DrupalCon Prague 2013

Innovando en el mundo de la música gracias a Drupal

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good morning hello everybody good morning hi my name is robert douglas and thank you for coming this morning to hear me talk about open source bach and to hear kimiko ishizaka play selections from the well-tempered clavier so we have a bit of an odd set up

today and I wanted to just tell you the technical aspects of what's going on so in addition to being recorded by drupalcon this session is also being live streamed up to Google Hangouts right now and anybody I just tweeted about that whole bunch so please

retweet that by all means but could anybody just confirm that you can see the live stream if you could check out the tweet stream and click and you should actually be able to see me like 30 seconds after you've seen me really cool and if I could just get

that confirmed that's really helpful so this is a very atypical drupalcon session as well because here in front of me you have a Steinway grand piano and we're actually going to demonstrate some of the benefits of open source music and I wanted to

say thank you to the drupalcon organizers who have bent over backwards to make this session possible this wasn't in their logistics plan so I've her the past couple years have been doing a project called the open Goldberg Variations that was actually

the first project now we call it just Oakland Goldberg because we we've expanded the scope of the project but what that was is a collaboration between a pianist a music oh I hear myself it's working wonderful great the collaboration between a pianist

who's my wife Kimiko ishizaka a open source software music notation program called musescore the several of the online internet libraries of public domain music recordings and scores such as imslp a piano manufacturer bruising door fur a record producer

and marie sylvest and work last recording studio in berlin to tell dick studio what we did is we got together and used kickstart Kickstarter to raise money to make a recording of this piece box wealth bucks well no Bach's Goldberg Variations and we released

that into the public domain using the Creative Commons 0 license so this kind of turned the recording model on its head because we act we went to the fans to support our efforts in advance of the recording and then in return for their support in their trust

we we gave the music back to everybody to use however they wanted to use it along the way we picked up some other partners and maybe this is where the whole model starts to become shocking because it's very natural for your way of thinking is the Drupal

community to give away digital goods online under a free license that's nothing new but to have a publisher of music from Munich stand up and say hey you know that's a great idea I would actually like to print that on paper and sell it and it's

public domain without any create within it without any copyrights that was pretty spectacular that was a very unexpected twist in our project and that was fun so they did that they published the Goldberg Variations and distributed them on paper and I have

to hold the microphone to the computer because Whedon hooked this up right we made an iphone app you so I got ahead of myself but the two things that you just saw were one of the things that the score that we made the public domain score enabled was an iPad

app and other similar presentations of the score where you can actually hear the music and follow along with it at the same time and we're going to try and demonstrate that later with a real live pianist right here in front of your very eyes risking our

lives miracles will happen so then the second thing that I showed you the girl dancing that just made me very very happy to see because when you give the music away for free you don't know what people are going to do with it you don't know how it's

going to influence their lives or how they're going to receive it if their hearts are going to be open to the message that it has and then I found this this girl in her dorm room or wherever she is dancing to it just she just posted that on the internet

for no no explanation you know just dancing to that music and that that proved to me that the message of the music the happiness that is inside of it was actually going out to a lot of people that was very nice another side effect of the project was that one

of the success signs of success that we had was that days after we released the music the editors high-ranking editors at Wikipedia actually updated the Goldberg Variations page on Wikipedia and put about 16 sound samples from the recording right there on

the page and that's very nice because now when inquisitive people who really want to find out what is this monumental work the Goldberg Variations I've heard Robert Doug was talking about it for the past three years I may as well go look they'll

go to Wikipedia and they'll look on wikipedia and then while they're reading about it unlike on many other wikipedia articles about music or art you can actually hear it right there in a high-quality studio recording in a very nice interpretation so

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