DrupalCon Prague 2013

Drupal 8 para los creadores de sitios web

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alright let's get started does everyone understand me should I talk louder okay all right so welcome this is the Drupal 8 4 side build of session first session of drupalcon after the keynote of course a little bit about me my name is Christophe if you

want to pronounce that in Dutch its gist of the yeah but i'm fine with Christophe I'm also fine with went 0 which is my handle on twitter also on drupal.org i'm a drupal android developer and things that i do within the drupal projects I'm

a Drupal core co maintainer for Phil API and I'm also delete maintainer for display sweet and various other modules currently I'm with in between jobs I'm trying to make a record I have no I'm the ID when the record will be released I guess

it's the same like we say with triple it will be released when it is ready so I'm going to talk about Greece's dream and of course all the big improvements that we have done interpolate some little gems there's little things that really makes

I building really awesome and also talk a little bit how come trip is doing and then some time for questions and answers at the end so let's start with dresses dream so what is greasiest dream Teresa's dream is if my pointer is working to eliminate

the middleman so what is the saying there is no reason open source software should be limited to technical users when was the last time you hired a webmaster to handcraft your website and content using X HTML and CSS so I highlighted content if I think about

my own career I mean like 12 years ago client used to just send me some word documents and I just copy pasted content into HTML files and then I just maintain a lot of HTML files put them on a server and that was it at some point CMS's came up and clients

were able to manage their own content which is kind of interesting so he also wants to get rid of the developer which is kind of scary because i'm a developer and i want you to actually keep my job and the way that he envisions that is he wants to change

the developers role not maybe maybe eliminating is a bit too strong but at least try to redefine the role and the way that we incomp lished that within Drupal is actually the way that have we we have been doing for the last ten years actually we create modules

and with those modules everyone is actually able to create websites without any programming language which is what it's all about and this is not something reason jeez has been talking about this for a very long time this is from a interview has been done

in 2009 so after developer he also wants to get rid of the designer which is kind of weird I think we have something in court that might get rid of the designer which is it doesn't work sorry about that ok the core module I'm not sure whether that

will replace the designer I'm pretty sure it won't so after we eliminate everyone who is left robert douglas had a really interesting answer on that eliminate the webmaster programmers and designer who is left decor maintained errs it has actually

Teresa's plan he wants to get everyone involved working on the project so that we actually keep our job in some ways and that's actually what we have been doing with every release of Drupal we add more power there is new technology we use that new

technology we move a lot of country modules decor because we see that they are popular or they fill fulfill some kind of need like say for instance views contrib developers become core developers and eventually some become core maintains which is kind of cool

so just to make sure if you're a developer don't worry we have done a lot so let's do a little quiz how many lines of code do we have in Drupal one point oh I would say shout something three thousand I hit 3,000 higher lower five thousand so actually

not that far away it's 4092 so that's Drupal 1 point 0 which is not a lot if you would open up I think would trap that thing file in Drupal 8 right now that's more than four thousand lines so fast forward to Drupal 8 how many lines of code do we

have in Drupal 8 at this very moment shout something I'm at 400 more a little bit more or ah it's five hundred thousand lines of code which is pretty much I use some kind of tool to identify all the languages that we use I don't think the tool

is actually completely right because it's also finding some Pascal in Drupal I'm pretty sure we don't use both cows so but even even though there's a lot of code this also includes all the libraries that we have been pulling in in Drupal 8

right now things like symphony guzzle phpunit things like that but that's it we use a lot of code and the developer will not die like designers one by either but we need a lot of more people to get involved so let's talk about the big improvements

in duple eight so the biggest one obviously is views and there's an interesting thing about views this is a graph and the blue line is a Drupal 6 report and installations the brown on brown line is the report and installations of Drupal 7 so there's

some dates on there in January two thousand eleven we released drupal 7 and basically for six months nothing happened so we bust our ass for three years and nobody is using Drupal 7 which is kind of annoying in a way and we see that around februari 2012 we

finally pass the reported installations so it takes a year for every release to become like more or less popular there are two more important dates that are missing at this point that is the release candidate of views 1.1 in november two thousand eleven now

you might say this doesn't really matter there's another day that it's really important and it is jun 17 2013 is starting to be used why views is such a your mother it's it's such powerful and everyone basically uses it so within the drupal

7 cycle views was not ready when we released so people didn't really have started using drupal 7 so we had to wait so in terms of adoption rate moving views into core was really interesting the state decision because we see that everyone uses it so let's

put it in court so when we release jubilate hopefully adoption rate will start faster there is a really nice quote from Daniel Weiner who says ladies and gentlemen you can now use Drupal 7 and that is effectively at the release better views 1 point 0 release

that's effectively true and a year later he actually said you can now start to use Drupal 8 that's a year later after views was moved into core I would say one side thing do not start using Drupal 8 in production it's not ready yet but that's

the general feeling people are waiting for country modules or things to be ready to start using Drupal core now there's another thing that it's really important in terms of Jubal we don't maintain backwards compatibility so if you would wait to

port modules when Drupal core is released then especially in the case of views they would probably be busy for at least another year and a half maybe two years maybe that's an understatement because views is so huge it's so complex and we've been

doing so much changes in Drupal core that basically nobody would you be using it and also it's a fantastic battle tester we have so much new stuff things like configuration management plugins and annotations dependency injection routing system basically

everything that is new especially technically in triple 8 views is using that and if use works we more or less can say okay Drupal 8 is not necessarily stable but it does it jobs pretty much fine so fantastic battle tester every time something goes wrong in

Drupal 8 we usually fix it somewhere within views and then we're done well done is a great word but that's it so does anyone remember if you use one this is during the Drupal 5 area it was kind of interesting or a lot of field sets it did a job fine

actually one of my favorite ones was if you had to reorder fields you had to push on those little arrows it worked so we didn't put that into Drupal 8 core don't worry we've moved something much nicer which was actually which is basically the views

tree with some modifications of course so few ships with some things in core we ship with the default front page which means that for instance the node callback that doesn't exist anymore so if you want a front page you can go to views enable it which

is also interesting because usually when there is a new triple release object first thing that I usually do is go to the website go to / node and see whether people have protected it or to see what have they to see what happen to see what they have done with

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