DrupalCon Prague 2013

Caso de estudio: el uso de Drupal en Johnson & Johnson

Maxime Topolov  · 


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okay so we'll start just for new arrivals we are talking about Johnson's else on this team okay so why are we all talking about jobs and Johnson it's because we are working with this client since I about three years so for those who know it doesn't

know who is Johnson Johnson's one of the biggest companies in the world I think in the top 10 pound it in 19th centuries and it's selling many kind of medical or health care goods just some some figures we got like oops yeah so we got 65 billions of

revenue so it's quite big firm views 120 20,000 employees and 250 firms and we have 1000's websites running all around the world mucci language is kind of simple web sites but there are a lot of them and and a lot of breads it's quite a decentralized

system so each brand is quite independent so there is no central IT digital department there is no even regional digital IC department so the brand individual bram are very strong and so we face a problem there so the problem was 34 years ago they got like

100 vendors about 50 different technology running well websites they got of course Drupal but they have joomla dotnet Java everything and of course because of all that mess there was no standards and the result of that is the first thing is not the cost each

projects you have like small website in built in Russia cost them five thousand zeros but they're also some small website build in u.s. costing them five hundred thousand dollars because of crazy idea of big agencies and there are so many security holes

they for example one day if you was searching for a brand name he was actually getting all the customers from the CRM system emails quality performance ratio well no standards everything was not regular so that's how it started with us the guy just googled

us and find us on google and sending me an email like saying guys I need some Drupal help and actually in the france i didn't knew that johnson Johnson it's not famous brand nobody knows johnson Johnson everybody knows the brands and I was like like

I don't know what johnson Johnson is and i said to my partner either as a contact call him what johnson Johnson biggest company please call me now and okay so the needs was quite easy we need one technology they selected Drupal and we also needed distribution

because we don't want because all the websites of brands are quite similar so we didn't want to reinvent the wheel each time we need a centralized sources repository because we have so many vendors and anybody each vendor uses different source control

or no source control at all so we need like central way to see where all the sources are of our websites another thing that some of the websites were in clash some of them had some mobile theme finally we help johnson Johnson in the email region to decide

that all every single every single websites will be responsive design because they're quite simple there are no need having embroiled team so we said okay you'll do responsive design because it's so big brand there are hundreds of brands there

people are often contributors marketing department are moving from one friend to another so one day you are in it together another way your OB then you go to net nearly stirring and you're moving around so each time you arrive at new technology you will

have a new back office or no back office or your contacts so we decided to have any one standard back of his system for every single new website we are reading so people moving from one to another they will not be shocked also because we actually would like

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