DrupalCon Portland 2013

El core de Drupal y los nuevos contribuyentes de código

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so the topic of our next half court conversation is new contributors and core initiatives I'm xjm and this is y se T and you know her already because she's been talking to you if you don't know me my name is Jess but XJ I'm is fine I work for

the office of the CTO at aquia I'm one of the four co-leads for the views in triple core initiative and i started the core mentoring program so i loved i wish i could have ended their talk but I had another thing tried you okay we have two mics this is

this is very clever um so the this session is about this session is directed at leaders in the Drupal community who are initiative leads or might become initiative leads in the future so if you're a new contributor and you're interested in contributing

to a core initiative you're welcome to hang out and listen um and you'll have to forgive us our snack as we teased the initiative leads we're going to be very frank but what you can do that's even better is come to the sprint on Friday because

there will be lots of first of all initiative issues in the mentored sprint if you're not sure how to get involved and the initiative leads will also almost all of them will be there so that's something you can do to so feel well well you're welcome

to hang out or you know not we're not offended if you go um so Kathy and I are both core mentors and we're both core initiative contributors and the other day we decided that Drupal core doesn't have enough initiatives and it doesn't have enough

acronyms so we really bring it to you the new contributors in core initiatives initiative and that's n CC double I and it's almost a Roman numeral so let's tell you about what new contributors have that you hypothetical initial leaves don't

have they have time you're busy and I'm busy and the top challenge for that I've heard from every single initiative lead when we do these on these bi-weekly scrum calls is that they don't have enough reliable resources they can't find the

people to do the things that they need them to do when they need them to do them and when I was a new contributor I had loads of time I did things like well I ate dinner without having my laptop open and add redditor window open I actually also socialized

and there's a whole group of people out there in the world who don't already they haven't already come to the point where drupal has taken over their entire lives and this is an opportunity that we need to seize so so if you're in an initiative

lead and we're thinking about what new contributors have that you don't have one thing they have is a fresh perspective and they have a lot of skills but they can look at the work that the people in your initiative have done with new eyes so I hear

a lot of people who contribute a lot to Drupal I hear them sometimes worry and front that Drupal 8 is going to ruin Drupal because the contributor not the contributor that an contribs contribs those people are not sorry silencing the phones are not going to

be able to deal with it and we're going to lose them or that the developer experience within side core is so terrible that we're not going to have anybody to work on core and what new people can bring to initiatives right now is those are the people

that we're afraid are going to leave we need to get them in now so that they can look at the work that we're doing and find out what they're scared about what doesn't work for them and fix it while we still have some time to fix it and also

what does work and we can check off the list and not worry about anymore I new contributors can bring two initiatives also fresh energy core initiatives are really attractive and shiny and they get excited about them they have that pain point that the initiative

people had also that's why they made their initiative and they want to solve it too and they come to you and they're like I want to work on your initiative it also gives that new person a way to focus on something they can do and not get overwhelmed

by the sea of oh my god everything is wrong with Drupal 8 so an initiative is a great place for a new contributor to be involved because it makes them it gives them a chance to be more productive because they can focus on some small part of it another thing

um I don't know if you guys have noticed sometimes core developers are kind of cranky and kind of kind of feeling sad and to me that that means burnout so if you're in a situation where you're feeling kind of down and everything is frustrating

and there's these criticals you don't oughta fix and and your your say your block conversion patch got mark needs work on an usability issue you didn't anticipate this didn't happen to me recently um but the thing to do at that point is you

know take a step back and work with someone who can see all the things that are good about your initiative who can say oh wow this is amazing I'm so excited to work on this and that energy will reinvigorate you and infect you and help you remember why

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