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Llevando Drupal a la nube con OpenShift

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he actually going to show you how to do that we got a customer partner actually who has been deploying Drupal for many many years from everybody from I heard time and all kinds of amazing huge sites yes a gat we did the Thomson Reuters Olympic site for 2013

we worked on a certain house that is white in Washington DC's website so that the thing about what we do is we do all of our stuff and open source so the code that we are going to show you today just like Drupal is all open source so it's freely available

for you to use either in a hosted public environment or a private cloud environment so I'm just going to go through these pretty quick I'll use the right arrows so we are a platform as a service offering from a red hat which is a large Linux distributor

many people know us for that and most of the X allow whoops I'm coming fun with this he's there is too yeah I just want to get rid of that little thing on the top there we go times out so almost all of the clouds that are out there right now are built

on top of Linux so the only one that I know of a big public cloud that isn't is when Windows Azure cloud so almost everybody is using Linux most of the big ones are using red hat linux under the hood so we have lots of experience building clouds for people

big infrastructure clouds but we have lots of different projects I think there are over ten a hundred thousand open source projects that Red Hat sponsors and has people working on so we're very much about open source and making software freely available

so one of those projects is a little one that I work on the one on the bottom is called open shift origin and that is the platform as a service that deploys Drupal and that's what we're we're here all here happy about today I'm going to skip

through this so when you look at a cloud right you when you build the cloud you have the infrastructure layer which is all the server's up there in the sky and elastic so they expand and contract so that's the infrastructure as a service layer and

then there's the platform as a service which is deploying the lamp stack and then there's the SAS layer which is the Drupal site so that's the top piece so basically what you get where the infrastructure is just the network the storage and the

compute resources and with the SAS you get your application so you get your Drupal or you get your python and django or you get some other tools that you have or maybe you're using salesforce com you get that thing and that's really what all the user

cares about they don't care about the stuff in the middle and that's what we make sure that we deliver with platform as a service it's all the runtime environments that you need whether it's Apache Tommy engine X whether it's making sure

you have the right version of PHP the ability to run brush inside the taner my sequel maybe you're using maria DB which is the new version of my sequel we make sure that we configure and stand up that Drupal instance for you and do it an automated way

that you can then auto scale into the cloud so that's really the role that platformers the services and so open shift is the name of a platform as a service offering from red hat with many community members and what we do is we put the middle of the cake

in there so today we're here talking to people about Drupal but we also support lots of other languages and do all the magic behind the scenes for that so there are three flavors of open shift and all those three flavors derived from the first one the

open shift open source project which is origin and we use the origin code base to host a public cloud so you can go to and if you come to the table afterwards we'll give you a free account to play with that is the actual production account that you can

have forever with 31 you need one gigabyte instances with a half a gig of memory and the screen host there for free forever it's a great way to try it because the user experience that you see in the public cloud is exactly the same one that you get when

you install the software on your own cloud whether it's a private cloud or not so if you sign up for that and then Red Hat also has openshift enterprise which is the enterprise offering for private cloud people so a government agency you might want to

have it hosted behind their firewall all of the open shifts so you could do it that way so I mentioned openshift online if you come to the booth afterwards or after we're done talking i will show you how to sign up and get an account at openshift calm

and that's the look and feel is pretty much the same we're not the only ones that are using it there are a number of other clouds that are offering openshift so you can go they've taken the open source code and put it and create it in their own

public platform as a service offering it get up is one other one that's in New York that's just about to announce lots of people use it tons of customers and clients are using it so it's very very easy to deploy we have all the puppet scripts and

everything so if you want to run your own private cause you can or you can use our hosting service or you can ask if you have a preferred hosting provider so someone that the atoms for peace people want to work with you can ask them to install open shift and

run it there so there's there's lots of options everything is in github so if you want anything from github all this code is there the things that make it different is that this is a super secure platform as a service so it's using secure Linux

selinux for the containers that Drupal runs inside of so there it's basically an unbreakable container someone couldn't hack into it and change it to peace for Adams instead of atoms for peace you know they couldn't give the container that you're

in is super secure we have a lot of government agencies in the United States that are using rel and using open shift so it I keep emphasizing this it is open source just like Drupal is open source and you can take it and use it in for kit and if you wanted

your own flavor of it you could do that as well so for government agencies sometimes they have special things that they want to do and they need to make it a fork of it and we help them that we also help them merge it back in so we work with a very big community

of people from the Drupal community we're working with Stephen Merrill who is going to come out now and he's going to show you how it works because he's a Drupal expert and I am a bit of a pause expert switched to the yours sure so as Diane mentioned

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