DrupalCon Portland 2013

La locura de la internacionalización de sitios web con Drupal, ¿qué módulos necesitas?

Kristen Pol  · 


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Extracto de la transcripción automática del vídeo realizada por YouTube.

but in reality you go there you you is now so you can or you can as there are different I actually not doing so is something that you could make sure that your if you want to translate your text on terms using this rather than and a little there is right now

or as few months ago I did try to go the route with taxonomy terms maybe I ran into you know or you can try it I mean I was drawn I like entity translation it's the way of the future you want to try to use it if you can so in my opinion API you can there

[ ... ]

Nota: se han omitido las otras 120 palabras de la transcripción completa para cumplir con las normas de «uso razonable» de YouTube.