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Cómo crear una distribución de Drupal

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hello drupalcon Prague my name is Matt Cheney thank you for sticking around to the very last session of the conference I hope you guys had an amazing time to everyone have a good time drupalcon it's one of my favorite times a year and it's a super

fun to be in this awesome big room so hopefully we'll bring the energy to fill the place so as I said my name is Matt Cheney I work at a company called Pantheon that provides I development platform and hosting services for Drupal and part of my role there

is to make sure the Drupal distributions rock that I believe very strongly that Drupal will run ten twenty percent of the internet and I think the way we get there is by having prepackaged starting States and out-of-the-box solutions for common things that

people want to have for websites I write a lot of code day-to-day I care a lot about making sure that that code is good and that the people who use it as good i know a lot of you are in the same boat but part of what i'm trying to do with panoply and what

I think Drupal should do as a platform is to focus on the site builder that these are the people that make most of the websites and the world today probably most of the websites in Drupal they're not implementing complicated hook systems they're not

writing a lot of custom code but they're making websites that push their ideas out there to the world and this is really important to me I didn't go to school to be a programmer I went to school to be a librarian my interest is in organizing information

having people tell their stories online and that's why when I look at tools like panels module for which I love this is a tool that with a little bit of cleanup I thought really could be the kind of thing you could hand over to people who aren't technical

coders or don't want to write code but still want to control their layout to like edit rich text content to provide a lot of plug and play functionality so that they can go from having not a website to having a full website that they can show off to their

friends and family followers and everyone that cares about it and this this talk as you might imagine is about panoply it's a base distribution of Drupal it includes a bunch of different modules and a bunch of different features i'll talk about most

of them in the next hour and we'll do a pretty good live demo which we can all cross our fingers works the way it should but I think just sorted to back up the first session of the conference I went to was the Drupal 8 site building site building a session

by swim tell which I thought was excellent all the stuff i'ma show you is in Drupal 7 today so I was really excited to see some of the site building tools for Drupal 8 it's got a lot of improvements for adding new fields into core it's got an ability

to have plugins and feel double blocks in core it has a WYSIWYG it has content administration improvements and this is the kind of stuff i think when drupal 8 comes out we'll make drop elate a really awesome platform for people who are site builders to

build stuff and if that stuff that excites you if that stuff you saw and be like man that'd be awesome to have today panoply is very much that solution ponopolis is for the site builders and for the folks who want to make distributions because out of the

box panoply does a lot of stuff and that's really important because most people don't want this thing when they talk about wanting a website this is as you might guess Drupal out of the box this isn't something that looks like a website i would

launch this isn't something that makes it clear what i need to really do too i do anything other than maybe add a piece of content to that front page and it's not the kind of thing that i can use on my own i need a lot of other contributed modules

i need a lot of other custom configuration in some very dense administration pages and I really have to work I have to work to make this thing a website and that's a problem that's why I like less than 1% of all the Drupal downloads actually turn into

websites these aren't people who like download a Drupal because they didn't want a website because they download them and they had problems installing it or they got it they couldn't configure it or any number of other things and that's why

solutions like joomla and wordpress have way more installs than drupal does because those are honestly easier products to use for people who aren't professional developers who aren't going to start down to write code to make every website and that's

why I've been really excited over the past few years that we're actually seeing things that look a lot more like websites coming out of the sort of Drupal distribution space so this is something that looks a lot more like the kind of thing if I like

want to download an open source product to actually go out and have a website that I'm I want this is this is open public from phase two they do a lot of government sites they packaged up sort of a government site into a box and they have this thing you

can download on Drupal or you can check it out and if you're making a like public government site this is what you want to start with this is way closer to what I'm going to end up with if I'm making such a site then there's sort of like blue

kind of a kind of madness right here and that's true for things that are like you know hey I want a government site like this it's also true for common functionality I need this is commerce kickstart one of the best distributions in Drupal it gives

you ecommerce power right out of the box like having done a lot of configuration in uber car and drupal commerce this not necessarily like the kind of thing that always will be super intuitive to someone who doesn't build websites that's why having

