DrupalCon Portland 2013

No es "su" Drupal, es NUESTRO Drupal

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oh stop now i'm off to unity thing right so if i can get people from the back to involve a little bit because it also helps feeding people all the way in the back of that people are here that as you just before the actual a house totally song we will be

very cold so how's total should not tell you that I needed your body heat anyways just to make sure to sit down there and fight oh yes no sir up here all of you there all right I'm welcome to this which I hope you know this is I 20 years ago this is

just to make sure that whatever I say this series of this is my whole name Morton perch criterion is nobody outside of Denmark Sweden always but it didn't stage so until but it's like wonderful actress as much this is for you trying to be nice time

to transfer to change will be escape-proof I don't know why be sorry about but i won a very small little shop which have absolutely teacher we have books for my goodness Lucia but first of all how it is soft and watch comedy in my section and yes I afraid

of bumps and stuff you believe the boon to bring a certain amount of a controlled by killer that's kind of how we fought people from where from what walk enough about me this is about the whole palette of truth Wow came around one of the first thing I

problem was this all serious sucks but rules are safe in all cells and that's the other thing that I've seen very much of the world no she amazes finish it but one more try to do is grow something that is not as much and this whole thing about exactly

if you go over the way back to when we started expected 2010 and I just start out for the spelling that's always it which is fine so it gives us to I is blowing the system call talk and talk Ava klem's means village but when he registers the prevailing

emails point so now it won't work with look a good name for sinister dropped it quite understand it instead he changed the refurbished for it for ok so that's why we have similar systems outside of nothing nothing that's always a good way to start

and as we see always in the spotlight to sign on Jay with time focus of the visual element of this is first come first sight was really good this from 2000 minute over it major design upgrade at four months later and then about a year later fit to develop

one first word in Tuscany website drop when from tops box2 a DVD system because to tell do all these things I mean and this is very interesting thing here is how quickly with first model versus came up as we can see this like only three months between the

needs water and among first thing that I saw heroes activated this comment it was friendly for small community of things you still kept I don't think they're smaller than you know I mean we're not 3,300 people coming to a conference although i

don't think that small is asking me it is still confidently with these people perhaps this year also is the very first issue you know if you know that I'll come back later it's another one of these things will t how is the only home for culture

of years we get firefox trouble or together in movies for the street eating we have google summer of code so we come in and so if I jay conor integer way back and this one team I was not become the more it excellent foolish move on is much faster service party

was a community it's certainly to beware accommodates later we can we can afford to use an imaginary product so now we explain a little bit of work into it we find the key of serious and cut it which may change our deposits me if it please just hope said

how many people have to use seals did you like it just the first conversation which it was not screaming wait I'm always within an opportunity to 1137 released we have an American sweet in symphony we have changed a multi-fight finger to book me a vision

talk we invented here right away apparently without sleeping simply through the back door as you want the only issues you don't need like eight common issues you that was changing the fundamental of to perform in person the educational fixed the local

phone this kind of thing which is just a fun to actually have a real local so we get to put a little bit more professional all the switches close look compare the inner nerd Envy is kind of is in the old time so I kind of don't like it you look quite a

few select any or spanish tennis fan um that's one of those things that keeps people coming back and this column people gathering office platform too smart to be cool if they're gathering it away we're going to Google meeting anyways this is the

first to work on in entropy worrying back to suffer for this is the only image deaths from tech but they it's kind of franchises and is named assume ocean still here they've all the drama league's with internal fuel pump picked a course I please

just look up in the top of the image that's why we find a name with a plan total world domination we still music Paulette you came to Portland local college 1 2005 they went to infinity that was quality community learn the hard way that you do not on a

Sunday a big long discussion which in drop using developers it's very hard to have a conversation um later tweets and why but if you went up to Vancouver 500 attendees of this one that's kind of a bit I myself inches the Drupal world in 2006 in processor

which I still consider this as being that very first Rubicon because this portal where I hope the nickname the King of Denmark and the story and hers man french school girls and huge amount these details of that book can be totally door yet apart but I was

higher about money another thing I saw here was actually this is a comment VA a trabajar bottles and some type of design of sailors one that people looks like and I wonder one for the first time in my life I keep my mouth shut because I was in the room flow

of the powers and is failing I don't think google those rap but developers remains the ipod and if they don't think about how it looks they think about their quote so when you say it looks like they don't understand if they think you need to the

Cleveland cook that's not what we are but that made me kind of sprouting another thing is slowly build our own kind of an affront and awareness takes a little time because google developers very dear to their project works and so which ones they don't

we come to you mouse back yeah something so that works we actually sold out the countries that sold out been freaking out 400 people yes we went to Casa Loma been a year later and one of the things that happened ever really saw as being a part of this whole

thing was get eaten at that party that we would all love may be the very first version of it is also changing in front of other people english are flow apology for that you're wasting people's time and most welcome you have used people wanted out we

like to get this stuff to work and now you're saying you're sorry to us and that's selling there is a lot of my is your code this is 40 hey guys it's much much like this have solved it sucks ass but the next version will be very very little

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