DrupalCon Portland 2013

El estado del nuevo gestor de archivos y elementos multimedia de Drupal

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yeah just look at the key picture of the baby for now oh this is about me so I'm Dave Reed I'm a senior engineer at palantir net I've been involved for Drupal for about seven years now I'm commonly known as the module hoarder so I write lots

of modules I probably in the last month I've averaged one per week but I also maintained some stuff that pretty much everyone uses like token and pasado redirect media that kind of stuff so I've kind of been around the block a couple times I try to

do stuff with Korres well not as much with Drupal 8 anymore and you may know me for my two adorable cats almost one has a Twitter account and I just became a new dad last October which I'm really proud of and he will be making an appearance at the palantir

booth tomorrow afternoon and he has his own Twitter account as well Anna it's just fun stuff about me so what is this file management initiative I haven't really heard too much about it what it really is is an unofficial initiative that we kind of

started in some contribs space it's people that are involved with the media module and the file entity module and want to help encourage and develop and work on that support so it's kind of an unofficial initiative so what we've kind of been working

on with this initiative is setting a roadmap for people we haven't been doing a very good job of keeping that road map updated unfortunately encouraging people to be active in a bug squad in the file entity in media modules we've been trying to hold

bi-weekly IRC meetings just kind of like the regular initiatives do do just to kind of talk about things what are we working on that kind of stuff and there are some links to kind of our two main projects file on 2d and media and our IRC channel that we usually

hang out is pound rupal dash media so let's get into what we kind of set as our goals last year after book on Denver so let's see the first thing that we wanted to do was make some configurable file types so one of the things about file entity is it

basically extends the very lightweight file entity in core and makes it feel dab'll and kind of adds a UI on top of core because you know with core by default you all we can do is use upload fields that kind of stuff but you don't actually interact

with the data on the file itself you're just using the file in places so file entity makes this kind of expands this concept and lets you add fields to your actual files and it's really neat but one of the things that we need for this is we want to

be able to make sure that you can group files into like different types of files because you always think of your document files always kind of one file type your images is one file type your videos as one file type and we want to make sure that we do that

same thing in Drupal the tricky thing is when you go to add content you're kind of doing the same thing I want to make an article I want to make a basic page you're kind of pre-selecting what you want to do when you have files it's kind of the

other way around you're like hey I have a file I'm going to upload it what is it what it wasn't going to be Drupal what do you what is it going to be is it in a document isn't an application and that's kind of the way that we've worked

so far and that's kind of one of the things that we wanted to solve was this kind of configurable file types because how we had it in the past was we determined it based on the mime type so if you uploaded a PDF it was the mime type of that files application

/ PDF and so we say the first part of that okay it's an application which most people actually think it's a document so it's kind of a disconnect there so that was one of our goal is to solve we wanted to make this experience of uploading a file

a little bit better too I will go over that we wanted to kind of html5 can I bring some more progressive solutions to file uploading you know drag and drop you know plupload or those kind of things we want to try and encourage those solutions in core we want

to add in for developers a file access API because that's kind of important you know should you have access to this file or not it's kind of a kind of thing people want to do we also wanted to add a metadata API for files so things like image dimensions

video dimensions stuff that's read-only that you can't really edit that should not be fields we wanted to provide kind of a unified API for people to store this kind of data on a files because right now what Korres doing is it when you upload an image

field it stores it in your field data and not associated with the actual file which is a little bit backwards we wanted to improve the accessibility with images you know with this concept of fields we wanted to make sure that you know we're using alternate

text & title text where we need to so we want to make sure that we improve that support we wanted to add html5 kind of audio and video tags you know it'd be nice to be able to upload an audio file actually play it on your Drupal site without having

to install too much and you know improving support for remote files because a lot of media does is you know working with YouTube Vimeo that kind of stuff and when it does a lot to support that and so it'd be nice to you know build some of that into core

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