DrupalCon Portland 2013

Mejorando el proceso de creación de temas propios para Drupal

Garrett Dawson, John Ferris  · 


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my name is John Harris based in colorado Garrett said we do good work a lot of journalism education so we're going to talk to you today about custom tailored teams what we mean by that not necessarily a custom theme for specific project like every project

that one of those but more about the tools that you use to start a project with so in Drupal there's off triple threats cutting all different shapes and sizes as do the teams that those legs so your team might be I don't know dozen people you might

have a designer information architect content strategist sysadmin and back-end developer front-end developer we might just be one person sitting in the basement doing work attendee play but to take this presentation will call your teeth so we'll be able

to do today is just encourage you to kind of a lot of different so figuring out what what what to build your tool there's a ton question do you want to ask yourself listed a few here but everyone will be what type of projects need those are you working

in journalism sites learning platform you go commerce site for that retail intercompany locals are just so talk a little bit about Stanford University didn't want her to open framework we have chance to talk with Miller so Stanford University the team

within and in Stepford work web services provides services and it just kind of great two different departments and senior Stanford related organizations but as one of their services they have call the sacred sites Stanford sites basically in kind of think

of it I guess is a protocol garden specific for Stanford basically it gives a free site to any students or faculty new apartments that Nina Drupal site and it's basically a Stanford web services it is seven staff members but they're managing over 900

sites right now I'll maintain my mistake so that is so there's a lot of challenges but asian feeling of security it wouldn't spin up a free side but they can't add any custom go to it so handle that on the demon they built was called open framework

/ framework is a series of a set of themes in which people can build their site so open framework itself is a nice thing kind of the bottom line base theme it's based on Twitter bootstrap basically provides some of the basic functionality that one would

need to order within the standard size a lot of layout features of the big selling point of that and on top of that they have another base with you about Stanford and essentially what that students understand for branding on top of open framework and then

on top of that they're the digital themes to choose from I think they have three right now and those just add additional kind of customizations to the theme itself so another company where we had an opportunity to speak with front and elder these guys

are they not only is a distribution that's based all around panels it had some some layouts a lot of that bacon functionality that sector distributions with a lot of that so so they built kalafina on top of them luckily there's actually is art dependency

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