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Mejorando el rendimiento de Drupal con MariaDB

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thank you all for coming it is the last talked up today and I'm in between you and your beer I'm here to talk to you a little bit about Drupal at high performance especially when you're using the mysql database and here's an alternative called

Maria DB okay is this better this Mike doesn't seem to like we come longer so it seems left to bend oh is this better okay okay so first things first how many of you here use MySQL if you I was gonna save you don't use it you should fill up your head

okay how many of you have heard of Maria DB before that's good how many of you here use Maria TV okay so a bunch of you already use Maria DB so that is there is likelihood that you may not learn many new things because you're already part of the maury

TV community however i'm here to also help you maybe make more use of maria DB and if you are using maria DB on the site and would like a case study please send me an email so a little bit about me I am Colin Charles you can email me at Colin at Maria

DB org I'm also active on the twitter if you are on Twitter consider sending me a tweet say hi i am the meridia begat money program I should probably tell you that sky SQL and Monty program have agreed to merge about a month ago so I guess very soon I'll

be the Marie do big guy at Sky SQL however if you have been familiar with the MySQL world and realize that MySQL was then purchased by Sun and Sun meant was then purchased by Oracle you might be thinking is this marae debriefing safe for me to continue using

and yes it is because Maria DB is actually governed by a foundation very much like the Drupal foundation so there can never be one and one controlling entity buying over maria DB so consider this mysql done right i used to work at mysql a be for a very long

time making mysql and then i joined son when they acquired us but I left as soon as Oracle I proposed acquires fun I have worked on the Fedora project as well I was on the very first fesco board anybody who use fedora wow it's cool and I used to also work

on openoffice.org anybody is that Wow okay so I was responsible for some of the presentation module in openoffice and even i use keynote today my history with Drupal I have to admit I've spent more time on mediawiki and wordpress schemas and helping those

projects then I've helped Drupal which is sad because I've actually known Drupal since 2005 where I was introduced to civic CRM and a aspiration tech advocacy day in San Francisco I really wish to contribute more to Drupal but I'm not a front end

guy so I guess soon I'll be contributing stuff on the back end this is the rough agenda of what we're going to discuss today and i have approximately 15 minutes to do that with some questions i'm not sure if we should do questions and answers before

after but let's try to take it after all so for most of this talk I'm going to reference marini be 10 which is currently software that is not G a release so I'm going to mention some stuff that is only available in alpha release but it will be

GA in like at the end of july so it's almost as good as being GA and we run it in production and we know customers that run in production as well so I'm guessing you're you as a Drupal user would have great experience with marini be because on

the 4th screen of set up a database it says set up mysql maury DB or equivalent so you've probably already seen this word Maria DB but you just maybe not take an action a handful of you have maybe about ten percent of you have taken action which is great

hopefully at the end of this talk the rest of you will take action and convert from mysql to mariadb as well it has also been recommended in the Drupal documentation as part of the requirements alongside MySQL it is used in tests but which means Drupal core

runs well against Maria d be ii ager and barracuda also has marae to be available for it and we received our first bug from a drupal user during the 5 3 series days so we received our first bug from a drupal user i would say about a year and a half ago so

we've definitely had users saying hey we have you know bugs that the query didn't materialize in a similar way as it did in mysql so we've and we spent time since then making maria ADB's query optimizer even better and we naturally have some

bugs when we were kicking the tires on improving the query optimizer so what is maria DB marie DB is a community of a branch of mysql very much like drupal is a community-oriented project it is not backed by any one company it is it is you know governed by

a foundation is also a feature enhanced MySQL but I guess we I want to make clear that it's not a patch set against MySQL any longer if for some absurd reason MySQL isn't developed in the future we're happy to continue developing Maria DB we have

lots of core developers who know what we're doing so it doesn't make a difference if mysql is divided or not but I also don't want to say that we're a fork because we merge with MySQL on a monthly basis so we're still a branch with a huge

amount of different code and different features inside we are also fully 100% compatible with MySQL we are a drop-in replacement and we have feature complete to the T so if mysql has something we will have the same thing and again i cannot reiterate more how

