DrupalCon Prague 2013

Comercio electrónico profesional con Drupal 8 y Symfony2

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good afternoon all hi welcome to our presentation today I'm Luke mcneese i'm the founder of cloud troopers com we're here for the business showcase I know we've got a pretty mixed audience here today a mix of geeks and we're here today

to try and show you some of the things we've learned over the last couple of years with some rather large us customers and there's also probably a decision makers out there business folk who were here trying to evaluate Drupal does it work in the enterprise

how does open-source work in a big company where they're strict rules and regulations so hopefully we can address a lot of people hang on we've lost the screen again Apple huh let's just go to the back-up plan sorry we had the Apple TV but we'll

fix that along the way I'm sure back to where we started what would a trade show be without audio visual issues oh it's that is just coming it's thinking ah we're back is there a way we can lower the projector a bit the tops hanging off the

top anyway so the agenda quick overview of who we are showcase of how we've made Drupal work in a really massively scalable way and then for the business folks an enterprise checklist you're out there evaluating other systems integrators these are

some of the questions you should be asking of what they can deliver and finally one of the tools we've built over the last couple of years it's called the black box timeline when you're in the enterprise and your codes running on hundreds of servers

it's often very difficult to debug in a production environment because you have good access to the production servers so we've written a nice little tool which allows you to aggregate disparate data from various different servers in advance and glued

them together in a nice time line and that's what my key and and the crew over there will be showing us a bit later on bit about us we're a full project lifecycle development company specializing local sort open-source we're not necessarily only

open source we also have oracle and a few other proprietary skill sets out there but primarily focusing on drupal symphony magento systems operations teams got great program and project management we've also got a very very special division in our company

called the continuous integration team specializing in website testing mobile testing and internationalisation testing i'll drag on a bit about that a bit later on just to show you some of the stuff we're doing we're 50 people we've got office

the main offices in cluj romania there's about 10 of us in the UK and we got a couple of bodies in the United States as well for our US customers what we have is we want to be in life for two years but this isn't our custom list this is the companies

we've all worked for over the last 15 20 years there's some mostly US companies you'll be seeing there but a couple of European things here and there a lot of travel background a lot of banking background we've got some in-house black box trading

systems order you know high frequency trading systems right through to universal studios website in orlando where we built the harry potter ecommerce website when they launched harry potter world there so we've got a wide view of the spectrum out there

one last thing I think we might also become a IVF clinic in the last two years out of 50 people we've had six biological deploys and with another three on the way like Georgiana's up there at the moment and you'll see how that's progressing

nicely so today i wanted to mainly showcase allegiant airlines it's a low-cost carrier based in Las Vegas in the United States it's about a hundred aircraft it's very similar to ryanair and easyjet in terms of what they offer you know you pay for

everything you buy a cheap ticket then you got to carry on bag and check in bags or seat assignments and all that good stuff so they decided about two and a half years ago that they're all technology just didn't give them what they needed they needed

flexibility they needed scalability so they embarked on a three plus year transformation project across their entire enterprise they're one of the few airlines in the world that have their own reservation engine so they've gone out and written a huge

java-based reservation engine we've written on the top of that Drupal and symphony and a few other technologies to to present to the world they're an unusual company in the sense that most airlines sell their tickets through CRS Azure GDS systems like

saver of worlds BAM they sell everything through their website all the call center which is also the website or the travel agent portal which is also the same website we maintain one source base across all three portals and all sales go through that they're

not a small airline they do over a billion dollars in sales every year and in the last 12 months our Drupal Symphony system has sold over billion dollars I don't know how many other people out there for a competition oh I don't know what its competition

but if anyone else has done over a billion dollars of sales on a Drupal site in the last four months I'd love to know that's a good competition where are we when we started this we wanted a scalability that was the biggest problem the last website

would fall over with a couple of thousand people on it so what we did we came up with a Drupal system for all the metadata for the templating for the workflow all the good stuff that we love Drupal for but what we decided to do was make Drupal a minor player

in the actual live production environment so we have varnish if it wasn't for varnish I wouldn't be standing here I'd be out of a job I went so when you come and visit the homepage which is number one that page will come from varnish in there's

a search box you can submit a search that search goes to Drupal who has to register the search but at that point Drupal's game is over it submits it into symphony that's number three it also gives a page back to the customer so the customer sitting

there now with a page with the spinning dial waiting for results so symphony then goes and does query against the reservation and engine at the bottom that's the Java system that takes a little bit of time it takes its results and it puts it into the search

result cache that's a key value database at the moment or using memcache but ultimately we will be moving to manga assuming we can get through all the stress testing to prove that it works and it's looking great at the moment but the key value database

are not really that fussed about but it has been the little engine that could assist 'um handling more than 10,000 customers at a time quite easily 100 searches a second very high-end stuff with extremely fast response times one of the fastest travel sites

out there so I think on that front it has been a great success so what we did because obviously you've got a production environment you want to be up 24-7 all the time you don't want to be down for code releases and what you also want to be added to

a/b testing so we've we went with a three siloed approach so one silo could handle the entire site load we've generally have three and play at any given moment etc and co deploys we will take one silo down to do code pushes we can also use the silo

3 as a be test if we want to obviously a lot of analytics running in the background to compare whether or not ale beer is working or not but it works in a very elegant way so a code deploy is as simple as draining sessions from a silo takes about 25 minutes

to drain all the sessions we shut the silo down he deploy the code through our pm's and all the good stuff that makes it automated and then we bring that silo back up and then we'll go to silo to and repeat that process all up it's about a three

hour process after the moment we've got some things under foot where we should be able to bring that down to 10 to 15 minutes but we've got to get a few like I already mentioned manga we need to get that approved before we can actually speed that up

the entire process up to ten minutes now I made a point of any mention code at the moment i'll address content deployment in just a second because they are two separate things of course in the production in the enterprise environments you're going

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