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Cómo vender bien Drupal a las empresas

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good afternoon I will start a talk today about using agency collaboration and how to grow the pie it was about six years ago to years ago that Reese Ballard did a call at drupalcon in London to focus on Drupal marketing and I still remember the reaction from

you know all developers in the room like oh my god what is he talking about marketing you know hey listen up with developers and I came to the conclusion that it is difficult for most agencies will start by developers to think from a marketing perspective

instead of a development perspective so in an L lens we came to the conclusion that we had to organize ourselves and do drupal marketing in a professional way and I will tell you all about it how to structure it how to deal with it and how you can set up a

marketing initiative in order well that's our ultimate goal of course grow the pie my name is Michelle vande velde I'm the secretary of the dutch national foundation of drupal service providers i also a member of the judge tuple for gov initiative

owner and founder of a digital agency or 40 plus people yes I have marketing background I'm a business owner and I do not have a development background fortunately my companion is here in the room he has a development background so that's my therapy

dog start asking questions about development easter guy not me i'm also the organizer of a monthly drupal cafes and i'll tell you all about it and how to organize those events and why we do it and the co-lead organizer of several drupal gems which

is the biggest drupal event in the netherlands so you can follow me via twitter or send me messages via at Michelle vande velde if you have any questions later on or tomorrow so you can find me and I'll please i will share you all my knowledge with you

so what are we going to talk about why drupal marketing why is it important and what can you do to make a stand against proprietary service providers and what can you do to make a stand against professional marketing organizations what are the basics 02 /

marketing and what can you achieve with it and how to organize your social media and how to organize events and I will tell you all about that later on the second part of the presentation is how to setup a local foundation and why it is necessary to set up

a foundation rules or regulations that come with it a code of conduct how to work closely with the competition because that's what it's all about build a foundation share profits and there's room for questions afterwards so why Drupal marketing

currently there is a fierce and I mean very fierce competition going on on the market we have site call we have cq5 as hippo tridion GX type of three do not underestimate the power of WordPress and lots more and we're all competing in the same market and

it is necessary to create I'd say it to set up a marketing initiative as agencies together and why is this when you look at for example site call or tridion those are proprietary software companies that have a marketing team clothes tools agencies do not

have marketing teams at all general so may I ask a question which which of you our agency owners in the room okay who spends marketing budget on promoting Drupal that's a few and if I say that on average and I mean on average the large organization spent

five percent of the total revenue on marketing who is spending five percent or plus on marketing of Drupal that's what I guessed and that's where the problem lies we have to make a stand with Drupal and organize ourselves because we came from a developer

background we started you know building websites and it became a success drupal became a success but then again now we're competing in a market with and I can tell them again side court cq5 hippo in the Netherlands and they have a well-oiled marketing

machine and Drupal has not well fortunately currently you have aquia who is spending a lot of money on trooper marketing but its necessary for us agencies to do my dupa marketing as well and i'll tell you later on how we can do that and i would like to

make a connection with for example coca-cola if i say the word coca-cola you probably think of a red can with a brown sugary liquid in it and when Christmas comes you'll see advertisements with Santa Claus you know riding around and you'll probably

have a vision of that this whole Christmas feeling and there's a lot of people say hey it's Christmas coming again because I see this coca-cola advertisements again if i tell you that Santa Claus was invented by coca-cola probably a lot of you don't

know that the funny thing is is that coca-cola created brand values and created their brand around the sugary water but if you now see that they linked themselves with the birth of Christ and an event that's you know celebrated all around the world you

can cross over to Drupal and what do you think of when you think of Drupal well we think of a blue drupalcon you know we we as shop owners we think of CMS and all developers think of code but what are the brand values of Drupal how does a potential buyer look

at Drupal currently they probably have a lot of doubts they probably have no idea what troop away so we have to tell them you know we have to tell what are the brand values are truthful you know why are they the benefits and why why should you choose drupal

over all those other platforms and there is a lot of work to be done about the reason you know why we should focus on drip marketing is in effect drawing the pie and i can tell you why this is necessary in the netherlands when i started my agency i was the

first one to adopt report on a professional level within three or four months there were five players and for the first two or three years there was no competition well that was great you know there's a lot of work and you know when it was an RFP and they

said yeah we have two or three other competitors invited we knew exactly who they were yeah that was great currently about seven years later there are over a hundred vendors selling Drupal and now we have no idea who the competition is so the competition on

our local ground has changed but the competition towards the proprietary vendors has changed as well I will tell you more about that later on in the blue and red ocean theory community building you know well if you have really strong brand and Drupal has all

the capabilities of becoming a serious ly strong brand and within the Drupal community it is already a strong brand there is a lot of work to be done and what you see it can grow the talent pool because everybody start if every developer in the world starts

Nobel Drupal and all the brand values that group already has you know we can grow the developer pool and there's a lot of shop owners here and we're all looking for talent so Drupal marketing can help creating a bigger talent pool um so more coders

also means more code so that's benefits rupal as well so now we're going to tell you about the blue and red ocean theory who knows the blue and red ocean theory just a couple of them that's nice okay so we started off you know seven years ago as

an agency I started on agency and the funny thing was I was swimming in a blue ocean together with my partner and it was great you know no competition whatsoever but Drupal became successful and then what we call you know more fishes came into this blue ocean

you know and seven years later it became crowded you know and when there's a lot of fish in pool the Sharks come in you know and they want a bit of the pie as well and the shark star start competing each other and that's where it becomes bloody and

a blue ocean becomes a red ocean what you can do is you can swim out to one of the corners of that blue ocean and become an expert in a few field work you can choose like the Commerce guys did I'm going to purely focus on Commerce or some other expertise

field of expertise but you can also start competing on your own back on ground so if you look at here you can compete in an existing market because that's what's happening and you can try to beat the competition and if you want to beat the competition

I can get bloody it got to be careful you can look at existing demand you know and can tune in or that and you have to make a value cost trade-off you know are you focusing on price you're going to lower your margins are you going to stay on top of the

field you know how are you going to do that there's discussions you have to make within her red ocean you can also steer away as I said to another blue ocean you know start something completely new because that's what's happened as well you know

we also see already see is that some competition is moving over to a blue ocean you know moving away from Drupal but what if we grow the pie you know make it bigger then the competition has a lot still to eat we don't fight each other and the only thing

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