things like commerce kickstart that give you that store and that catalog and that cart and checkout experience right out of the box is way powerful because if you're sort of sitting there as someone new to Drupal and you're at this screen and it's

like okay I have this how do i turn it into a store you go to you know whoo look check on Drupal 23,000 modules I guess one will do it that's way too much work and it's way too much work for new people and that's that's what I care a great

deal about in Drupal and beyond people learning and improving their skills and using this technology we all work so hard to make great and actually turn that into a thing so that's why I like things like open public that's why I like things like commerce

kickstart and that's why I like working with people who want to build solutions for their their people this is a website from the University of California Berkeley United States this is someone they universities have a lot of websites they need to build

they have a common set of design elements this golden blew our berkeley school colors and they want to be able to say hey we need this site here's an easy way to get going you can spin up a site very quickly you can have all this functionality in the box

and it looks like it should look it has a functionality it should be and that's where to get going and this is how we increase the numbers of people using Drupal sites this is how we attract more new people and this is how we like legitimately have you

know better solutions in Drupal because like I've been saying like users want something really great out of the box they want to be able to start from the absolute highest level that they can they don't want to redo plumbing every time they don't

want to have to do a lot of the repetitive work they want to start and start raking their content and working on their design because that functionally is what people are expecting to do with tools like drupal and open-source tools and that's sort of what

I think we can get to as a community and that's what panoply and distributions I think do because you know this will help you for a single site because people want really great stuff out of the box for for a single site but they also want to get cloned

the box and have lots of different sites that sort of work and function the same one of the things I see a lot of my job at Pantheon is that we're we host you know tens of thousands of Drupal sites for a lot of different people many sites are just one

developer one organization they have their site they're working on but we're increasingly seeing a lot of organizations and universities and companies they don't watch us one thing they want a hundred of them because they need to have various web

properties to address all the different educational or business or organizational needs and that's why having a distribution to Drupal that you can just sort of click and it spins up something great really helps people sort of sort of make that all happen

and that's something that I think is is very much what panoply is trying to empower and what I think presumably a lot of you in the room either want to do or have done because lots of people lots of people are doing this you've got you know like you

a lot of universities that have their own distributions out of the box so anyone university can have that university's website I've got governments like the Canadian government they have a version of Drupal that they can spit up it has a lot of their

multilingual and like various other kinds of features you've got no media organizations and have their sights and you have a lot of Drupal companies and other kinds of organizations that are making solutions in this space and we're seeing more and

more than every year we're seeing stronger and stronger business models for than every year and we're seeing Drupal distributions end up you know taking a serious amount of interest and being as a substantive part of the Drupal ecosystem and I think

that's really good because we've got about a million Drupal sites in this world and that's very cool but Drupal i think is destined for like really bigger things and i think what's much cooler than a million Drupal sites would be obviously

a Justin Timberlake approved billion Drupal sites where we have everyone in the world who doesn't have to struggle writing custom code who doesn't have to worry about having bad tack who could have a really awesome Drupal experience but make it easy

that Drupal should be as easy to like still I deploy and to configure as it is to get a facebook account facebook has a billion a billion users Drupal could absolutely get to that point because everybody needs to know more and more people need to get online

and I think it's sort of part of Drupal's destiny to run double digit percentage at the Internet I think distributions get us there here's the problem it's it's it's hard to make a Drupal distribution it's hard to put a lot of this

base functionality in play that this is one of the problems that I had worked I've worked on a number of different distributions in the Drupal space i'm doing a lot of reinvention i'm creating a WYSIWYG from scratch a bunch of times i'm doing

a lot of different layouts over and over again I did that when I was a you know site developer I do that working with distributions there's a lot of repetition and I think one of the things that opens for software in Drupal is is really good at usually

is bundling that kind of stuff up and saying here's a solution we can sort of do it once that everyone can use it and I think that that works really well on a granular level like you can have a module that does something and that can be reused I think

it's way harder to do it when you talk about higher level features things like WYSIWYG out of the box things like comment layouts things like um you know any kind of sort of functional piece you want to sort of add and this is where I think um you know

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