DrupalCon Prague 2013

Cómo vender, planificar, programar y escalar Drupal para clientes

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hello come on I know it's five o'clock but bring it up a level a little bit here this is your wake up session so you guys can go out and drink tonight that's my whole purpose that's why I'm here anyway you're at Drupal for customers

a shift in our thinking I'm web Kenny that may may have seen me percent before I was in London I was in Chicago if those of you that made it over there you shot nerf darts at me that's who I am talk a little bit more about Who I am I started in the

web in 2002 I was working on cold fusion back then if you remember that language that was fun times I got with Drupal in 2007 I join doc we are in 2009 and about three and a half years later I now work with blink reaction a partner back ways and a development

firm see now of course naturally I'll ask what I did before technology I did this I looked a little bit like this too I mean the hair is different now but I was a carny I actually worked in a carnival before I the year before i started in technology so

yeah so why should you care about who i am and why should you tweak this section if you want to tweet this session the hashtag is d4c Saudi the number four and see easy enough Drupal for customers and you know why would you care why would you tweak this session

why would you pay attention well now i'm going to lay a little bit of guilt on you and say that today is my two year wedding anniversary that i am missing to be here in Prague presenting few people so can I get a round of applause for that and if you really

want to shot my wife that's her twitter handle right there so go ahead you can all just tweet or randomly happy anniversary sample Gail anyway so today we'll talk about my favorite my favorite topic and as my career has always been a developer but

always a developer with an eye on customers that's always what I've done so in one way of the other I've been involved in requirements gathering in some kind of support of customers and now I help customers with their solutions and run a technology

team for a delivery company so my whole job while being a coder has always been about my favorite topic customers and they basically say I'm going to pay you and you're going to solve my problem right so how many people in here build sites for free

excellent that's fantastic how do you how do you keep your lights on we'll talk about that later come see me later all right but now honestly customers are such an important part of what we do right users customers there's lots of different words

for it you know they really are the most important person in your world and even for those who build free sites users are your most important people and you know that gets forgotten forgotten there's a lot of different types of customers that we work with

you know there are what i like to call sort of the technically challenged customer all right there's also the know-it-all customer will talk about each of those so the technically challenged customer calls you at you know two thirty in the morning and

says my website won't come up and you say well as your internet cable plugged in right and they say oh yeah no it isn't thanks let me call my IT guy and the know-it-all customer of course is that customer that did computer science 15 20 years ago they

built a little you know something little screens for a for an ATM machine and now of course they can tell you everything that they know about UX and how to build websites right but I do assert to you that there's one thing that will keep every customer

happy no matter what and that is being transparent with them all right that is transparency it's the most important thing around what we do I'm a big lever in teaching customers I think that too often as developers as technical people we get into sort

of this this way all right we get into this way where we feel like we know something you don't and so therefore that's job security for us but truthfully it's a lot easier to work with smarter customers so we have to make our customer smarter so

what I've done is I've actually taken time sometimes to explain get to a customer I've actually explained a database to a customer you know to sort of give them that edge so that they can feel as though they can have a conversation with me and

I show them Drupal I do it every day so today we're going to talk about the Drupal site life cycle okay not the technical life cycle so if there are you know if you're expecting to hear about hooks in here and libraries and include files you should

leave now all right we're going to talk about the Drupal site life cycle in terms of what it's like to build them all right we're going to talk about five stages today selling planning building them deploying and then contributing all right I see

the five of those as basically being the the key five things now under those five areas there could be any number of subtopics I mean we could talk about sales for an entire session I can talk about dust performance for an entire session and I have but first

let's talk about the old way all right the pre the pre open-source way that we use to build websites and many websites are still built this way today does anybody remember this from computer science school yeah this is the old sdlc okay it is this concept

they also call it waterfall all right it's the process where you analyze requirements and you go through and quote and then you do a mock-up and then you create it and you staged it and release it then you go back to the beginning to do it again now what

is wrong with this particular approach can anyone tell me what happens in websites when you build them in waterfall no I'll tell you basically software is like childbirth all right you wait nine months for something and then the screaming starts all right

that's effectively what it's like when it's built that way alright so and a lot of that is because we we sort of we don't know what the customer wants when the customer asks for it they don't know what the customer wants when they asked

for it you know they don't even know what they want so let's talk through how we can sort of break through that a little bit the first thing is selling it how do you sell Drupal okay how do you sell this sort of we all come to drupalcon we know we

throw down a bunch of money we travel from all over the world we love Drupal right we bleed blue it's so exciting for us to walk through the halls and talk to people and meet people but our customers they don't really know the inside of Drupal so how

do you sell it the first thing you have to be comfortable with before you begin even your first triple project is this you're already awesome all right you're already excellent because you're as as much an assembler as you our coder so you know

there are some people out there who can write custom modules I'm one of them there are others who just site builders there are folks who are themed errs there are folks who literally just can assemble modules together and understand requirements you know

what you have to remember in the Drupal space is that people are actually or actually this is open source in general but they're paying for your ability to distill the complexity for them that's what they're paying for you to do all right yeah

they're also paying you to write code sure they're also paying you to launch their site absolutely but they really are paying you to it to distill it and to make it less complex so you don't have to be dreese to be very successful you want to stand

out from the crowd all right by engaging with your customers you want to contribute to the community collaborate with everyone around you all right and finally you want to be the best all right need to attend trainings they're already halfway there here

are a triple con give yourselves a round of applause for that yeah you're already halfway there so you're here at drupalcon you go to drupal camps you go to meet ups you're already sort of moving towards being the best soaking up as much knowledge

as possible in this space and you will be it's about as much it's actually as much about your ambition to build something great as it is your ability to build it that actually you know it's called outcome visioning we're going to talk about

that too later all right now it's the quiz part of our you're ready for the quiz this is the quiz part of our of our session so everybody in here knows what the GPL is I assume yeah obviously I would hope so however we shouldn't be here so let

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