DrupalCon Portland 2013

SaaS, servicios de Drupal y OAuth

Fernando Paredes Garcia  · 


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hello good afternoon my name is Nick the doll I'm from the Brazilian community and the great honor for me to present Fernando from Peru from the Peruvian community he has been a great community leader helping spread Drupal in Latin America and he's

going to present about Drupal services and I really look forward to it so Fernando thank you thanks for your kind words Nick so hi everyone thanks for coming to the drupalcon for coming to my session and really surprised for the many people that is here so

I have the question for you but I just wanted to show me this lied about me perhaps you know about the guinea apiece you know and my nickname double Kui and I really in love of the community I so that's why I used to spread Drupal in Latin America as much

as I can but there are there are lots of many folks there but let's talk about web services the question is what do you use Drupal for the do you have do you have the microphone there can you please stand up and tell me in two words what do you use Drupal

for rapid prototyping ok that's that one good another apart from rapid prototyping you use Drupal for web development right you make modules seems what else CMS some ecommerce api what do you use APA for sorry okay that's interesting but why don't

we think about more of the web staff that reassured you know a few hours ago the web experience management and that new vision we have a Sikh community I think that needs a new technology you know it's not that new but it needs it needs more you know more

of it perhaps so wanted to share you real quick about cara cara is a product i've been part of for about four months last year it's don't buy this created by the immersive labs easy start up so it's really amazing the project so it's like

imagine there is a webcam up during the screen and it's taking a photo of you know 25 people only unfortunately yet but there will be many of them and it can grab the statistics from the real world what we track right now in with google analytics and the

other alternatives are only ten percent of the data so there is a world a universe left to conquer to measure you know and that technology needs sorry that that technology of Karen it's another technology called software service drupal services perhaps

or others you know Oh else and that that's part of the one what I when wanted to show you today and this session is inspired of the is inspired on the tools that we use it in that project okay and there is a lesson learned from this first part you know

is that Drupal will help you to major your ideas okay who have you used drupal for a product not only website a classic website perhaps something like basser or you know similar okay perhaps you come from a PHP script or just a HTML website then you wanted

to make it dynamic and there is a moment when the product is really growing so fast you go perhaps an angel Capital you know and that's what happened to to this project with kyra project they are they move it to Singapore and they had to change the technology

they have to move off drupal and that's fine actually because they needed a technology better suited for their moment I mean the right technology for the right time / drupal helped a lot for this product to major and to test many possibilities for this

project real quick because there are thousands and thousands of modules and themes and you know possibilities you can add many many many functionalities to Drupal real quick you know and what you have the right thing you know you how you have your idea real

major and is really valuable you have you know the money to make it a scale and you get rich well it's perhaps I don't know perhaps you can stay in Drupal or you can move out it depends on what the technology you know what technology is the best Drupal

is not it is not the best for everything but my my my session is now focused in the product when it's on Drupal so what you're poking off resume now to make your ideas major okay thinking on ideas as software-as-a-service you know there is a the theory

of this basically is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a web-based service many people call it on them and software or application service providers is the same you know is it's also about a communicating

not a person because regular easy person to many of you have a computer here we interact with the web to a web browser but web services are most more about data so one system gets data interacts with another system talks to another system you know in this

way request request and response the client it will be a server it would be a web browser it will be backbone.js talking to a server this serving in the case would be purple okay that's the basic architecture and there are many you know software-as-a-service

products out there like passer and drupal twitter amazon mail chain flickr authorizing it and many many of them there there are just examples you know one of one of the some of them have drupal in the back end and i would like you to put your name there the

name of your product you know so there is this module called services have you ever used the service module okay and who have you code are developers yeah that's why this is a calling plausible on main track but you know there are there are not and no

you know coders for decision to talk in code to show you code examples as we can organize say bof later but it's more theory now so you can know what the technology is and how it can help you to make money for it to make a business you know with this technology

of course there are some famous clients like many many mobile apps you know you can actually with the services module create create a web service and create a web app sorry a mobile app that connects to it we know the tweetdeck I love buffer but backbone.js

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