DrupalCon Prague 2013

Lecciones aprendidas al desarrollar Drupal 8 y lo que podemos aprender para Drupal 9

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alright so we're gonna get started with d eight lessons learned and how it can make Drupal 8 or 9 better I don't know why I can't see the title my own session it's special so basically what we want to do today is get to know each other a little

bit talk about Drupal 8 how are things workin what's going on and I invite you all to disagree with me to share your comments this is a real conversation this is not Shannon presenting how things should go that's not how this works this is a an exchange

so please please please participate because otherwise this is a waste of all of our time so I'm Shannon I work for commerce guys I am working on two programs with them right now the first one is technology partnerships so we have a ton of really cool modules

and a ton of really cool technology things that we're creating to integrate into Drupal commerce and i highly recommend you guys check out the marketplace check out our booths we've got a couple of our partners with us today well for the next few days

and several of them are kind of interspersed so go and check out our technology partners the second program that i'm working on with commerce guys is actually delivery partnerships so anyone who's basically running their own shop or working on drupal

you can come talk to me I want to find out what you're doing with commerce I want to know how you're working with e-commerce in general if you're using other systems if you have ideas if there are specific things that you need locally we want to

know about that stuff we also want to partner with you we want to work with you building better sites we want to work with you growing business we're really expanding in Europe this is the time to come talk to me if you're interested in partnership

with Commerce guys I will be at the booth almost twenty-four seven so I highly invite you to come and see me in that second roll so the other things that we are going to talk about so basically why do we care about all this crap what are we talking about what

are we dealing with how is Drupal 8 working right now what are the things that we like what don't we like and obviously I'm inviting you to you know share comments while I'm talking if you want to what are we supposed to do about it I think is

the real question that I want to discuss with you guys today like what are our options how can we make this better what can we change and finally what difference might that make and then what other ideas do you have because I'm going to put some ideas

out to you but I also really really want your feedback if you have ideas on you know core that you think should be implemented let's talk about them so what won't we talk about your specific technical beef like I hate the lame panels does this I'm

sorry can you just take that to sprint on Friday and go fix it go do something about it that's what that's for um I'm putting up a slide at the end that'll give you all that information just say that little beef inside you take it pack it up

bring it to friday and go do something um so why are you here basically I have to answer this question right now no it is not too soon imes I I feel sad that people are like why don't you talk about triple 9 jibreel a it's not even like out yeah like

why are you doing this because we live in procrastination land everyone's still building Drupal 8 nobody's thinking about how we're supposed to do the next one and well Larry just raises hand he is so what we need to do is focus on what we can

change while we can still change it this is the time right now when we can make these decisions and actually do something about it that's why I want to have this conversation so we started talking about this actually before Munich but in Munich a bunch

of us were sending the lobby for like five hours going o be so cool if we could do this and you know addy was there and we were talking about ladders and Gabbar was there and it felt kind of like this this is a little scary we should be doing this now we should

be making this happen so it's kind of for me like orange alert I was like this there's a problem that we're not solving we're all aware of it but it's not so on fire that we shouldn't do something about it Portland for me was more of

a red alert I was kind of like holy crap we should be funding we should be doing this people should be getting organized and you know I should probably help with that but then I decided to grow baby and that slowed me down a little bit um so now I feel like

we're at Brown alert I mean nobody knows really so aliens huh we really need to sit down and think about this and I feel like we are definitely at you know mr. Roche it's has come to visit us he's knocking on our door you guys need to really get

involved now this is the mascot for how I feel about what we're doing in court development process like there's a lot of people doing things but we can actually have a conversation into this so i made a mascot for us this needs to stay in your mind

this is how I feel so the current status I feel like is you know is there a unicorn with james Van Der Beek's face crying on it somewhere this is how I think we're sitting right now there's things that we can do because everybody wants to know

when the release is coming out if you don't want to know you're a weirdo and you need to leave basically because everybody wants to know when is the release coming out um we all want to know what's going on what's happening we need a lot more

communication some some of you guys have been awesome about it others are just heads down trying to get stuff done and they can't and I totally know how that feels people want to know how do I do this and I was really psyched to hear that drees is going

to have a training package when this comes out I think that is the smartest thing that he has ever done and Bravo that's going to be great but people still want to know how do I do this then we need to help to do that behind all of this stuff having their

actual human beings who need sleep and food and to grow babies so they actually need rest and this is a problem it's a really huge problem across the board and it's a huge source of all kinds of other problems notably stability I mean how can we plan

anything how can we work on this stuff if we don't have the human being support we're not all robots like Larry aka the vest so so we need more people we need better organization more communication we need infrastructure we need funding we need this

