal 8 is probably based on what we have in country

for Drupal 7 at least I see it like that approach similar to what we have in media and that's good because we have to build on top of stuff that we have and interesting part is that this most requested feature is also provided in I think most of the general

media solutions that we have in Drupal 7 contribs so we kind of had that also in Drupal 7 the number two was reuse of media which is also provided by at least four different solutions in Drupal 7 contribs so we also had that one and the number three is site-wide

media library which is again provided by at least four it it depends on interpretation but we have libraries in contribs Aleutians and if you read my post or if you will do it afterwards you will see that if we compare top ten features that people need they

are mostly provided in current solutions so we basically have features that we need right so what's wrong why are we complaining about it it's definitely not just about features so what is wrong is it documentation is it ease of use is it maybe pace

of development are we too slow with with the progress when it comes to media solutions and I think that it's probably a mixture of all of those and even even some other reasons that you can help me to find I also invited people to to give me answer to

this question before before the conversation and I got some answers but they were not very concrete it was more in terms of like yeah I want to do that and I cannot do it with this module okay this is not something that I'm looking for I'm trying to

find other reasons why are we complaining in general maybe we can see some of the comments that that I got from people most if not all of the comments were were expressing the importance of media field in in Drupal and they were convinced that media is not

getting enough attention they said yeah we have something but it's not it's not the the real initiative as others in Drupal 8 were which got a lot of attention and and a lot of developers joining to help make progress a lot of them were comparing different

solutions in can trip and there were not that there was not a single comment that would rage or blame against one solution and say that another one is is great or something like that they were mostly comparing and finding advantages and disadvantages in in

all of them there were some complaints that were related to a user experience especially the content creator experience and yeah that's basically the wrap-up of all the comments of course a lot of people told me that they are using some other solutions

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