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Cuando usar Git se convierte en un infierno

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good afternoon everyone thanks so much for coming it today to get makes me angry inside I hope that you will find this presentation delightful and entertaining much like I find to get and this is um it's a fun presentation it's not a strict hour of

me talking there will be activities and you will be we will be doing things in your chair to help you to learn get and it's a different a different approach than what we would normally take to teaching software and I think it's I think it's a fun

way to do it so you can let me know at the end in the session evaluations if you agree with that or not I'm Emma Jane formally hogben now Westby which can be confusing has my books had my old name on it and I go by my new name and I'm a beekeeper up

in Canada which is probably the least relevant piece of information about me that you'll need to know I work for Drupal eyes me doing mostly project management now although I've been teaching version control for almost as long as I've been doing

Drupal which is over a decade so it's um I've been doing it a while and if you're in IRC obviously not at this very moment you can ping me I'm Emma Jane and on Twitter Emma Jane HW and I am I do actually keep these in and that is actually me

and I I do I've got this tiny little favor my my mom is um back in Canada and it's her birthday today so if you'd like to play along if you can send her a quick email and just wish her a happy birthday I'd be most appreciative and it's

maryann at ginger press com just you know if you wanted to play along and wish her a happy birthday so we'll get on to the actual work part of this presentation now and I I want to start out with a bit of a detour before we get to the gate part on Adult

Education and most of us in this room we often have a few kids who wouldn't fall into the adult education category so we would be looking at pedagogy instead of andragogy but ultimately we're a bunch of adult learners for the most part in the Drupal

community and the way we teach things as I a community of teachers and a community of learners when we set out to figure out all this stuff is not exactly in adult education best practices so when you say to yourself I've tried to learn this stuff and

I just can't do it it's not making sense to me typically it's not your fault as the learner typically it's the educators fault for not having presented it in a way that is using best practices as far as adult education goes and I especially

find this around software where you've got specific commands the the tendency is to teach the commands and not the concepts are the reasons why behind that software and how it applies to your specific work and quick quick show of hands to start here how

many people will raise their hand when asked okay so that just calibrates the room for me great and how many people here are linux kernel developers and i'm seeing about two hands so for the most part we are not linux kernel developers however get as a

version control system was written by a kernel developer for kernel development it doesn't mean that we can't use the tool it means that there's a lot of things that are built into it a lot of assumptions that may or may not be relevant to web

development and Drupal development so when you're approaching it remember this is a and it's not to say that it's beyond you or out of reach or too smart or too stupid for what you are able to do it simply is a tool designed by someone who is not

working in your space for the most part I did see one or two hands so um don't don't be intimidated by the software but start thinking of of yourself as an adult who needs to learn and start perhaps demanding some of the adult education best practices

that we do see outside of the software industry in terms of how how adults actually get to learn and one of the things that I quite enjoy being able to say is that adults learn best when they get to be selfish so the work the lessons rather need to apply directly

to you and to your experience you need to be able to see how on the job this is going to benefit you to to be able to internalize that information and perhaps obviously perhaps not obviously depending on who your clients are we are never paid to memorize git

commands and yet there seems to be this culture of having to memorize everything and hold everything in your brain what we're going to do today is actually put some of that information out onto paper or into your notebook wherever you want to actually

start that information but get it out of your head and into a place that you can refer to more easily and you're not being paid to memorize this stuff you're being paid to do drupal development so let's get back to Drupal development as being the

core goal we need to start with solving or looking at the whole all of what's happening before we can solve your real problems and when I talk about the whole I don't mean what all of the whole or what all of the git commands are what i mean is more

to do with how we actually approach learning so typically what we do is we start when we're learning version control with simply trying to memorize those commands and remembering something is it's only one way to advance your learning this is a Bloom's

taxonomy that I'm showing you right now which in part i'm showing you the diagram because drippler love the word taxonomy and but it is it's all of those different phases that we go through as a learner when we get up into the sort of higher level

domains of learning then we start to look at applying that information so it's not just a strict memorization you know what's the command to to do whatever the task is but how do I apply it and how do i structure my workflow so that the command that

I've previously memorized can be applied correctly and what I would suggest is that for many of us we're already working at a much higher level when we were thinking about our teammates but what we don't know is how to connect to those get commands

so as you're going through the exercises that I've got for you today think about where where am I on this scale and give yourself permission to be and sometimes at a higher level you want to think about how to apply this information you want to think

about how to create new workflows and and those are more difficult concepts but more in some ways more important they're going to dictate the things that you need to memorize and if you're relying on someone else for that information you're not

always going to get a great connection between which commands do you need to memorize in order to solve what problems so we're going to start at the very top of that pyramid today or the top of the triangle today and talk about what are the problems that

you're actually trying to solve and therefore what are they get commands that you need to memorize and learn and create a cheat sheet with so it's again it's a little bit backwards and what we won't be doing today is we won't be opening

up a terminal window we won't be opening up any specific get software because you can google that stuff once you understand the problems that you're trying to solve in terms of those work flow dynamics you can look up the command that you need to run

and I have to say this one and some of my teammates are in the room today so when I need to figure out which branch I'm going to review in terms of the peer review I need to ask the server what all of the available branches are there's four words I

do this on a daily basis get remote show an origin do you think I can put them in the right order I get get first usually but there's still this even though i do it on a daily basis i still use my reference sheets and it means that i don't have to

memorize things because I trust my reference sheets to hold the information for me and I use get as a tool instead of get treating me like a tool so as I said we're not going to be looking at specific applications today there's too many variations

out there there's too many different little configuration tricks that make that software so unique to us as individual developers that it becomes very difficult to teach them in a generic way so I'm going to teach you how to think about it and not

what commands to apply if you're hoping for the specific commands to apply and this is it going to be a disappointment to you I will not in any way be offended if you get up and leave I would rather that you are at a session that is useful to you again

adults selfish learners you're allowed to be selfish and if this isn't your meeting your needs I won't be offended if you need to leave so with that in mind I would say that in the workplace ninety percent of the problems that you are dealing with

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