DrupalCon Prague 2013

Prepárate para Drupal 8

Christopher Skene, Boris Gordon  · 


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I think we'll probably get started so we don't take too long today we've got quite a bit to get through in this session welcome to Drupal 8 ready my name is Christopher skein and my colleague Boris Gordon is sitting over there in the comfy chairs

which would be quite good for him for most of this talk today today's sessions about helping you prepare for Drupal 8 and what we're going to do is reduce Drupal 8 it's really long change list down to a number of kind of useful actionable things

that you can do to get you ready for Drupal 8 when it launches hopefully early next year and if you saw the keynote as I'm sure most of you did you've already got a bit of prep for this session we're going to talk about some of the things same

things in a bit of a different way there are over 500 Drupal 8 change records some of these are relatively minor they might be a signature change for a function or something else that can probably pick up later on but others are quite significant such as a

new API or a new way of doing an old thing there's a lot of stuff to look through here and it's very difficult for the average developer to go through all of these and work out what all the changes are depending on how you count them there's also

24 odd new AP is or changed api's depends what you call an API really but there's quite a high number and some of those are quite important some of them not so important so we're going to filter out some of those today as well the subject of this

presentation is to distill those changes down for you so you can prepare for Drupal 8 so what are we going to cover we're going to look at changes in additions in Drupal 8 we're going to break them down by role and by technology group then we're

going to give you some learning resources for each thing okay so you need to go away and actually find out what it is or how it works and finally we're going to give you some pointers to relevant Drupal concessions that are on for the next couple of days

we can't provide the level of detail that's needed to really get into any of these but they can it's also worth noting that the Drupal 8 API is still in flux is still changing not in a major way but just in a minor way details are changing so what

we talked about here today you know might shift a little bit before it releases that's all right in preparing this session we've tried to work out what skills are actually important what do you need to know what do you not need to know we've put

together the skills matrix which I know you can't read we looked at the skills required for three groups site builders themes and developers and we looked at how these skills started if you came on a triple six what skills you need it there how that might

have changed in Drupal 7 and what you might have needed for Drupal 8 and this diagram is available on our website if you want to dig into it it includes some extra stuff that we're not going to cover today i'll give you a link for that in a second

mm-hmm it's also slightly out of date this was made probably a month ago and I reckon there's a few things we'd remove and a couple of things we might add now but the bigger picture is still correct if you started with Drupal 6 you you actually

had quite a lot to learn this is tribal knowledge as Theresa mentioned in the previous presentation when you transition to Drupal 7 you actually still had quite a lot to learn again drupal 7 had a really steep learning curve which is something a lot of us

forget and if you started with drupal 7 you wouldn't have even come across that and i guess in our opinion despite some of the rumors to the contrary Drupal 8 doesn't introduce a significantly large number of Drupal API changes it introduces a few

big ones but they're not it's not an unusual number for a new Drupal release um however for the first time it does introduce a significant number of new programming paradigms for developers and that's that's where some of the issues are coming

in currently for most of the categories that we've looked at the relative number of changes has in fairly small so just roughly if you started with with Drupal 6 you had to learn maybe seven new skills for a site builder Drupal 7 only introduced a few

Drupal 8 it's got a few more again for Themis this one's pretty static the major one in Drupal 8 is that twig has changed but in Drupal 7 you kinda had to learn render arrays and frankly that's harder so and when we're talking about the Drupal

API the number of major changes in the Drupal IPO API has been fairly stable as well over those three versions a Drupal eights introducing more but but it's not it's not a lot what is different is perhaps the number of other skills that you'll

need to learn and we're going to focus on some of those today so these skills are mostly related to object-oriented programming and kind of modern PHP programming practices as well as some expertise in other libraries and tools it's this part which

which I think personally cause some causes some of the the fud around drupal and perhaps leads to forks potentially and the good news is that these are not really Drupal skills they're actually really good programming skills so if you've got them already

you'll find it relatively easy to move into Drupal 8 and if you don't have them then learning them is going to make you a better developer a better member of your team and probably make you happier as well so fundamentally we want to help you scale

up today from today's session if you haven't learned something new you know where to find it and as you go through if you like you you may wish to jot down just keep a tally of the skills that we we list see how you go one point per slide and then

at the end you can compare your scores and see how you're going we've also got an awful lot of resources in this presentation so we've made sure they're all available on our website previousnext comdata you / Drupal 8 ready that links through

or three discussions listening all the things we're going to talk about so you don't feel you need to have to copy down everything crazily and you can jump through there all right so let's go the first of our three sections site builders wats new

for site builders well it's point-and-click but not as we know it there are seven significant areas for scientist that site builders are going to need to learn for Drupal 8 now if you're a femur or if you're a developer you kind of need to learn

these as well so these sort of stack up on top of each other if you're a site builder and you don't want to hang around after this section by all means that's fine the first one and I think this is really significant as the use of schema.org instead

of using RDF mappings from a range of vocabularies dublin core 5 semantically interconnected online communities etc etc Drupal uses content mappings purely from schema.org for example where we previously had a dublin core title we now just use the schema name

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