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La estrategia de contenidos explicada mediante un juego RPG

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hello drupal come I've traveled a really long way to be here I had seven hours sat in my ass in newark airport it was rubbish but I'm here now I'm very excited so let's get this presentation started shall we all right then so hi my name is

relly and net Baker I am a Content strategist things you should know about me i don't really use drupal not because i don't want to and we're going to get a little more into that i like drupal a lot when i do get to use it but i don't get to

use it very often so we're going to talk a little bit about that i'm going to talk a little bit about contest strategy the RPG the role playing game and a little bit about where i see stuff going for you guys and for me in the future which will sit

somewhere between if you were in here for Jeff Eaton's presentation you'll have a little bit of that in there and if you're going to ten karamja grains keynote tomorrow and you should there'll be a little bit of that in there as well but we're

going to be talked about content strategy and practical terms for you guys okay so I currently work for the Ministry of Justice in London which is a government department so I deal with some really difficult content like on a scale of difficult too difficult

I have to go see the Lord Justice and present stuff to him for approval for the website so I know about tricky sign off so what do I do when I'm not doing that well i play games a lot and so as a result of that i use game analogies a lot i also have two

small boys who are six and three so I play a lot of Lego and things like that as well which we'll see so I'm going to talk a little bit about games today but not gamification which is rancid I mean so I is I think a misguided way of attempting to solve

difficult problems but more about real puzzle solving so games are a replication of in interactions within a game environment within that game universe you have set rules and you know what those rules are and you know what the goal is and you know how you're

meant to get to the goal even something as simple as a game of conquers or kicking a ball around lives within this small area that you're going to interact with and do things with and part of the reason you know whether you're doing good or bad in

a game is a thing called feedback loops feedback loops are awesome when it comes to content feedback loop loops in content other sort of things that allow us to understand whether we've managed to input our credit card correctly and whether we've managed

to buy something nicely right and those are the kind of feedback loops that really interest me in this kind of stuff because they're the conversation between you and the customer and that conversation between you and the customer is what gets you paid

this is great because money is fantastic and they were in Portland and that's not a cool thing to say but you know for those of us that like to pay rent and stuff okay so one of the things that I got into this when I was filling around with game systems

and so on in thinking about the things that games did really well was thinking about this interaction copy and error messages and things that went backwards and forwards a lot between you and the customer I thought where has done this well and I thought of

RPG system specifically I thought of the neverwinter nights Aurora system if any of you fizzled around with game designer tool you've probably run into it and playing around with that and thinking about the branching of decisions and the conversations

that you have between you and a non-player character and you do something they respond and how that's called up from that game system led me to this talk in a roundabout way because essentially I'm an enormous nerd okay and theoretically if you follow

me on Twitter that's really a be you should get footnotes from Twitter I can't promise they'll be as useful as Jeff Eaton's some of them do just involve animated gifts but they're very cool all right so the other thing I should tell you

is I have some lovely gorgeous cuddly Drupal best friends that is lullaby I site design and decent online who all each chipped in five hundred dollars to have me come here and stand in front of you and give this talk because they thought it was really important

that more people from outside of Drupal specifically related to content had the opportunity to come see say to you what it's like on the other side the fence so yeah then oh yeah also on top of that I did have a range of friends and colleagues and old

clients who all chipped in sort of ten dollars twenty dollars each to bring me up to the total amount that it cost me to come here so that was pretty awesome anyway on with your RPG so does anyone recognize these characters okay this is a very lovely watercolor

style fan out from Dungeons and Dragons the TV show and I sometimes think of that Dungeons and Dragons the TV show and content strategy are closely related so why do I think is because content strategy as a concept promises a lot or rather if content strategy

was as marvelous as it is outed to be it would be as good as Dungeons and Dragons the TV show not least because in Dungeons and Dragons the TV show they got a baby unicorn in the first episode if someone handed me a baby unicorn that would be it game over

like I have got everything I want out of life why would I ever why am I going to go play this you've been walking around trying to kill things right I've got baby unicorn I'm all good we're fine so content strategy is not effortless unfortunately

there is no button I don't know whether Drupal 8 is planning to have one bit so far I have not seen a button in any CMS that's like hit this content strategy boom done we know what we're doing in fact a lot of the difficult conversations about

