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El proceso de convertir en responsive un gran proyecto web

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so every time I come to a session in Tripoli I'm go to sleep make it to the back it feels really full there's actually lots of room up at the front I'm kind of huggy though so you don't want to get too close but canadians really liked it when

you so if you're going to do that that's great it makes a lot more engaging for me and for you what this guy's moving he was already close to the fret hi everyone my name is Andrea Burton I'm the user experience tractor for drupalcon Courtland

the local track here Steve Fisher is one of our featured speakers this is the first year we've had a user experience track at Portland I'm going to a triple come sorry I'm tired so I've been able to attend mostly user experience sessions and

they've been mostly packed out so I feel like it's a really good sign for user experience world in the Drupal world and you know with care under grains keynote yesterday there's just a lot of talk about user experience I'm really excited when

I found out that we're going to do these works me instruct the first person i thought it was Steve Fisher I have been following him for a long time just on Twitter he's to do it was a using blue it was a user experience drupal podcast a few years ago

with jon helen wilkins and then he busted out this responsive process com website which is awesome and just really inspiring so let me just show you a little bit about Steve so Steve is the content nerd herder at and responsive design phonetic at the republic

of quality he meets which are John creative and the creative end of their projects coordinating search strategy visual interaction design and content strategy steve has over 18 years experience and research business strategy experience strategy visual and

interaction design and contact strategy on the web during his time he's worked as a freelance designer and served as the director of user experience and various agency and studio settings he's a professional member of the graphic design Society of

Canada served as the National DPM of web for three years and beyond his extensive client work he's taught numerous college courses CSS what standard suucks creativity I feel like we're so lucky to have Steve he's an awesome presenter he has presented

at a million different conferences TEDx Southwest future with how interactive design conference web visions and drupalcon he's also contributor to.net magazine you can find them on Twitter it had at hello Fisher and I'll stop talking and I'll let

sleep them up here thank you so much for being here walk from my that was a really amazing introduction thank you for that and not to make me uncomfortable to the whole group that worked well for Honor's wats process that's a crew just recently departed

from that company but still close ties with them are sitting right here they promise is broken so i'm going for all of you you can do the same you can try to talk me by like to talk um and I'm going to this gonna be a little different for me today

a little secret about me is I never rehearse anything I can ever practice them I just go because I'd like to talk about the please and that's the reason why you attacked me here because I'm an expert in what I'm about to say I am in this but

it's a little different but first a little bit about me a little bit of Oak View like you so much no really I I've been a big open source of Angela so speak for four years and I had this discovery moment in my life where I was working with business

partner and he introduced the two another piece open source software called joomla many of you have probably heard of it breath or something right now but it was amazing for me to get my connection connection with Mambo before tins June before confused and

things went from there but I loved the whole concept behind it I fell in love with open source really did I wish that it was the future for everything you know it of course comes with its contradictions you know sometimes it's hard to work things out but

i think that collaboration is far everything competition and that's heart open source and the Drupal community is given so much to me it is a pleasure to be here at rubicon it helped me establish party my career as a user experience professional I'm

very grateful for that because I am more recently I've started with a partner mind equality we are experienced design firm focus on the user experience work let's see who's really come up there it is very experienced researcher and and we believe

in connecting the human experience right so we don't we don't think about technology first people people first I just proved my sponsor I'm legit please one one thing I want to know often they joke around an awkward I'm Canadian cities of gross

you all see processes from here see if it right lady because it's spelled that way but I take a little bit more of a serious bend on this car let's awkward jokes since one thing you need to know it's really funny um I don't often share on these

cards but it's cute though you can find me on twitter is where i love to be is one of my favorite places period I respond really quickly you can find me Phil Vischer com I like to believe that you kind of any web of euro in a sense because I'm a user

experience person you know we actually get to make a web better place I believe that what I do is altruistic but user experience is about changing things that people can connect with you know it's not about making more difficult sometimes that happens

right and those are the moments where I cried myself to sleep and I wish I could use it for different a lot of people have said I'm an evil genius because of this photo I thought I would dress just like the photo swap for him but you know I really love

what I do forgets important you get to know about me my house n features contest just sitting way up here at the front she snuck into this session with their security no that's fine and my daughter come on is keenly interested walked in on her once in

her room it sounds like a coin back but notes all over her room she was organizing for herself she's my user experience daughter and then it also found this in the taxi or car interesting reading in life I'm from Vancouver I moved there like clears

go you may be familiar with linux just north of here you guys a little it for the matter of hours drive it's a beautiful city we're surrounded by amazing mountains we go skiing snowboarding in the summary psyche wait to move in there and we're

looking for a home we would see beaches of this in the summer is warm beautiful and sunny down by the convention center and then removed there yesterday felt all too familiar here local relief you love thank you it's one of the places I dreamed of living

I'm so thankful to be there psycho around with a family that's how I go camping now I knew there's a very serious commuter bike a little less serious a little more fun going with it I take very dangerous photos of myself also very dangerous photos

sometimes you forget minutes three the clouds everything for Vancouver it's an amazing spot just I'm encouraging you to come visit me anytime I'm actually serious with that send a message on Twitter and i'll probably responded we'll go

for coffee oh it's also the first place I did Movember probably the last question I looked so much they put our website for so you can go anytime honestly you solve all your problems but now you know ok so I'm going to pull myself yesterday I'm

even Terrence talk so most of you how many of you mortared know how did a great job of talking about the future content on the web but one thing she said is responsive design problems I don't even call responsive design in 23 years I think it would just

be a part of web design it'll be a technique we are using let me think about the web I've never been more excited about working on the weapon happy last three years I remember being in London with ease and mark product feature web conference of hearing

and talk about goosebumps just thinking about it just suddenly made sense it's multi-device world this web that is fluid but really what I want to get into Carrie responsive discovery is about people and what they really need it's not about media queries

so you tricked you in one sense but this is going to be an amazing session for even that we're going to talk about some stories of discovery so this is why it's a little bit different from Hannah decent storytelling so right now there's a blog

post that ever on the combat website that talks about on my penis fact that's tongue-in-cheek and then I used to go out for a run in most nights of Calgary running fortunately but and I would seem to the windows of peeps home to sell running box would

be the evening and they get their dinner table whatever i don't feel like i got to know that right Threepio sneaking out to their windows i made but and then i was out for a walk women my wife and we were talking about back and i just shared how I feel

like I really knew them see their patterns you know I understood was going on what I methodical was what was really happening and we joked about how I feel like my opinion was fact children's belong to the last 14 years but the truth is I didn't know

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