important it is to be governed by the maria DB foundation as opposed to be governed by a corporation and the aims of maria DB are really really important we are one hundred percent compatible drop-in replacement this means today if you uninstall mysql install

more adb it'll just work all the on this data is the same this is true even for innodb the on the wire protocol is exactly the same if you are migrating from mysql 51 to 55 like Maury DB 55 you should run mysql underscore upgrade but if you are migrating

from mysql 5 5 25 tumor a DB 5 530 where it's a it's a similar major version you probably don't even need to run mysql upgrade our focus is really to make stable releases we don't believe in releasing software we like to have a schedule we

like to say we like to create one new release every six to nine months but if if it's not stable or if there are bugs I have their regressions we do not want to release it we will hold back a release to make sure the software is perfect because our aim

is to be used in data centers large data centers and we really increase the tests and the QA cases available for Marie a DB our code coverage is actually pretty good now we have way more test cases than any other MySQL branch or MySQL itself also we have way

more features so you have more test cases naturally and we obviously aim to have no regressions that means if you are we all every time you make a push we test upgrades from mysql to mariadb previous version am really be to the current version of maria do

we have intensive test suite the other thing is we're one hundred percent gplv2 we have no enterprise product no commercial extensions nothing of that sort we are GPL to the core however if you want to embed things against a lib mysql client and you want

to have commercial software we also provide lgpl c and java client libraries so there you don't have to get an OEM license or pay anyone for that I did not include that in the slides because it's not directly important to the Drupal community but we

found at least one person outside at the expo hall saying that this was something that they could they could use so I'm mentioning it now we also have Maria captain's from many different companies companies like swing search linkedin sky SQL haha we

were different companies before taobao out of china facebook percona coda ship and a whole bunch more companies and if you follow the maria discuss mailing lists and the maury developers mailing lists you end our bugs tree you'll realize that google is

also taken a great interest in maria DB why they are taking an interest is speculation up to you now marie DB is filled with a whole bunch of features and the last time i talked about all the features without even going through practical examples it took a

good eight hour course I I have one hour and I have to respect your time so I'm going to only focus on the maury to be features that benefit Drupal users not all the Marie to be features in fact i took a list of all our features and i pasted it into Wordle

and it came up with this tag cloud how web 20 of me and it's a lot of features i mean we spent a lot of years engineering ready by now but i think the one most important thing is that our default storage engine is extra DB we can switch to in ODB but we

always want to generally have extra DB round X 0 DB is generally it has a lot less checkpointing so smoother checkpointing on the graph on the left and it has a lot less flashing to disk with a lot more stable performance so here you can see the slides with

extra DB in green is really good extra d be showing you generally stable performance that's increasing not you know jigsaws the other thing that you should probably notice that oracle has been in developing in ODB a lot so kudos oracle we have taken in

ODB from 5-6 because there's more more features inside compared to the 55 release however we are just waiting for extra DB to include the bitmap checking so that we can have better immediate backup snapshots and why is it only be important to you why is

extra DB important to you because extra DBS features that a no debe de itself doesn't have like fast in 0 DB restarts how many of you run Drupal in the cloud ok so the cloud is inherently today I have a slave I don't have enough I have too much capacity

I tagged slave down I add another one tomorrow and I get / dotted and I take it down again etc we have fast in olivieri starts which basically pre populates the inner DB buffer pool and this is great for your cloud environments because it will pre-populate

the buffer pool to a state right before shutdown with sequential i oh so you get a fully warmed up server with a warm buffer pool in minutes rather than hours a days this is hugely important for cloud we also improve single core performance which is something

you get in the cloud regularly because you just fire up an instance so we improved signal-caller performance as well as multi-threaded performance we make use of ram better than we would in stock in 0 DB so for all intents and purposes you can consider extra

be to be a better nodb and actually be is jointly really developed by us at maria DB as well as the folk at Percona who developer kona extra TV and they developed wonderful backup software as well so these are some of the interesting features that we've

been shipping inside of mer ADV that will benefit a drupal user maury to be 51 we released in February of 2010 keep in mind that oracle announced the purchase of mysql a son in april of 2009 so we didn't have a lot of time we had to you know leave the

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