what we're doing with our content exists around this it's not one size fits all it's not easy to plan and work out what we're going to do it's not infallible it's not the smiling girl with a laptop on the hillside that agencies love

to have sort of on top of their sites when they talk about doing content who'd like no actually I'm talking to wrong audience because you guys probably have so on top of a hill sides and edited a site but who generally sits on top of a hillside itching

a site it doesn't happen right so I think content strategy is actually more like this and more than that I think it's better like this it's still evolving you can't know it all you you can get good at the bits that you like you draw your map

you plan your campaign you work out what it is that you want to do next you test it you try it out you fall in a pit of acid yeah so do if I was mr. burns I would be steepling my fingers at this point in saying excellent because content strategy is such a

huge thing now and there's no weather it can't be it touches so many different topics that it means i can go i'm really good at this bit but I'm bollocks this bit so I'm going to get someone in to do this and it's still going to be

a content strategy so while you have people like me who are general content specialist I know exactly when I need to pull somewhere in and go I'm not good enough at this data visualization stuff I need someone to come in and help me so because we've

reached that point as a as a community if you like we're pretty free and easy to go I don't this means nothing to me I'm going to get something to do it which is really useful because how many times have you been with a client and they've expected

you to know everything about everything you walk in and literally it's a case where they're going so I've just had an idea I think we should do gluten and you're sure they've said words but you can't pass what they are and you're

like there with your mobile game I'm just gonna look up and see my calendar no idea what that is okay yes I'm sure we can do that maybe we could just maybe talk about this on Monday a little bit but that's okay for us so once we've accepted

that we can't learn everything about content in one go then we have to accept what are we going to do next so how is content worked so far well I think so far we've had a pretty good grip grip on how this whole web things works so sorry is made and

it's a repository of stuff someone writes up some more stuff usually directly into the CMS making full use of that WYSIWYG then they choose a snazzy typeface check it out on the preview button and an Internet happens and of course that process is repeated

over and over and over until you have a website so this is the Winchester Mystery House Inn in san jose and hopefully if you put the twitter you'll get at the link to their wikipedia article it's like incredibly bonkers but the short version is that

Sarah Winchester was the heir to the Winchester rifles fortune and she felt a bit bad that lots of people have been shot with the Winchester rifles in in the time of her daddy and her husband so when she inherited all this money she thought I feel quite bad

about this what can I do I could donate it to charity or I could keep building a big-ass house for the rest of my life and remodel it and restructure it forever so that the ghosts of the Winchester rifle deaths don't come after me that's what she proceeded

to do so she built and she built and she built and she had a foreman whose job it was specifically to basically live with her and wake up in the morning and say so mrs. Winchester what should we build next and so they built this and she was so obsessed with

this concept of being chased around by ghosts that the house is literally built to be confusing it's not just an accident that they reach this although some of that is certainly due to the building and rebuilding that went on but there is outside a door

that is a road to nowhere it even says it underneath it you can see it here but and so you open up in your four floors up and you would just sort of plummet to your death another one to join the ghost career I seem so the Winchester Mystery House is piled

higgledy-piggledy its remade its remoulded it's been made by multiple makers with little to no plan no real measurement of success is this sounding familiar in any way shape or form have I dragoness analogy out to its inevitable conclusion right so this

is what our websites are currently like because we built mainly for the desktop and now you know fine and then someone some absolute went you know what I've got I've got a mobile phone why you know what would be cool let's see the web on my mobile

so I can be an asshole at weddings on the beach and a speedboat basically you can be an ass on the web everywhere now right and we like to prepend pretend this has come as a big surprise to us but I don't write you I had devices that would connect to the

web and pull things up in about two thousand and one in a different variety of ways so it hasn't really crept up on us as much as we'd like to think but you know the time for talking about it is past you know we have inside car mounts within almost

bricks we now can see the web pretty much anywhere so where does that leave our content suddenly this is our content all these bricks and mortars that were made to build a singular house have to go all through these to all these other places and our content

creators and our content systems are not ready for this we are literally bricks I misuse the word literature there but I thought it worked so okay though because the designer do something up nice and he'll vetter helvetica threw together the twitter bootstrap

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