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Inversiones en proyectos web basadas en resultados

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all right welcome everyone people still filling filling seemed to be a Ferrari I mean so I'll waiting for them i'm going to tell a bit of a metaphor what about talking about so today i'll be talking about results only web investments and i did

a rehearse this session with my brother and he he was confused by a word I use called learning and to explain it to him I used are you something else on TV recently i watch a show called extreme engineering you may be familiar with it and in one episode they

explain how they built the train tunnel under the Swiss Alps and the project extremely like budgeted and set in time and scope and so on there is severe penalties for delays and they halfway through the realized that the next section of mountain is not solid

rock it's penetrated by water so they need to replant the entire course and that was something you couldn't know the at the outset of the project and being able to work with that and work with the fact that you learned the terrain as you go is isn't

it's a good example of learning and he thought it was a good metaphor that it made it all clear team so there you go that's learning all right eye looks like it's time to start all right my name is your passion yeah most of you may know me from

node 1 I was one of the founders in 2008 I left not one last year and right now i'm working with its weight as a company i founded and here are my contact details if you want to follow me on twitter or something wait it's a company that works with

the Lean Startup methods essentially what we do is that if you have an idea whether you are working for a big company or you're not to preneur and you need someone to turn that idea into a product to find out market fit or find out its viability as a real

product you can talk to us and we're going to prototype it on Drupal among other things and after you have to after that period you have a much better understand if your products has a chance actually it's viable that's what we do all right so

it's not a web agency but it's still a lot of Drupal which means I get to go to events like this which I love so all right but Isis to get started sixteen percent sixteen percent of all web products are considered complete successes I would like to

add that only sixteen percent our casita successes so how much is sixteen percent well it would be like 106 personal cheque and well not a check pair is awesome right if it's something we learned this week that check pay is great I mean I don't know

many of you to join us the beer garden last night but and as for cars like imagine five or six cars crashed as a rule I mean who would buy a car or look at pits I mean five or six pets were built abandoned you know sad puppy and I think the reason for this

is very simple it's a quote by theatre Levitt and he was a marketing professor at Harvard it might shall be might shall be but you safety students that nobody wants a fourth inch drill what he wants the fourth inch hole customers by benefits they buy they

buy what they buy the impact of what you do for them but most of our projects they they look like this the requirements sheet and it controls everything the order of checkboxes the where the buttons go and everything but the questions we need to ask is does

require images it say who the people we need to involve engage our no it doesn't does it's able to buy expects to return to be of the project and that's to say why they buy a spending resources in mind in this project in the first place no no it

doesn't so so I mean requirement sheet is more often than not it's a shopping list in the words of the gossage sure i will be quoting more of later you may be familiar with some of these smooth books this way of doing requirements is like this you

go to the hardware store you want to drill and the salesperson well this is what it gives you this is the reptile gulfs gives it like oh you know the motor you know in the battery and everything you like like does it make a hole that's what you're

interested in so how can we build something that brings value to customers by only focusing on whether it fulfills the requirements to the letter I don't think we can so when you leave here we're leaving here whether with a way to shift the focus from

multiple fill requirements to the letter to a way to work with pointed towards results and the result will be happier customers and happier teams so we need to emphasize investment and results and not custom requirements so to illustrate let's have a pole

I'm going to make I'm gonna have some questions now about your last project and I want you to raise your hands if you agree with them if they are true so all right first question did everyone involved in your last project understand what the intended

business results of the project were not many hats here now oh 12 okay the wall isn't totally dark a that's Mattias but he knows this stuff really well already so was everyone buyer and seller able to communicate clearly and transparently about risks

and problems that are cured yeah okay Matthias again I maybe have to invite you up on stage here all right did everyone feel that the project was something they could be proud of in terms of achievement quality and innovation okay that's better that's

good that's good we're getting somewhere did everyone involved understand the definition of a successful project and how successful smit all right that's Mike but you work for thought works so I like you guys are ahead of the game anyway so in

the end did a custom get what they needed to address an actual business problem or opportunity a few hands okay that's a 16-percent good statistics are true at least sometimes so one to me is 0 to Mark Twain all right so let me tell your story and this

is probably story you to recognize and you're probably familiar with him and more ways than one I'm gonna tell a story about widget code and they need a website because they want to get into e-commerce and they found out the meaning of the customers

would prefer to buy online if they could this is Susan she's the marketing director and she knows that she knows that the the goal is to it she wants a funnel visitors to e-commerce and she also wants understand the customer's better because she's

been reading a lot about Lee on our social media and social networks and Facebook and and like not just one channel communication and everything like click all the latest buzz so what she does she proposes this to the recent management team and they have they're

strapped for money now so she tried to keep the you know keep the budget low you know I mean it is a cost like you don't want to like this is expensive you know and they'd only have to have it but it still it is not something they you know really can

afford right now so let's keep the cost low so she reaches researchers a lot of competitive websites and she also involves the IT guy mark and he used to procure software hardware for this company because he's used to reading requirements list and

producing primers list so marks look stabbed the companies for ideas and people in the company find out about this project and it's in the normal you know and suggestions everyone the company basically emails mark and susan with their ideas of what should

be there and the result is a big pile of requirements mark things their own structure but Susan says no they'll be fine you know the bidders here they've seen this before they can sort it out and the design of flux requirements are all mixed and but

they feel like okay so we have the function perspective the mark brought and the more design fits perspective or more they may be more emotional perfect to the system but ok so let's let's let's involve a mock-up designer that just makes a mock-up

and photoshop so they do that too and they send it out and they get a lot of phone calls and emails because these requirements were far from clear a lot of this was ambiguous and it's really hard to compare the bids to because Marcus soutien first of all

they're not formally trained in bits and they're not for trained in they don't have it time allotted for this work so in the end the end up going with the cheapest bidder now the thing is even this bit was a bit higher than they had set the budget

is so they make a deal they say that you get to feature this project and with an exclusive you interview with our CEO after the projects completed in return we get ten percent discount and it's a new agency and they need the publicity and also they're

like they agree they agree to it so they agreed to run the project with a with the ten percent smaller budget than they actually had anticipated now widget code they want to make sure that stuff could live to live it online on time so they set up Marcel's

they tie the milestones the scope and it tie them to dates the reason for these biscuits they need to involve people organization to feeling content so they aren't scritta care about what about destructive project is in won't care about how icing the

organization itself and these are fixed and they also add a penalty clause to make really sure the bitter one screw up this time but things that seem DC when they were planning seem to be much harder and the requirements they're not completely in conflict

and they need more information the problem is that Susan and Mark are not the ones with information in person who is is not available at this time so what happens well working days turn into working nights and the agency is pretty inflexible his point because

they have already first of all they give them a really low bit and then they actually accepted a discount of ten percent so now even less swelling because a change might mean that they're going to run even more in the red they already running in the red

button might even run even more red so they're really strict on following this the waterfall approach to accepted and what happens well the product gets finished and on time but the team is exhausted after having worked day night and their project manager

from the agency desires to you know he goes on medically this was just too much for him and the day comes and it looks six months later and the figures are not impressive there is no hockey stick so what went wrong well let's look at a scoreboard here

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