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Cómo crear sitios web personalizados con Drupal

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good morning i hope everybody enjoyed your coffee i was really happy the Drees spoke about all the new and amazing features that go into tuple a and even call them our tools but as as our tools improve and we ready like we all work to ready the next level

of amazing and powerful tools it becomes even more important to look at what did we build with those tools and how do we do it and why do we do it so that's why I'm very happy to have the pleasure to introduce Eric rice I've stolen a quote from

the internet from one of our competitors they see our site Cora said Eric rice is one is a one-man army is simply the most talented creative marketing professional that I have ever worked with so I thought we need to get him here if our competitors are using

this weapon we need to get it eric is a Content strategist is the CEO of fat duck's Copenhagen fat duck's group is a published author on information architecture usability human-computer interaction it's also very busy but luckily for us and eric

is supportive of the Drupal project community and he worked really hard to be here today some happy to introduce you without further ado thank you it yes Susan Toxocara hat okay and thank you all for coming I realize you know foregoing coffees like that's

kind of a big thing at conferences this morning I just so I can figure out how to do this talk let me ask you a few questions how many of you are developers okay and how many of you consider yourself to the designers okay about half and half how many of you

have a hangover all right when you call yourself developers and we're in the front end track what front end are you referring to are you referring to the front end the Drupal gives to its users or to the websites that are being produced using Drupal the

people who are creating those and the final result you did you understand the question okay there you can you can design two kinds of front-end the front end the people like me see because I'm a user of the web or the front end that it for example in Drupal

8 with you know the various best practices that have been built into it the WYSIWYG editor and so on so when you develop front-end are you developing wysiwyg editors for drupal and similar things or are you designing websites you building websites excuse me

building websites okay good um how many of you are over 50 is anyone here over 50 Oh couple of us and we admit to it then you remember when we were doing development back in the 1970s we had we had a card deck and we we had all these punch cards and we at

least in my university we give them to somebody who sat behind a little window and then the next day we could find out that the program crashed on card 27 and you'd have to try and figure out okay what went wrong I we talked about PowerPoint decks in the

same way we talked about programmed ex in the old day well I decided that for today I'm actually going to have a deck so all of you over in the cheap seats nothing's going to happen on that screen I don't want to disturb them they're busy apparently

I so I had some questions those were them the three reasons I shouldn't be here the first is I don't actually have a degree in HCI or anything else that's moderately relevant I haven't coded anything in 25 years and perhaps the worst admission

of all is I've never built anything in Drupal so of course you say well so why the hell is he here well I for one I wrote one of the very first commercial programs for the Apple to back in 1979 i guess it was i wrote a CMS back in nineteen eighty-four

so that i could do the first danish language adventure game but more important I was also chairman of cicor for a while we won't talk about that I but more importantly I am a user i'm i'm the guy who goes in and tries to break things and tries

to optimize the user experience for our clients and this is kind of what i'd like to talk to you about today the three purposes for this talk first I want you to think differently about about your work and what you're doing I want of course to build

the Drupal community and finally I want one to help increase the joy of using the Drupal product and certainly a lot of very good things are happening with Drupal number eight i also have three steps that i want to describe to you that i think will help you

look at your jobs a little differently than you did when you came in this morning at least i hope so i'm going to tell you a lot of stories and some of them you'll say well this is irrelevant to me others maybe not so irrelevant drupal the drop the

droplet originally was a PHP program and PHP stands for personal homepage now somewhere along the line we got into hypertext preprocessor and I'm honestly not quite sure what the hell a hyper says preprocessor is you know if you have a cake mixer is that

a cake preprocessor i mean i don't know maybe the chicken is an ingredient preprocessor because it lays eggs I think there's some strange terms that get used in there pretty geeky terms at that and that's something that has a tendency to turn off

people who are genuinely interested in using your product but can't quite figure out the terminology that's being used they can't quite figure out the code drupal 8 of course is going to do marvelous things to move things in a new direction but

drew bleeding out there yet it's it's an important that we that we do try and make things easy for the people who are using our product and also the people who are using the website and the trees kind of scared the out of me when he started because

he said well you know we want to ask why and that is exactly the critical question and we're going to talk a lot about the whys of various things this morning but he says helping individuals build their dream and I think that that's more what than

a why they're building do we want to help them build or do we want to help them achieve their dream there's a huge difference there so I ask you again so why do you do what you do ye in this business is it certain money is it because you're going

to save the world why do you do what you do why is Drupal a better choice than ektron or at the server or Sitecore or the other open-source things that are out there type of three I'm Barack oh.what why are you here you can talk why not okay excuse me

okay no all right well that's fair enough i mean i understand how one builds CMS's okay I hear a lot of what and very little why in that I you're building a tool and you describe the tool I let me tell excuse me I pick Drupal over let's say

sharepoint and the higher salaries because of the community I mean it was fun to was fun to learn it was fun to interact and I enjoyed that the tool allowed me to be disruptive to do disruptive stuff and be part of something that was up-and-coming that was

the why I mean I enjoyed changing things instead of instead of just building on the under state of co there's nothing wrong with any of these answers I'm just trying to push you a lot further yes sir that's a very good ye Rin soon let me tell you

some wise stories first of all a years ago there was a company in Denmark called time manager international and they made SAS airline of the year in 1985 and British Airways that had been privatized approached time manager and asked if they couldn't do

the same thing and they were doing service design programs and I had the dubious honor of standing in Keith row airport for three days and interviewing passengers what were they expecting in terms of service from an airline and so on and there were a lot of

surprises along the way oh by the way how many of you are Danish because I've heard more danish here than English or German or anything or checked for that matter now whatever who do you call them did see some wild lands fella so British Airways had had

a couple of ideas they thought the why of their business was to get people from A to B it was a transport service and they approached their business as though it was a transport service and it wasn't even a very good one at that I they decided flying on

time was going to be a great service parameter but the truth is the passengers got really mad if you said well flying on time isn't that a good thing this you know you're supposed to fly on time this is why we have schedules this is we're going

we're taking your airplane because we're going to a meeting we have people meeting us at the airport we have other flights to catch you're supposed to fly on time and it turned out the service parameters for British Airways we're very very

different than what any of us had anticipated and one of the reasons for this was quite simply that we didn't use british airways to get from A to B we use british airways because we wanted to go to a meeting because we were going to go on holiday it was

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