DrupalCon Prague 2013

Diseñando Drupal 8

Lewis Nyman, Bojhan Somers  · 


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so give it good afternoon everyone this is am designing Drupal 8 i'm luis nyman a front-end developer and a designer I'm a freelancer and I'm also the maintainer for the seven admin theme which if you don't know it is the default admin theme

for drupal i'm boyah summers and I'm a user experience designer and well I work on new X of triple and I'm a well-maintained er UX maintainer of triple seven and now drew plate so today we want to talk about kind of the design process that we took

for the new style guide for drupal and kind of our desire to raise the bar in terms of the user experience and the facial style of triple and we're talking specifically about the admin style so let me start it so let me first kind of give you impression

of why we thought a style guide would be needed and why we need to kind of revamp the style of Drupal 7 entryway now obviously we made a lot of changes to Drupal 8 and not a lot of those changes are very consistent in terms of their visual style and their

user experience and that's really because we kind of lack kind of a central guideline as to how things should be and that makes for a rather inconsistent experience so it's something you might not notice when you're using it but you know as you're

going through it and looking at different screens you might notice the inconsistencies especially if you put your two screens next to each other you might see it even more an example of that is this in into wait we have about five different styles for buttons

now these are two styles for primary buttons this is the safe style it's all different you know different rounded or border radiuses and different colors and and all of that clearly it isn't very helpful for the end-user knowing what they mean what

they do i also like none of them actually look very good yeah sorry that's yep and for the developer well concert developers have to choose which one do I use which one is the right styling to apply and that isn't really clear so it's also a little

bit out of date if you look at the 17 now you know back when it was introduced it was was fairly fairly new but if you look at kind of the dribble styles which is really the kind of popular design thing now is that it's it looks a little bit dated and

and it's that's kind of part of its design as well like when Mark Bolton initially designed the 17 it's it's it's humble it's it's no it's not there's not a love Ormond tation or there's not a lot of no big gradients

and stuff like that it's really part of the style that it's it's humble and very clean and and that kind of fits Drupal's brands also in itself it isn't a bad design but it can be approved upon you know for this time especially when you

look at things like well the iOS or or Lumia it's you know it's something that has come up in the last four years since triple seven has been out and it's really two new styles especially the Metro style so that's the one on the only right

phone windows and that's used to nokia lumia as well has really been defining for a lot of new you is that come out and and if you look at well our team it's not as pretty and you know a lot of designers who look at our system evaluate it and go through

it and are kind of set off by the fact that it's so ugly so that's something that we looked into and how how can we resolve that and it's very tempting no for us but also for designers who come in to drupal to take this interface and just update

it to the new kind of style that moment so it might be the metro style now well a few years ago it was kind of the bootstrap style so it's very tempting to just copy that style and go with that but since seven is is for many people many end users like

authors it's kind of the main way that they interact with Drupal it's how they perceive the brand so know as these new styles come up we need to make sure that we kind of pick a style and stay with a style that can last for a few years especially because

you know installs don't always get updated very quickly it might be that people are running with that same seven style for 67 years maybe so it has to kind of really stand the test of time so let me quickly show you kind of the process that we took to

redesign 7 so the first steps that we took is in the community oh we went to bad camp and I met with Ryan there is a designer / from tender sash UX guy and we basically spent a whole lunch meeting kind of talking about you know how the design of seven should

be for it to really know fuel and and look the way that we think it should look in 2013 a small disclaimer style it's a really personal thing like if you like you know light blue or dark blue or if you like rounded corners or you know very sharp corners

that's a very kind of subjective thing and obviously there's you know a lot of graphic design kind of principles that apply but in essence techno especially a lot of discussion around style tends to be very subjective and very personal but the style

also has to have an opinion like we can't do kind of committee design and you'll have this white design and black design and say let's choose the middle let's go with a great design because that will make for a very boring design right it's

it's not something that really stands out or or has an opinion and the last thing is it's a hard thing to crowdsource because everyone has their kind of different view every designer has a different view of how it should be which makes it hard to crowdsource

the whole effort because you need really a go sister style you know that's that can be implemented across all of triple but besides these things it's also something you know it has to be accessible it has to be mobile friendly and it has to provide

consistency across 20,000 modules so when we're doing this now we need to make sure that concert maintainer can actually use it effectively so the process that we took was was a pretty common design approach where you diverging so you're you're

trying out all kinds of ids and then you're diverging or sorry converging where you're kind of choosing the ids that you want and we spend about three months in bi-weekly meetings with ryan Roy and me redefining and identifying what the Drupal brand

is and how we can make it work and we saw we did love brainstorming no Photoshop file kind of ping-ponging to find know what's the detail that we need and Orion spend a lot of time each meeting making new revisions and making kind of a vinyl version for

that meeting so they can really go into the details and I think we did about five major revisions of the course of those three months and then we posted our results to the UX team meeting which is every Monday and we put out a proposal on the own groups though

Jupiter dork and this was ready to show the whole community what we've been doing and kind of a Russian out that's why you know we think the design should be like this this probably took us like a month to write up because it's you know communicating

something like this into the community need to really have a kind of a good background that's why you made those choices because it can be very subjective and you know when it doesn't when it isn't exhaustive and it isn't really going into

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