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Enseñando a la gente a usar Drupal 8

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all right I'm gonna go ahead and get started cuz it is like one minute after five and we don't want to be late big time so this session is about teaching people Drupal 8 and the importance of doing so in and kind of some of my ideas about how we can

do that and I'm being told that it might help if the microphone is closer is that better all right cool um so yeah I'm gonna go ahead with that we're gonna talk about why we need to teach people Drupal 8 and why we should start doing it right now

and how we can go some ideas about how we can go about doing that a little bit of background my name is Joe for those of you that don't know me I work at lolla bot and on the Drupal ëismí team I am voj the brave on Twitter and IRC and drupal.org and pretty

much anything internet-related this slide is hilarious to me because ninety percent of the time I put this slide into a presentation and then I'm like yeah sweet i work for these people this isn't relevant to what I'm actually talking about but

it's really funny because this is like the one time this slide is ever relevant because at lolla bot I'm the lead trainer for the Drupal eyes meet project so I've had a lot of experience teaching people Drupal and I've put a lot of time and

thought into thinking about sort of ideas about how we can improve that experience for those of you that don't know me from drupal.org you might know me because my face is plastered all over these videos on Drupal eyes me and it's kind of awkward our

booth right now has this video on repeat that has me talking and then I'm like standing there it's weird um anyways in this talk what I'd like to do is I'd like to try to spend about 15 to 20 minutes giving a presentation about some of what

I see is the problems in this space right now and some of my ideas for how we could address those and then open it up for discussion and the idea being that in these core conversation tracks were able to have a bit more of an open discussion about these things

so I want to talk about why we're talking about this why education is important and especially now in sort of the point that we're in the Drupal 8 release cycle I'm going to talk a little bit about the things that we are already doing in order

to help educate people about Drupal 8 i'm going to talk a little bit about some things that i think we could we could be doing that we're not or that we could be doing better i am going to present to you a idea that i have about ways that we can leverage

our the size of our community to help educate our community and then i'm gonna open it up for discussion and you're going to tell me how you're going to teach people drupal 8 so to start out I think it's important to understand like why we're

talking about educating people in Drupal 8 I think there's kind of the obvious right drupal aids right around the corner whatever however far away that corner is we are definitely going to round it at some point and at that point suddenly everyone's

going to need to know Drupal 8 so that they can start building websites with it and if they if we're not able to educate our community both site builders developers end users on how to use the software we're not going to see the level of adoption that

we would like to withdrew blade like the number one reason we're talking about this is because if people don't know how to use Drupal 8 they're not going to be able to build websites with Drupal 8 a lot has changed between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

I honestly don't know all the things that have changed I've read a lot about various different things I've seen a lot of different statistics that try to represent it in numbers I think it's just safe to say that there are some really really

big changes between the way that we do things in Drupal 7 in the way that we're going to be doing them in Drupal 8 and we've ended up in this currently in this space where I feel like there's a unfortunately a lot of fear and doubt about Drupal

8 and about the amount of change I think we're seeing a lot of blog posts from people that are like oh my god everything changed you should be terrified and so a lot of people that aren't closely tracking what's going on in Drupal 8 and really

know like what that change means all their hearing is Drupal 8 is seventy-six percent different than Drupal 7 and it's like well that's a terrifying number that means nothing to me other than I should be scared and I think it's important for us

to talk when we talk about educating people about Drupal 8 to talk about that too and that fear and uncertainty kind of in our community right now because in order for people to learn we need to provide them with a safe space to learn like people learn best

when they're comfortable and when they're excited about the thing that they're going to learn not when they're being forced to learn it against their own will and they have no interest in it finally I think that in this especially in the context

of these core conversations there's a really large opportunity for people to get involved in the community by contributing to helping educate people about Drupal 8 this is one of those really cool opportunities where you don't even have to write any

code to help contribute to Drupal 8 so that's an exciting thing for me so we're already as a community doing a whole lot of things to try to help teach people about Drupal 8 and we're doing all of these really well but of course we could be doing

all of them even better than we're already doing them so most of you are probably familiar with these resources already but we'll kind of just run through real quick api Drupal or gets our code documentation i would say that in most cases this is the

number one place that people go to learn about Drupal in general i SPECT developers anyways this is the their number one resource for figuring out how to accomplish the thing that they need to do in Drupal this is true of Drupal 6 of Drupal 7 and this will

be true of Drupal 8 so we need to make sure that the documentation that we write in our code is awesome so that when it gets parsed input on API drupal.org people find that information and they can make use of it we're doing a pretty good job of that but

