DrupalCon Portland 2013

La estrategia de la ciudad de Buenos Aires para implementar Drupal

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hello good afternoon I'm going to present danielle from Buenos Aires he's going to talk about how they're using Drupal in Argentina Argentina and it's related to drift keynotes that talks about how to use Drupal in the government so I really

look forward to seeing this use case from Latin America ok hi all thank you for coming I'm really happy being here and Daniela body and what is our city electronic government director first of all today tonight this is I love to say this is a special message

from the white house with a white house here it's organizing a hackathon to try to help in Oklahoma so all coders available should go to Victorian lunch at doubletree two days 30 p.m. and try to hop and see what's coming out there there's also

a website oh it's bit ly dash Drupal for okay so you can see all the program there so I hope you see you all tonight there yes everyone is coming ok so when Cyrus we studied this journey about two years ago when we took off the office of electronic government

trenches to change when outside City websites it was really hard we you know we were thinking how to try to get their ministrations really smart and stop talking about you know smartseries series it's not about buildings about people so you need to try

to focus in the citizen and try to open them you know alderman structures right now what I want to talk with you guys is trying to think about why all government websites are dead what you need to start thinking about a you should drive in sperience why you

need to have architecture models in droop which was our solution for that case and turkey about our migration experience in government and how our digital platform is set for this city but first of all you know I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina we are really

a far away country we are right right there down there okay it's chicken left anyway so for the people doesn't know was various cities the capital of Argentina we got about 3 million people live in our city and every day they commute about 4 million

people that's a lot of people so what we are given services if you think about its 28 million people that uses for our schools use our hospitals and all our infrastructure so that's mainly our information when you see about our government three years

ago our mayor to the decision to set up free offices new media office which is in charge of citizen engagement and community engagement inside government trying to get you know community managers tutorials and reunions and trying to standardized processes

our open government office was in charge of collecting their data setting standards for releasing that data and the relationship with NGOs and other developments communities and our electronic government office we're in charge of websites mobile apps maps

and digital strategy for the city so wind up you know looking for our first website we love this this is one sorry city first weapon 1997 yeah what about machine so you know at the time this this works I wasn't so wrong you know what extremely focused

on the cities and it was a 97 page so you know we got famous people in our website that used to live in the city and some services and somehow in 2004 will change to this which you know the thing is for 2004 it was really good it was developed inside government

but we left still 2052 and when we took the office in 2011 we found this website not only we found this website but we found 400 websites all all focus on governance structures a politician eros which is really a problem you know because when you think your

websites thinking about your government government structure you're missing about people you know you're losing that great thing you know users need that is for example just in school for your kids getting married you know get an appointment for our

office and you know that's that's internet right now that's where government should go but whether and shoot you know people doesn't care who gave them the service inside government they know it in our case they know the service came from one

sorry city governments they don't know what they don't need to know which area of the government do it you know its really user driven work experience you know that that's what we were trying to change three years ago and the mayor get it and we

we propose the mayor you know trying to focus in the citizen and then we get in an era chokes you know because this is government that you need to talk with a lot of people to make things done so we chart with the Secretary of media the general secretary the

model modernization Minister and after many many many tabs who we show them we really need to go to a user driving experience where we can solve all these problems so we were having four hundred website why why we were sending all that dispersed traffic and

a changer of the people making them confuse it's really hard to admin the content of 400 websites yes how do we you know manage about 70 web things inside organization both of you I don't know if you're part of government but if you see an organization

so complex that like a government you'll find you get more than one development team inside the learning section and they are having different strategies so it's really hard to to get them pull together to the same place and then of course we want

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