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El arte de las estimaciones en los proyectos Drupal con presupuesto cerrado

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so thank you being here first of all my name is Maksym i'm the co-founder of a DX we we are here as also to and we do only fix budget projects a lot of them and and the funny thing that almost all the estimates are known by me so I'm the guy who is

always wrong so that's why I was like present in this session the usual size of the project runs from three thousand to fifteen thousands of man-hours so it's quite big projects I don't know which right size of you and so we all talk about estimates

and probably the estimating is quite the most dangerous work because you are playing with money and if you're losing money on the very big projects it might be really complicated for some companies how much of you are did project was losing money on projects

like I say the truth ok that's the water ok so that's quite normal I mean everybody makes errors and estimates and from what I know that seventy percent of IT projects are late and if you are like you're probably losing money on some way or majan

at least so this everybody knows these scary deadlines approaching in at people to do more and and the dead lights are never met and after a while nobody cares about deadlines and yes i will do it adds up and and of course in the company if you do not let

deadlines you are probably wrong with estimates you lose money or your team is being like more Alexis with possessed image within its control of the time frames and and that's the funny thing is that we are quite smart here all the guys we are attending

drupalcon we do we know views panels you some of you or install Drupal 8 and know how you same funny now and and again we still doing very basic errors and estimates even if you are quite smart guys m and in but in the everyday life like your daily life you

do a lot of estimates every time and you're doing pretty well I think imagine your own prag like right now and you have a good friend calling using without saying Gail let's having a beer somewhere in the wine in a good bar in Prague and well what

you'll do you'll probably open your google maps you'll check out the address you say okay I need 28 minutes to go there i will add five minutes and it's only for task jobs you go down you walk to the metro you take tram you take a metal and

you arrive and even there you probably know some friends that always late even this simple tasks so on the project it's like in this project it's very simple project you always have some errors and estimating unpredictable errors some unpredictable

events what you should have think about imagine you will go there and there is a strike so you'll be Layton you have to go back by walking to this bar so you have to add these things of this risk to your project planet view time frame unfortunately some

events have so big impact or so empiric table that's it's almost impossible to to prevent imagine there is an atomic bomb throwing down to drag you there will be no bar no friend probably no more you so it's like we infinite journey for you and

and there is no way to predict this risk right so bed button Drupal projects and more and IT projects there are not so many unpredictable events that can occur basically we could split them into three main groups the first one is who is doing the estimates

usually it will be the project manager the salesperson the senior developer the guys within relationship with the client and actually this is not the guy who will actually call the thing and you cannot have a company with one hundred percent on it's only

senior positions so the guy who will actually work on it will do it with junior position so you will have for example somebody will how much time you need to the team a web form or half a day and then if you give it to a guy and he'll like look what swore

web form how it works with widgets I have the problem in internet explorer 8 and then he'll spend two days so this is a usual problem when you do estimates this probably senior guy doing it and that's my acute at this jr. will then you and the second

problem is the perimeter problem or misunderstanding or changes in the perimeter so if usual problem like we faced every day like I need a workflow okay we'll do a workflow you think about like a couple of rules couple of rolls and at the end the client

arise I said no no when I want to do workflow I wanted a notification five rolls permission user groups and and dashboards and everything and then you say oh which is not what was expected and say it was written in the specs do it okay you lose money and the

final is less important i think is the human factor well that's alright like maybe two or three times in a DX the project management leaves or breaks a hand and well left hand is not that important but right hands more so this is almost all that can occur

during a project but what do we really estimate in the drupal project so when you take the code the air FB you will probably have to split down the project in two parts so before going into details let's define some variables will use those variables all

around the presentation so the first thing is the complexity of the website well it's its statistics ok based on the three hundred projects we've done so far but you will probably recognize some patterns there there is a very simple website like not

so much content types don't work flow very simple data flow well some templates classical small company websites then you have the medium sites with more content type with some external data sources from xml some workflow custom business features maybe

some data migration and finally we have this complex web sites the big one and with transactional ecommerce website community websites with a lot of content types templates and and data migrations in a external web system like ASAP or at them on the other

hand we have this front-end thing because a lot of drupal websites you actually doing teaming so we also split them into free we have like standard desktop output blocks and internet 10 support Internet Explorer 10 support only with some chrome safari nothing

complicated then we had this mobile theme but not for all the features and finally we have this for responsive design like a fancy thing like reading your website web browser and everything moves and around with like nice and advanced gquery animation so listen

so we'll use this f 1 2 3 and s want to feel later so remember it so the first thing the the guys in England in doing Drupal will do is like set up models there are a lot of models in Drupal 20,000 of them so you spend a lot of time selecting models creating

content types configuring all of them user roles permission rose views everything so it takes a lot of time but you don't go into Jeep details at the beginning so you'll spend probably some couple of days for small sites and more just about the figures

those are statistics related to our projects doesn't doesn't mean that it works for everybody but i think that the relationship between the three are quite okay so well it's complicated to say estimates it's an estimate of estimates the second

thing is the development platform set up many guys forget about to put it in their code but you take time to set up redmine user accounts mailing lists my sickle if you are running with your websites on like way our you have to also set up their things get

her gown gitlab whatever so you will have to spend time and often you forgot to put them in the code the second thing we have to talk is a context this is a quite complicated thing because it's like a cancer inside your drupal site because when you talk

about context to take talk about passed out oh and euro setup you have advertisement tagging urls page title context microdata everything in all those small tasks because it's not complicated to sub 8-based i top that out with like take an hour but if

you multiply this by the number of content types and if you add a lot of context this this can be really painful and take much more time that you you think it would take for example we if I will you give you an example we got a website e-commerce website with

only 32 plates and we asked it to the glider guys please provide me the tagging for analytics so we was I think like I'm no problem i added three days to do that it will be okay and finally we received at 70 pages taking specification from the client with

every single click track down and and and the cart and checkout with different business logic everywhere so we spent two weeks during that and again the guys said a it wasn't aspects well actually not the specs but we'll talk about the change request

later then the most important for me I think even if if you are like you can leave just after this slide because because the templates are actually I think there is a direct correlation between the project size and the number of templates of course you have

some particular websites with complex business logic or complex external systems but again templates for me is if you know how to count your templates you almost covered half of the work and estimate because there is a lot of work on templates if you take

a website classical website you will start with sketching with a client you will work with this client to sketch the all the websites templates like contact form sitemap home page article product page whatever then you will probably do some wire frames to

validate it with exact proportions and in phones and things and then you had some back-and-forth things with the client and then you have to design these templates and probably you will need some static HTML for these templates to validate it works on all

responsive and multiply this by if you have a responsive as three back points you bye-bye three and then you have your developer at the end who is doing the templates actually creating the DPL files and rupal so at the end adding one templates I think a lot

of work of course these numbers again depends of the complexity of your templates of your site but well yell if you have 30 templates if you have a site which has 60 templates i think the budget will double it's quite good number so next point is that

a migration it's quite complicated subject because it's very complicated to estimate if you are running with Drupal to do put that immigration it should be ok you have a lot of models me great feeds whatever if you are running a project with some structured

data my sickle ms SQL it should be ok and then if you have this website with no only title and HTML inside and the guy said please if you have the bold put it in I as a teaser if you have you ll I put it in this multi-line multi entities well it you will have

a lot of pain so usually when you got the air FP you don't have any big so much information about the data sources so you cannot really estimate exactly them but what we've not just is that it's relative depends of the number of content types so

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