it's always one of those things that we could do better at and I think that's a good opportunity for people to help out and just keep improving that documentation improving those tools for discovering the document as well one of my favorite things

that the community is started doing with Drupal 8 is these change notices so I don't remember the process of upgrading a module from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 but you went to this page on drupal.org and scrolled for about six minutes and listed every single

change between Drupal 6 in Drupal so I would except the ones that it didn't list and then you just did all of those things to your module and tada worked in Drupal 7 it did I swear and it actually it worked really well because it provided a resource for

people to go and find the things that had changed in Drupal 8 this is or sort of in the process of building Drupal 8 we've got new tools for dealing with what are called change notices on drupal.org but basically the ability to log that this is the way

it was done in Drupal 7 this is the way it's done in Drupal 8 or this is something that's new in Drupal 8 but now they're they're not all in one giant page they're searchable they a lot of them have really great examples it shows this is

how you implemented the hook in Drupal 7 this is how you implement it in Drupal 8 or whatever the equivalent is and provide a resource for people who are already know Drupal 7 and are moving towards learning drupal 8 which at this point is probably a large

part of the people we're talking about trying to educate I'm the one thing that I struggle with with change notices and I think that we could work on doing a little bit better is making it more easier to find the ones that are really valuable change

notices at this point there's a few thousand of them probably and some of them are like we added a new routing system and here is how you use it and some of them are we changed the name of this function and both of those things are relevant and important

but when I'm first learning drupal I want to find the ones that are like this is the really big change if I ever need to know that you change the name of that function I'll know because it won't work when I try to use it so I think something we

could potentially do here is add some either some kind of like flag like this one's important says the community or document the changes a little bit more on drupal.org and then link to the change notices provide a little some kind of discoverability for

these change notices and so kind of running through this handbook is our non code documentation it's for me this is the place that I go when I want to learn a little bit more about why this decision was made or how this whole this system as a whole works

versus how this one particular function works again we're doing it it could always be better I would say and also kind of right now I would say the API documentation is great the change notices are awesome the handbook upgrades are coming along and getting

there in addition to that there's also all kinds of content that doesn't live on drupal.org that were that people in the community are generating blog posts articles tutorials videos and that kind of stuff we're doing that and we should continue

to do so I do have some ideas about how we can improve that and what really like when you're writing a blog post what should you be writing about and how could you make it useful for educating people and then of course things like this drupalcon and camps

are a really really good opportunity for us to very quickly educate a whole bunch of people about something because you've got a bunch of people in the room Larry Todd a session Larry and Robin had a session next door like an hour ago that had probably

close to 200 people in the room that we're learning to write a Drupal 8 module for the first time and that's awesome so I would like to talk about ways that we can leverage our camps and cons and our communities in order to more rapidly like disseminate

that information I do a lot of video stuff and I get asked this question a lot why aren't you doing more Drupal 8 videos and this is why we're not doing a lot of Drupal 8 videos right now because videos are really hard to patch and so while I think

they're important and we should continue to produce that kind of material remembering that the educational material we're producing now is going to need to change and continue to change until Drupal 8 is not changing so rapidly so as if you're

producing your own materials kind of keeping that in mind so that's a bit about like what we're doing already so and then I want to talk about some of my ideas about things that we could be doing but aren't really doing a ton of at the moment none

of this is based on research so we may actually be doing this and I just don't know it but this has kind of been based on my observations over the last six months or so I mentioned at the beginning that one of the important things we need to do is clear

up this like concern about oh my god Drupal 8 is hard it's like more oh man drupal 8 is different than Drupal 7 yes you're right it is in Drupal 6 was different than or Drupal 7 would do different than Drupal 6 and I think that you know the people

that attend these conferences the leaders in our community we have a role in where we should be trying to build hype and energize people about Drupal we should be spending more time talking about not oh man this thing changed in Drupal 8 you're going to

have to learn all this crazy new stuff we should be talking about yes this thing changed but if you learn this new stuff here's why it's going to be awesome for you so you know as a developer it's for the most part I don't really care that

it changed or I'm willing to figure out what changed and learn that new system if I know what the benefit is to me if I'm just relearning how to do the same thing that I already know how to do I better have a really good reason to do that and so you

know there's all these examples with Drupal right the way that we bout code paths and stuff in the routing system in Drupal 8 is different than it was in two people seven I think we need to be educating people not only that yes it's different but why

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