DrupalCon Portland 2013

Mejora la forma en la que creas tus temas para Drupal

David Needham  · 


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all right well welcome everyone to day two of drupalcon Portland it's my honor to present to you today theming for site builders getting started the Drupal way my name is David Nia and i'm the founder and developer enjoy creativity we're a new

company that was founded specifically to help churches and ministries with web design and mobile apps and to provide training and support and kind of fill a gap to help out people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford you know really excellent highly

interactive really beautiful websites so that's what we try to do and you know I I've been all sorts of roles on all sorts of projects I've you know served as developer I've been just the site builder I've done QA I've done theming

and you know the theming has kind of been my passion i love gaming a lot but I I quickly realized that you know there's a lot of site building that actually goes into theming your website if you if you don't want to be responsible for maintaining your

code throughout the entire life of the project which can be you know I'm sure you know like several years you want to use site building techniques you want to use modules you want to use best practices so I just want to say you know I I love the community

I love troop ille I love steamers and today you know if you're a themer here today you are totally welcome we're going to learn some techniques for becoming but earthy murs to work on teams in a better way um so you don't have to rewrite or reuse

your code we're going to be learning about different ways to to better maintain your websites in the long run by using site building techniques and if you have never written code in your life if you if you just consider yourself kind of living in the UI

you know living in the Drupal interface and just being up here site builder you're going to learn how to make your website even more beautiful if you're working on a large team work maybe you're the site builder working with the themer then you

can give them a head start and kind of offload some of the work that they'd otherwise have to do themselves so before we really get started I'd love to do just like a quick hand count um who in here for this is there like first drupalcon I've ever

been to raise your hand please Wow I think that is so so awesome that's that's just incredible I love that makes me feel good and who in here would consider themselves just a pure sitebuilder you don't know or don't want to use code raise your

hand okay cool awesome so I I often will tell people you know what professionally I meta whatever and I'm hanging out like oh yeah I'm a steamer I'm whatever and I'll say it seeing what's that and you know often the conversation ends up

with me saying well I like to make websites pretty that's it you know I take a design from someone else and I'll make the website look like that and it makes it look nice and that's kind of that's the response will get from lots of steamers

actually I can get picked this up from Joe Chandalar from Lola bot he was the first to coin the term make it pretty but it's true theming involves making websites pretty but the truth is that it's actually a lot more than that as a theme er if you

are messing with the code if you're getting in there you have a lot of responsibility you have total control over the website you can print you know anything on the screen you want you can configure whatever you want and that means you have responsibilities

for taking care of things like accessibility you know search engine for being aware of the UI UX stuff and then also you have to be very aware of security so those are things were going to talk about from from both sides from the perspective of a site builder

maybe you're not messing with the code but these are still things you need to be concerned about and so you know as a themer you have to know these languages you have to know PHP and CSS and you have to become really really intimate with these in order

to properly build a website and you'll properly build a theme in a way that doesn't leave holes for these different responsibilities but you know we are site builders here today we were people who you know believe in in Drupal we believe in community

we believe in using modules to the full potential not having reinvent the wheel every time and so that means no code so as a site builder as a person who aspires to make things better for not just their team and for those dreamers and for you know the Drupal

community we should aspire to use the things that already exist right so we're going to use modules we're going to you know be intimate with the Drupal UI and that means you know we're not going to have to worry about writing custom code we're

not gonna have to worry about learning PHP or going in and tweaking this thing's of your yourself if you know those awesome you can use them and you can do anything you want with Drupal but it doesn't have to be a requirement to really make your website

look really nice I mean I found that this actually gives you a much more holistic website it makes it what's it seemed much more complete much more whole it's something you could hand off with someone and then they could see it and be like oh you used

this module in that module in that module oh I know those modules so I can instantly pick up and figure out what to do to make this little tweak otherwise if you're done it completely in code you have to know oh yeah I'm line 365 of this document somewhere

I tweaked something and you have to remember that but so as site builders as this idea of you know not working with with code we get to actually you know have a better user experience for everyone on the team so again we're gonna we're going to touch

in these different responsibilities we're going to start with these responsibilities and talk about kind of how you can help make them better for Drupal and how you can make your website better by using them and then we're going to go on to go through

some specific examples some some different modules that we can use to actually make our website work butter so first off accessibility Drupal does a decent job accessibility it's getting better is the best I can say at this point um depending on which

theme you start out with it will be better or worse at accessibility as a femur you know as the person writing the code you have to be very good about you know be aware of the accessibility techniques but as a site builder one thing you can really don't

take note of is alt tags you know images will have those all fields you can fill them in you you know put in there will show up when an image can't be displayed so for a screen reader or a search engine it would make it so that you know the text would

show up it gives context on the next one here is HTML purifier this is just a simple module that will help make your code and anything you type into the you know the body text or any field to be more semantic to be more accessible to make it easier to for

your website to kind of instantly be a little bit more accessible and then if you feel like you are intimate already with accessibility you know what things should happen what things shouldn't happen then you are in a great position to help the community

through just letting us know you know if you come across the module or a theme that doesn't actually do things the right way for accessibility please please please go to drew blood org do a search you know in that queue for that module or that theme I'm

see if someone's talking about it if they're not create an issue you know it's something very very simple you can do but it's extremely powerful extremely helpful for the community to open an issue and say hey I found this accessibility problem

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