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Creando una tienda multi-idioma con Drupal

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I for everybody that's here this is boyens Ivanovich from commerce guys presenting commerce Without Borders and I just figured that he's not going to give himself a decent introduction so I thought I would thought I would do it he's the best drupal

developer ever in Serbia and we've been really privileged to work with him since he rocked the google Summer of Code a few years ago then it came into commerce guys and was the principal architect behind commerce kickstart to not X and you won't tell

you that in his session because he's he's a not here to toot his own horn but really good developer force he's passed that off to Jonathan sack sick and now he's sort of engaged in a lot of marketplace and platform development within Commerce

guys and I really respect him I look forward to hearing what he has to say about commerce with on borders thanks fine thanks Ryan case we can start welcoming thank you for choosing this session I'm by ivanovic I'm bonzi on drupal.org and I'm a

developer from Serbia I spent most of my drupal time in contrib and have worked on projects such as the Drupal 7 port of use use bulk operations in line entity formed some other modules but most importantly I work on Drupal commerce and its many contribs so

in the previous year I did to grace things the first one was leading the development of commerce kickstart v2 and the second one was growing a beard and both have been a great success with the target audiences so so in when it comes to Drupal I have two big

passions and the first one is distributions and just pushing the limits on what the distribution can do and the amount of flexibility it can provide and the second one is solving hard problems with Commerce and we have plenty of those and we'll see some

of them in this session quick word about my employer so I work for commerce guys we are an awesome company behind Triple Commerce and commerce kickstart we also contributed significantly to Drupal 7 chord Drupal 8 core many other contribs we have about 60

people in three offices or Paris France London England and an arbor michigan we are vc fund it and our business model revolves around making sure that you build something amazing with drupal commerce so a quick show of hands who here has already built a production

website using drupal commerce put your hand down Ryan okay good so I'm going to give a brief introduction for those who still haven't so Drupal commerce is an e-commerce framework built natively on Drupal 7 using all of its core technologies so if

you like triple 7 and if you know Drupal 7 you will feel right at home with Drupal commerce we like to say that it's minimalistic and flexible and in practice it means it is loosely coupled allowing you to take only the parts that you need and ignoring

the others building web site without cards without checkouts with custom implementations where needed just it tries not to get in your way and it's flexibility lies in the fact that it makes no assumptions which means that as you're building your project

you can think about the features that you need and not think about fighting commerce and this has allowed us to build a huge range of solutions so no matter whether you have a store that sells shippable products or books or subscriptions to an external service

or maybe doing event registrations hotel registrations donations every single of use case can be done and it's interesting that a bit less than a year ago we had this big planning sprint for how we're going to do commerce on Drupal 8 so we had the

space to reevaluate every part and to fix anything that annoyed us and during that time during that week the 10 of us could not find a single thing that is currently impossible with the current version of Commerce there was never a time where we said this

just cannot be done and this is really a great testament to the flexibility in the architecture that was implemented by ryan's room and I'm interval so that's just amazing and it allows sites such as Cartier to be done in an amazing way implementing

their own custom workflows while still using everything that we can provide so we use vuze for all these things which now feels natural but was a bit experimental at the time and it provides a lot of benefits both on the back end and on the front end it means

that you can easily change any column any data immediately from the UI so you can customize the back end to suit your clients needs if I need to change the column I can edit the view in five seconds I can add what I need and I'm that same on the in the

product catalog if I need to add an additional field two clicks and it's there furthermore views can use alternative backends which means that my results can come from another back in such as solar for increased performance for faceted search for full

text search and this is all done out of the box for us because we are leveraging this important technology we use rules for all of our business logic which means that you can respond to key events like you would to a hook and just plug in whatever business

logic that you need and and it works and compared to a hook there are many benefits here you can edit a rule right from the UI and change its configuration you can change the data that supplies to it you can disable it if some kind of behavior needs to be

turned off for a bit or you can reorder the way the rules are executed and we pass off all of our critical decisions through the rules engine allowing you to affect it so when we need to select the right payment provider with set rules when we need to select

a tax rate we pass it for rules when we need to determine the correct product price we pass it through rules and this really allows you to easily handle many crazy use cases so last night I learned that in the u.s. you have certain tax free weekends so that

means on that weekend your products have no tax and that would be a pretty crazy thing to hard-code into commerce but which rules you can easily add your own condition and respond to that and handle that use case and any other that can pop up and that's

really important of course rules are exportable so you can still version them in your code and so on and rules gets a bit of negativity for its UI which is of course very generic but it also allows you to build a nice UI on top which we've proven with

commerce discount where we have our own completely custom in nice UI that actually generates a rule in the background so even that is not a problem rules does not prevent us from making nice you is so of course commerce is minimal but we also need are features

that we are going to add to our website so we can finish our projects and for that we have the essential contribs or the golden contribs as we like to call them where the use case specific features are located so things such as shipping or stock control or

selling access to files it's all in those modules and then you have additional modules that make front end or back end UI tweaks bay since they can assume a specific use case so if we know that a module will be used on a shipping website we can provide

better UI that accounts for that use case so that way we keep the commerce core lean maintainable and prevent it from getting in your way but at the same time give you the features that you need to actually move forward and successfully complete your project

now the problem here is that you suddenly have a big set of modules you need to install there's commerce with all of its dependencies there there are the essential contribs any other modules you might have found in the meantime and then he needs to configure

your base theme you need to just mash it all together and that takes time so it can take days or even weeks for you to have something that you can demonstrate to your colleagues or your client or your future clients and to handle that Drupal has distributions

which allows us to package all that in an easy-to-use install profile in a complete download that has everything you need so we can include all of the modules the base theme we can provide the initial configuration that will get you started and we can even

provide a full features demo mode that has all of the features demonstrated even the ones that you wouldn't normally configure so that you can use it to show off to a potential client or pure colleagues or wherever you need to actually demonstrate the

full functionality that at your fingertips and one such distribution is commerce kickstart which we've built so commerce kickstart has been released well second version had been released about a year ago and it has been a great success commerce kickstart

is currently the most popular Drupal distributions it has about 8,000 installs and just to put that into perspective that is as much usage as the next 10 distributions combined however when you actually compare it to the number of total Drupal installations

that percentage is really small which means that Drupal as a whole still has a lot of work to do to make distributions flexible enough and just approachable enough by new users so that they become the default option when starting a new website instead of just

starting from scratch in order to make commerce more user-friendly we have completely redesigned the admin UI so we have implemented an admin theme and an admin UI with the help of balance summers and you can see many UI elements that have since then made

it into Drupal 8 and my colleague Jonathan likes to joke that Drupal 8 looks more like Kickstarter than Drupal 7 and so other than this team we have carefully chosen all of the filters all of the data that should be shown to you for instance we see here an

order listing that allows you to see the order summary right at the same page and you can see what was bought who bought it where it was shipped to and you can see all the latest communication with the client so we gave the same treatment to every page that

you interact with we have a completely custom toolbar that gives you access to the most commonly needed ecommerce functions and we have help on each page that allows you to go to a documentation page or see a video that will explain the key concepts behind

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