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Panopoly: creando una distribución base de Drupal

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hello hello okay let's get started so I'm doing intro as I think everybody who's in your nose on introducing Matt Cheney who is a long time drupal developer who believes in his Drupal's destiny to be part of the to run a double-digit percentage

of the internet he co-founded the San francisco-based consulting firm chapter 3 2006 where he spent several years building complex web sites for some amazing clients creating some group of 5 s first distributions including the e-journal install profile for

Stanford and the conference organizing distribution for NASA in 2010 he co-founded and am systems which provides freely available through piment platform helping tens of thousands of Drupal sites with their development and hosting including money which run

Drupal distributions a longtime contributor to the panel's University of modules Maddox currently relieve maintainer of the dena Polly Drupal distribution which provides panels based page building tools out of the box and serves as the base distribution

for many other Drupal districts so there's the intro and thank you very much RSS actually my expansion i work at heavy on and one of my roles there is to try to make purple distributions rough do believe those people asked me to run double-digit percentage

internet and I think distributions are the way that we need to get there as part of that work to maintain a distribution rupal that sort of labeling as a piece distribution it's something that allows people to take a lot of common building blocks that

they've already been done use that to sort of start their site development and make a really high quality Drupal site or distribution that I think people is a magic thing as a monic into but if you download it off drupal.org you get this thing this is

not what most people long like you know I want websites that like this comes off as anything that's related to my hopes dreams that you know even though Drupal's great we've got 21,000 County modules we have and here's worth open source development

we have such as far as people I've ever met working on that stuff every day then to the end user to the site builder that Drupal still is really limited that it has a lot of confusing administration systems and then when you're coming to mobile website

you know sometimes you need something really complicated acquires a lot of constant word roll adverts you just want something that feels like a website this is open public which is a great triple distribution works for like local government like higher level

government and when you download it it is a website that feels like a website and you can start changing stuff around you can sit demo content you actually have the ability to turn this live relatively quickly and this is super important for site builders

because you don't have to sort of like it figure out into it you just sort of modify this party there it's helpful when you have common functionality this is commerce kickstart this is out of the box ecommerce store it's got product catalog checkout

integrates with it payment processors it's very cool and if you're building an e-commerce store much rather start with a demo store i can change there's nothing to make work then try to like go back to that blue screen and say how do i turn this

into is because drupal's hard enough just to do some basics not let alone all the site building and and that becomes really hard and it's specifically hard to when you've got on the branding and it's now requirements is a vertical distribution

it's you know from university you have specific brand style requirements like you just have it look like that and since to the option to like figure out CSS and sections those do what if how the box you can just have these styles and that's what people

want they want something really great out of the box they don't want basic drupal they want something as close and as awesome to what end up having not and provide folks through more problem site builders who are responsible for making Drupal sites that

your focus is on content and on making the pages and the experience of people from your website see and that's why you want something that comes out of the box that actually is really breaks that you can spend your time off topic working on really amazing

amazing content pages free site to like struggling you want something right out of the box if you work for a large organization you also want to get closer box and come a lot of sense and that's one of the things over the castle right here that I've

been working on with a lot of larger customers and edges people in the Drupal world that they want to create a situation where you can spin up some fingers and a 100 of subject have a lot of different websites all do really great stuff on the box that's

very much monopolies is trying to help with because this is a trend that all across this land we've got Drupal distribution so you've got the Canadian government and related Open University folks again distribution their standardizing on to help with

multilingual stop distributions are work that UC Berkeley has several distributions join hundreds of diversity sites folks like these two huge number of different distributions from a lot of people off we have a couple really great distribution murmur skies

ecommerce store and individuals all over the place or working on distributions based on other distributions I see it work the space lives to do stuff all the time and it's really it's really powerful because I think what I think about purple we've

got you know a pretty good community a lot of sites and if you were approaching I've only had rupal sites are fine but you know it's cooler the iliad review sites and I think if we want to get to a Drupal sites if you want to be the platform that runs

double-digit percentages on the internet if you want to make it is easy to have a website it is to get a facebook account we need to it really hard to make sure that our foundation and are sort of platform technology that people use is really good and we want

to have foundation for building distributions that if you're not my years of development because the university it wants to spin up a common-looking site across rotation your media company that needs to have a bunch of different about the researchers if

one person it wants something easier than what you had to do a built-in scratch you want to start a little bit higher we need really great technology for distributions and drupal i'm home through all these bodies problems where i'm showing you today

triple seven about a copy of title button d afterwards during the Q&A but in general I think the important thing and this is where we really get into the police not to say it's a building a Drupal distribution is really hard for folks who have sort

of struggle to make it small profiles myself included figure out how features works as great as it is and making sure they all and it sees and all the different libraries work to make attribution it's hard and that's the message before you start building

a lot of general Drupal things you need and kind of get your WYSIWYG and Alex turn it on that you needed to be customized of integration useful input filters you want to make sure that you have a bunch of layouts you can use for your site you want to make

sure you got a better admin experience you have to select put your modules and that like every time like folks this room orgy development will the site you're doing a lot of saying things to you you know about some of you have scripts with your own distributions

to do this but to me like that's a lot of work then that Edmund for happy to do every time and when you're building a distribution a lot of distributions so you have to make sure you're always making an awesome is always making your loss lab always

making improvements just you can get to the point where they're actually going to build something great and so what properly is this is it is it an attempt to help people move on its back it's about saying if you're going to build a Drupal site

and it specifically for Drupal bikes out of sites like a distribution like don't you start by downloading Drupal and sort of party from there look at something like probably we're going to obviously have triple core we're going to have a bunch

of Drupal contributed modules that we've looked at reviewing integrated and we're going to build like parallel function on top of all that stuff in a way of it like it gives you a starting point then we turn on something like cannot believe it doesn't

just give you you know I like no content and like not a lot of options to extend stuff yeah still is a starter site but it gives you a lot of features which I'll show you today how the box and if you're just looking to do same building great place

to get started and if you're looking to build the distribution it's an even better place because it's super easy to get kenapa Lee a great adventure distribution and you could have a lot of functionality likely to mix of layouts and improvements

without having to really do anything include a couple modules a file and that's where this kind of stuff is really vital and hopefully probably saw your face problems it will help you distributions if you want and it's accepting that I think you put

Drupal and do a sort of higher level and get more people using it because it won't require a constant Pedro you do all that stuff but you can make oh I'll make some space really great pages and stuff actually you might like put on the internet without

having to do any coding necessarily so let's talk stop away on some pictures so the first thing I throw out there is it promptly like I mentioned it's based on truth before it's people seven and it's also based on a bunch of modules that you

need to do all the different things that we do here some of the modules so like you know more branded and unique ones that we include find entirely exhaustive list that's very close and the ideas that these four modules that for folks to their models office

actually really familiar list it might look a lot like what you would saw on your site so you get going and this is the kind of thing for someone who sort of you know you need rupal funding this kind of like stuff already there already installed already configured

and already tested or together it's really this you probably all know about fuse by extension pc tools because it's the pregnancy but you might not use you know admin user modules filter which are great modules make your drupal site along and then

you have some of these like you know Morgan v8 kind of features or stop it's a little bit more complicated surgery is actually be super hard to spell I have all of that already there and already sort ready to go is a big deal it's also cool because

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