DrupalCon Portland 2013

Usando Drupal en una startup que sigue la metodología Lean

Chris Shattuck  · 


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everybody how are you okay the first one is always a little you know light oh ok so I do it okay if I kept going like eventually okay we'll try it at the end there's time okay so you simply look for it alright so this is our google this is witches

is brutal right but it's really interesting as well because having this conversation it's just a bunch of non sequiturs how us as adults my reacts you certain you know aspects of part of us still four years old so even though we're talking about

Mario Brothers way through so it's good practice so I do it so this is the URL up there if you wanna listen I reported it as I recorded talk baixar four ounces alright so giving this talk is because I wrote a startup called the module few tutorials okie

portable for a couple of years it when i go to drupal events like this one or triple campsite talk with people about this because most of us are entrepreneurs on some level or trying to figure out what to do next so each other you know what are the this talk

is really a response it's advice tips i give as you work your way into awesome how many of you are right okay doing it it's two different things right ok so that's really great that's really great here I hope there's something value here

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