stuff to happen and that's why I'm up here talking about this right now and why I'm trying to get you guys to talk about this right now this needs to be discussed because otherwise sharka optimist bear shark octopus is going to come bite us on

the ass we need you know to avoid burnout we need to make sure that things get finished when they it started we need to make sure the things get converted there's a whole crap ton of work to be done and without that stuff it's going to you know slow

things down we're not going to know what's going on as well we're going to have a harder time learning this stuff I mean this is critical that we figure out how we want to you know lead these initiatives so that we can get stuff done so let's

talk a little bit about how its organized today and then let's have a discussion about how it could be tomorrow so who's involved right now we've got lots of levels of people I want to start with people not doing anything in Drupal core mmm there

we go so those would be the abstainers for me these are some people who are using Drupal they're like yeah Drupal I love it it's awesome yeah they're great we love their enthusiasm we love what they're doing love that they're using Drupal

what we really want them to do is actually start helping and committing to core this is how they're going to make a difference but they're not doing it right now for reasons which are not entirely known to us they need to do their thing they need to

build their sites ok maybe their business is brand new they have their reasons but they need training and they need to get a clue the next level as I see it our novices these are people who you know have developed with Drupal but don't really know what

they're doing with core they're not you know totally engaged and not like yeah quorum and do it because it's a scary thing so they kind of are sitting there going oh I wish I could help that would be cool we're going to help you do that so

then you have the beginners and the beginners are people who are starting out with core they're they're comfortable doing small things but give them like a big task and they're like whoa dude I don't know if I can do this so they need training

and they need a lot of support to know where to go and what to do mostly they just need stuff that they can kind of you know sharpen their teeth on finally you have the experts I love these people they are full of information they've worked on core they

just need time and sometimes directions sometimes they need to know where to go to which is why the mentors are my heroes I'm giving you a love right now so those people you know are really involved but they only have so much time and so much they can

do with that time and what's really the challenge at that level is just finding more people to get at that levels that they can get things done and finally UV initiative owners who are just you know superheroes basically they're working their asses

off they're doing all this stuff they can't be everywhere but somehow they are guys like bend space and time I don't know how you do it so they kind of need help all over the place they need mentors they need people doing stuff they need reviewers

so basically the two that I feel like will help us the most right now are the experts and the beginners the people are just getting started doing stuff and the people who are pretty well you know set up and core developments are comfortable doing it we're

critically missing these two tiers of people because beginners are people who can become experts an experts are people who can train lower levels but beginners can also train lower levels beginner people who have done some core development you can help mentor

people who have never done it before but that's not really known to you any mass kind of way and that's what we need to change so that's where I see the danger zone right now if we could build up those two levels I think we would have a way to

bring more experts into the initiative owner status which would really help the initiative owners to have a whole you know group of you instead of just one and beginners could really become experts and help train lower level people I actually see beginners

is one of the most critical levels where we're missing people right now so this is how I kind of see the organization that's going on you have one or maybe a few in some cases like jazz & Views one are a few initiative owners working with a few

experts and then there's maybe some people reviewing and helping and doing patches and it's not like you have a team of 20 people per initiative right it's it's a limited group of people that are really sacrificing their lives in order to do

this for all of us so I mean it's great that they're doing that but we can release a lot more of them especially in those middle levels like the beginner and expert levels that I was talking about another level of people who are helping our people

who are doing commitments sorry commits their commitment is to commits and project management and you I you know front-end type with a they're involved but again they're limited in their involvement there's not 20,000 of us there's maybe five

for all of the entire group of initiative so seriously it is a limited group of people doing this stuff regularly and then the last kind of group of people that I see our other community people there are people trying to teach their people trying to fund their

people trying to help with design their people trying to help you know in whatever way they can doing a review here a patch there and that's great but they're not as organized and integrated into the process as everyone else's so it's really

hard to you know put all that manpower together into a machine that just rolls you know because we don't know how to coordinate them yet so there's all these people on the screen doing stuff and what we talked about is kind of you know they're

awesome people and there are magical leprechauns doing things and they're building their teaching and they're climbing these mountains but really what we need is some more organization because there's a few things happening that I've seen in

the my lessons learned or there's a few negative aspects to that even though I love all of these magical creatures so I feel like there's a problem with contributors basically they're they're seeing or being seen sometimes by you know experts

and iOS as what are you talking about you don't know anything really you need to like go and read this and learn that so there's an education problem I think going on which would I use serial man to kind of illustrate and I feel like that's also

a two-way street I feel like on the initiative on our side there's a kind of wait what are you talking about crab hat I do not get going on so I feel like you know there's there's some communication issues there's some training issues and that

really needs to get resolved if we're going to fix the problems that we're having so that kind of ties into the learning curve consensus issue where everyone's like dude this is a little freaky how do I get started what do I do and on the other

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