DrupalCon Portland 2013

Mejorando la experiencia de usuario de los editores de contenidos

Mike Herchel  · 


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alright so my name is mike kershaw I've been doing Drupal for about six years I kind of do a whole bunch of stuff with Drupal including a little bit development a little bit of site building a lot of things but I'm really passionate about user experience

and usability so we're going to get into some of that right now and it's going to be it's going to be a whole bunch of real-world examples modules and techniques used and a little bit of theory at the end just to fill up some time so have you guys

ever everybody this is I think probably in two or three slides this group of condoms so for you guys in the back you have those lines at the bottom there are other content management systems and that huge depth Y where everybody's living suicide that's

rupal so Drupal is it's honestly not as bad as when this was initially wrong then I go into a little bit of history there here I actually install Drupal for that seven just so I could get a screenshot so this is this is for dot 75 dot 3 you can see garland

Drupal 6 there's really no difference here you know the Drupal 6 though when that came out did contribute you know contributed modules there's a lot of really good models that you can do to make that a lot better we're not going to talk about it

but just be aware of and menu admin module admin themes and vertical tabs going into Drupal 7 there was an initiative called v7 us and we can see the gold right here make the most frequent axis easy less test achievable design for the eight percent that's

my favorite and dwx has made a huge difference for tuefel seven drupal 7 in my opinion is a lot better the admin toolbar overlay which a lot of people hate including me too slow as molasses but it's really useful to people who don't need to be flying

around contextual links are amazing you know shortcuts there's four blah blah blah but so this is actually a real quote so the real usability depends on you the developer and you can you can make Drupal really really suck from bad decisions for poor planning

poor workflow and then when you're in users see it may seem that Drupal sucks but it's not drupal it's you or there or the developer not so I'm kind of organizing these slides into four three four tenets of usability is the first one right

here reduce the short-term memory load so this is Dory from Finding Nemo and played by Ellen DeGeneres alright so ever against our some low-hanging fruit right here but this is one of my pet peeves so you know you type in WWE website calm / boots are you login

industry goes through your user page you know what's the first thing that you do you navigate somewhere else double needs the other user page send them somewhere else you know you can use rules to kind of make it and make it more complicated depending

on where they were you can you can just do the same thing with the login redirect module if you want something more lightweight you know do it who here uses the poor dashboard I want I want hands let's do you like maybe three you know so specify the most

under-appreciated pizza of Drupal core maybe Panama it's actually not that bad and you can customize you can customize it with views and the huge bulk operations and that just goes a long way for your content editors I'm not going to demo this here

because it's pretty basic the next step up from that is workbench I bet who here has dudes workbench a lot of people and it's very popular module of dashboard on steroids and it does a little bit of everything including the workflow moderation content

revision which i think is really awesome you're not going to deal with that either just too complicated right now the whole whole another presentation so another another another really simple tenant is simplified to get rid of the stuff that you're

not using so the easiest thing to do is to take their commissions when I deliver a website even if it's a even if it's to like a small mama pop shop for a universe or website you know you can give them the admin account but make sure they account that

the use is here is is as we use permission so they don't see all these options you know with you know your menu item your your auto and all that tech stuff and take away drifting buttons up there like I mean have you guys seen seeing that before when you

go into yeah there's a flash button up there you know better formats is pretty often who use this better formats module alright so that's that's actually good so for those of you who are not in denote better formats module you can set defaults

and limit your your input input formats per field on your content type so what that means is if you limit it to one input format that is going to remove the that whole text drop down that your content administrator to talk to editors don't know what the

heck it is you know what's the difference between filtered HTML full HTML and whatever else you might have in there they're really not going to know that so this I'm not going to demo it but it's alright so I didn't need to know about this

module until after the presentation I was I was I was looking I was building website for my work and the person who's going to look about this is very a little bit elderly not very techincal you know super nice you know to makes great cookies and so I

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