DrupalCon Portland 2013

Las lecciones que aprendimos sobre UX al crear Spark: prototipar, hacer pruebas con usuarios e iterar

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already so thank you so much for coming to our session this is my CDs mark you exporter type user testing iterates if you're looking for the LAN party it might be in here if you're not going to touch it but it's not yet this is less popular so

just to I can start here just a brief outline on what we're going to talk about we'd like to start off with a little bit of a description that spark is as a team I know that many of you may have schemes are sort of in the Drupal sphere without really

seeing the dates behind it we talked about the vision of spark and what Mark is is is my tool we're going to talk about our design and us processes as well as speech with focus design hair testing will talk about two key takeaways from our approach nice

work and we'll talk a little bit about how you can get involved just as a disclaimer preface the session this isn't this is going to be a conversation about our processes and about detecting and prototyping not about teachers themselves so we will

not be talking about sort of what you know sparkers what the business part is missing or things of that nature we'll be talking slowly without our modern presence I and my other so how many people here have already tried out smart car dealers use fire

and look that a little bit downloaded it all right so we got a lot of people who are new despite what you might not know much mark is that we have a very large team of people who are working behind the scenes to make possible we have a pretty large team I

think the audience and starting with we have come to very clear the audience who is widely and bases in the Drupal so what is sparks vision last year at Google cart Denver during his State of Drupal presentation Greece actually you've mentioned being actual

force part to become so the press flow of carbonyl three in trouble it's meant to improve the experience all across the board in Drupal for cotton authors and cite religious law so what are some of the goals that were that we're going to achieve with

the spark well the first thing is that you know as always not all goals to be met so we put together at northstar vision which is sort of our writing white but not necessarily sort of the ultimate end result because obviously there are a lot of things that

are flux and change so what is part is worth garbage we have in my netting which i'm sure many of you have heard about we have a dragon throughout content layout tool and we have implants cost equation all of us before every one of our edit pages and salsa

those listings have all been approved than very very graphically we also hope to include some useful dragons useful dashboards for topic leaders and the most important i think the theme of the last year is mobile content authoring and responsive on support

or for working within so spark actually began as a collection of contributed modules that were intended to be part of google seven and then eventually we shifted our focus over to enhancing existing features in core and adding these contributed modules into

you for for jubilee and so again you know this that list that you don't particularly count what we hope to accomplish but necessarily what we will accomplish in the end so what are some of the user experience whole spark these are sort of goals that we

the first thing is to improve these astray of wolcott and that means all interaction patterns all workflows need success anyway we also have to simplify stating very compact because of something that while still distinguishing the operations and then we also

are to do toolbar and that work that force of the netflix one of the biggest makes about the box and of course fall formal you have support including our support integration just as important as you experience is the interesting part which is including basically

sort of all that for all people who need extra resources so that includes at any place tomorrow that sort of dives uses through changes that are perfect age when they are artists just argue a little bit about the traditional processing and how we modify that

process to fit article strains traditional conference goes like one fault we identify a problem and we design it prototyping we tested and we develop it a lot of these cases what further also happened is that we are going to probably skip the prototyping test

and just go from design to develop but I think in a lot of these organizations now we are seeing in especially neutral organization value user experience design that we go to the process of usability testing as well as a key point to validate your designs

before you put it out in front of your audience what is important what happens in an ideal waterfall traditional model is that we are going to do an interval review every step during this process we're also considering that we work with the community we

want to review that process to district use understand that we're getting the community feedback so the waving modify the process is kind of difficult to grasp the idea is it some more of a cyclical process and the process network by the what I mean is

that we always identify a problem so for example when we start talking about content creation over the period my tachycardia the top of our enterprise customers are affecting the customers and understanding the thing that they have with content creation because

site builders they are different audience the one more actually writing the content is a different their organs you need to make sure that if we want win the right market trend director we have to accommodate of this content creators so we identify that that

is the problem and we are going to sketch the problem we will be coded eyes the problem we are going to catch the problem and then develop it and then it kind of goes to other process what's interesting is that at any point during this cycle it might be

a sketch step or it might be encoded I as really will come across like hey this is not really working well I think this is missing that or it's not going back to the goal that we started with so we again go back to the identifying the problem try to sketch

it again if I can go through this process again and again and again till we come to a point that we all agree that it's right the same happens at custom civil in your testing sometimes we are testing for interaction patterns sometimes we'll just before

we do a lot of contextual inquiry to understand is that how it is the mental model working with the prototype is it working instinct or it's against the models of you show you some examples of fur something that we did we're all some things that can

go wrong and of course throughout this process we are going to go to the internal review process and also the process of getting to the community the other dimension that is interesting here in this part is is the point of claw where we start with the design

and where we want to go with the designs are special mention earlier the North Star is just like the guiding like that where we want to be at it's not necessarily the end goal of the process and what is happening is that we kind of have to I don't

want to say the word compromise what we have to settle for an actual design and that actionable design comes from a lot of constraints that we are found with that would be in flames from technical point of view or the time limitation or the code three deadlines

what we want you if we want to build a tin Teufel form and and this actual design step is actually it's not necessarily going towards thoughts are always sometimes what happens is that we are moving with a digital design we come to a national design in

closer to the north star design we come across a photo we have to go back row back for few steps and then see that we have to make this balance comfortable design the two important things are on the slide are the way we did our co driving and usability testing

is through envision and alpha delta prototypes but I what I mean is that envision is an at this sort of allows you to stitch together a few images and then there are hot spots you can click through them and then provide son of a pseudo experience of what that

prototype would eat there the pros and cons of each of these processing you and fertilizer plus we'll talk in a bit but I'm also going to show you what is anything vision at all right how does that look like the other project that we do is a high fidelity

excited we need you're not doing all the charities and little things that I don't but it provides a rich interaction interaction that is true when it's going to be developed and both of these pieces that two dimensions I spoke about earlier they

all work in a Doyle respect the way we do it harder we are force part and alcohol I feel familiar with it it comes with its pros and cons pros is that it is a multiple I traded mark used to be hydrating as we move on one of the interesting things are wats

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