DrupalCon Portland 2013

Utilizando Backbone.js en Drupal 7 y Drupal 8

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hello good afternoon I'm mikvah Dolph I'm the room monitor if you guys need any help please let me know I'm going to introduce you Vadim from Ukraine he's going to give us a talk about a backbone she is and drupal saving and AIDS so thank you

very much dear ladies and gentlemen welcome on the backbone GS session my name is Vadim and I'm lead developer intra lon currently I'm writing a book for a packed publishing and about begged on GS and it's not ready yet but it's on the final

drafts and I hope it will be published soon and I probably can have some discounts for a drupal comment in this so just email me or leave business card i will like to share his voucher brazil and so let's start do remember those lovely 90s where jazz grid

was used just there are not so many javascript actually was there like some scripts that validate informs and drop in alert box if something failed not properly so this is how it was used in the early nineties and in 1995 actually started to develop websites

in 1999 and there were like lots of websites on the merry christmas eve with a snows floating our screen if you remember it it was cool considers how jealous could was used and then in two thousand microsoft invented xml httprequest and it actually um allowed

to do edge x but the world edge x we had been known in five years later and in 1998 people actually was doing the same with iframes like you can do ajax call with iframe in 2006 the world first have seen Jake vari it was awesome it allowed to use CSS selectors

for traversing document object model and do when handling perform edge x make animations and achieve comparability with all browsers and by the way it's going to be a jQuery conference important next months in June serene and pouring so it's maybe

he purest and here that could be a reason to stay and come this conference and what are we having in 2013 so many new scenes have appeared you're in recent years lets get familiar with them so now we have html5 and it provides lots of cool features like

local storage if you enable local storage you can store data even if there is no internet connection with the server and even more cool think that if you write a special script you can store data there and then there is internet connection with the server

this data will be automatically synchronized with a server there is also push state push state is the technology that allows to control browser history and browser URLs before for making for changing URLs we need to use the hash director and this hash character

was almost in any Ajax application it was difficult to share this thing too it was difficult for search engine the Plymouth and search engines to get the link with this chapter and to index it because they thought that it was single page and now it's possible

to have a completely separate convenient URL how it is used for typical websites and it brings more features to a search engine optimization and also drum more new JavaScript and platon engines like a moustache yes or even tweaked so tweaked its templating

engine that is now being added in a Drupal 8 its intent tweaks and box and actually the tweak could be processed by JavaScript to so and there is also a representative state transfer which is rest so the rest allows to communicate between client and the server

/ H HTTP protocol and it's actually a cool thing so it with rest it make possible that server takes care about data and client application takes care about rendering in so client and server completely independent they all only communicates through the

rest and we are going to cover in this session all of this so let's speak about JavaScript client evolution how it was evolved during recent years just JavaScript clients became more complex and they able to do more complex things and second it's happening

seemed to see client transitions so the clients contains business logic do rendering and actually do some other cool stuff for example it's not actually you like for example in the past we have UNIX and people were connecting to the big machine called

mainframe through the terminals and those terminals was like a scene client and then personal computer appears it's like him moving promising to seek and then again we have a new transition from the client from the desktop application to the web it's

again browser was a sin client and server was a Sikh and could be able to process all user requests and now we are having another transition from a seek to seek to scene from seem to seek so right now it's possible to create a JavaScript application that

could see it in the browser it could be a browser extension and it could do a terror it can and synchronize the server only in urine if there is internet connection also browsers became more performance and now javascript is being processed in 10 times faster

than like 10 years ago but there are still some problems right now typical edge Xcode looks like this so here we do like Ajax request don't reverse in event handling we also process some templates hopefully we are not seeing HTML code here but many scripts

can't end title and let's speak about Ajax in Drupal well actually have you ever seen any JavaScript code when dealing with Ajax the ramp like uh huh there are forum API and you can you're defining edge x in the PHP array set ridiculous and let's

do things properly it's unbelievable I we may use JavaScript then it is intended to be used and there is a good solution meat bag balm GS so backbone GS was created in 2010 by Jeremy ashkenaz he's also known for a coffee script begged on GS is bed

on the underscore.js framework this framework allows to do some manipulation with arrays objects provide event handling and many other cool things and backbone.js requires jquery adapter if you heard about scepter or if not i will say so scepter is ninety-nine

percent compatible with jquery library but it is more light and it does not take much space it lots and works very fast but it works only in the modern browsers and let's speak about backbone.js advantages first it's minimalistic it could be integrated

to any front end and non fronting front framework it's modular and run about 100 extensions are available extensions on them github it has perfect Oh object-oriented design so it's quite easy to extend and bright your extension and very good community

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