DrupalCon Portland 2013

Software libre interno: mejorando la cultura interna de las empresas

Christopher Herring, Michael Bailey, Adam Asch  · 


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good morning my name is Chris Herren I am thrilled we are thrilled to be keynoting drupalcon it's such an honor for that to happen today be able to present the first session here so thank you for attending there's an overflow room somewhere so I think

there are we have plenty of seats so today we're going to tell you a little story about how we operate in terms of building a product of Drupal based product that nbc/universal perhaps we use to build out their web experiences but i think i'll give

you a little context first Adam and I work for an organization with centralized organization both very creatively operation technical services and I run a product development team that's really focused on building this product you don't build websites

we build a voting system there there's a partner team Mars our your team of ours that actually has some resources to build out web experiences for those brands that don't have their own development resources but our team's focuses on building often

with us is mike bailey and they'll do their own introductions when they go mike is the director of technology has been a real partner in this initiative so as we get started we're going to try to use their poor questions today hopefully greens are

a lot more please but really the four questions are in training answer is what did we build and I'll talk about what we built I'm using the internal open source development model that I mentioned and I use that iOS best acronyms specifically because

of trying to gain some traction internal open source is a relatively new term sort of counterintuitive because we all think about open source is very very public but it's hard for large companies like our own to participate so real attractive harness the

same thing the same ideas and the same process to you in turn also if we did this sounds like a good model to you you know how can you encourage mike is typically going to talk about how NBC brands use this product a jeweled this model so first and foremost

what are we mean by internal open source development well there's no difference right it like I said it's the same thing as regular open source development instead of using the general public to achieve some bowls or trying to harness multiple development

resources within to do to achieve the same pose to build this poor product at all brands so you know it's no different like I said it's so I think a little concept context would be helpful so in have their own developing the resources like I said but

you know to us instead of building or functionality that's similar across all of those all those websites and sharing and and we've really tried to harness that model by just fostering open communication and being very transparent about this core team

is building and how we're building our product is called publisher also very creative does it publish this content for the web but you know so I think some really good examples are you know there's an analytics montville for measuring web traffic there's

no reason four out separately and leverage it across all those friends so you know I use this slide to sort of portray that this idea that you know instead of 10 people working on building one small idea to build one great product they're all brands can

use so some of the things that we built some of the features of what we felt 375 sleep devout based on purple second public or seven comes with four content types the grades can just use as is these things there specific things like media TV shows TV episode

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