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Drush, ¿realmente tengo que usarlo?

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so this is an introduction to dress for site builders or anyone else who just really want to know about this cool thing they keep hearing about dress every time I practice this has worked until now it's typical i'm karen casio better known throughout

the global community and pretty much anywhere on the web you can find me a tech girl geek see check connect with me pretty much anywhere using tech girl geek and to figure out why i'm not connected here show that one more time I'm back in developer

working at at in design group in Denver beautiful Denver Colorado where a internet strategy design and development company so we do the full gamut working for NGOs and people doing great things for all over the world mostly nonprofits we're also hiring

so if you're considering moving to Denver Colorado come see me or Lydia at our booth and drop off your resume we're growing our team that's great place to work so what is the name of my meetup come from do I really need it I gave a presentation

similar similar to this at a meetup in Denver or actually in boulder colorado few months back and somebody raised their hand and asked me promptly brush do I really have to use it good answer and I told that person and as I'm going to tell you I'm

not going to even answer that i'm going to go through the presentation I don't let you answer that by the end of this end of this presentation and if you still think you don't need to use it then I didn't do my job right oh this is so fresh

eating you're supposed to work oh what'd you do um so how many of you have heard of this crush thing awesome how many have used rush that's pretty good number hopefully I won't bore those of you who've already used it um and so we're

going to talk about why do you use it and do you really need it absolutely really need it oops yeah I cannot believe this didn't work so bad so basically drush what does it stand for it's the Drupal shell so it's running Drupal commands through

the shell if you go to drush WS we actually find all these definitions and of course these slides will be posted in the session recorded so it really comes in three main parts and it's the project management section which kind of allows you to manage your

project so it's managing your modules what's install how to install it it's installing things disabling modules enabling modules upgrading modules then we've got Josh core which is its managing the core parts of the civet of the of Drupal obviously

and then the sequel commands but you can actually write from the command line get straight into your right into your database or you can actually run queries right from the command line yeah I got it finally how did we get to dress josh is a command-line tool

I heard rumors somewhere that someone made a UI for it I've never seen this so if anyone's seen it has anyone ever seen the UI for rush I i think it was like two years ago there was a rumor it was actually coming but i've never seen that and i

don't know why you'd want it um if you're on Windows there is a good link on how to get it installed on Windows I've never successfully successfully ran in Windows I also don't run Windows often so can't really talk to that much Mac

OS is terminal if you're in Linux obviously you're usually on the terminal so should be accessible pretty easy installing drush this session is not going over installing drush i'm going to do ab off from 12 to a dressing room congress hall and

we can go over different ways to install drush bring your ideas too if you know but there is no one way to install drush pretty much like everything in Drupal there's multiple ways to installed rush that there are the recommended ways of course of course

if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself because it's all command line stuff you can always talk to your system administrator or somebody on your team they'll like surely help you so some of the things we're going to go over is downloading

installing and enabling modules which is probably some of the biggest pain points and take some of the longest times in the UI up dating sites not having to go through an update disable everything update it could be a really long process drush can make it

super quick super easy backed everything up for you clearing cache and if you don't know what caching is that's holding all of your fun little things in memory and if you know if you're building a brand new sites as things get changed you have

to clear those caches often and it could be kind of a pain getting to the performance page finding that button show you how to do that in one fail swoop and some other fun things it's like archiving your sites and then we'll go into a look if we still

have time we'll go into a few more advanced things about creating like aliases so shortcuts on getting to certain things and rush but that's more advanced and that's kind of happened in my slides so you can refer to it if we don't get to that

but I want to make sure there's time for questions if you have questions later so site building and rush how many people just a poor and dread going to that modules page I know I do okay if you don't already i'm going to make sure you do by the

end of this discussion because it can be really daunting really fast um how about updating sites it's kind of scary how many of you let couple of those little security updates slip for a while because it's going to be a real pain to have to update

those modules manually come on it you've let those slides see so let's take a look at what it takes just to update a module and first of all you might scream first of all we're going to do it manually and basically all we're going to do is

install views but I'm going to start with I've already downloaded the tar file for views sorry this is a little small most of them I've redone but this one I didn't so I've already got views downloaded as you can see so now we're going

to go back to the UI I've created a little demo page now we're going to bring up the modules mod model modal I can't say that word now we have to go through and we're going to go and find our views so we can enable it fine of you but we can't

enable it because it's got a dependency but we need to go ahead and get see tools which I haven't downloaded yet so now I need to go to the project page for see tools I need to find my see tools and I'm going to have to download the tar file and

I use a little tool called w get if you're not not familiar with the command line you may not know w get but it's basically downloading it from the command line so I'm going to pull it down now I'm going to untie it now i'm going to go

back to my module mutt modal and i have to refresh the page now i'm going to look for see tools and look for views and enable them again and we're going to save our configuration and now they're enabled now mind you that's on only two you should

just started building this site and you know that you have ten modules you want to enable its that's going to get really tedious you have to go through and you have to make sure the dependencies are available so these are the steps I just went through

and of course at CC rinse repeat Pete I'm going to assume we've done it we do unload it I'm compress it enable it finda dependencies rinse repeat and you have to keep doing this right and that very quickly that modules page as we know gets incredibly

long and finding stuff I'm sure there's modules that can make it a little cleaner but it's still it gets daunting so let's go ahead and see what that looks like and rush we're going to go ahead and download the views and I'm going to

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