DrupalCon Portland 2013

El arte de dar y recibir bien las críticas

Emma Jane Westby  · 


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Extracto de la transcripción automática del vídeo realizada por YouTube.

use the stream that's happening IRC we're going to be operated and also now working for flies me which is the video training service and also do on state training custom in case you haven't checked in your blue bag we're also having a sale

we are investing in your education by giving dollars towards the purchase for me was very much friends in terms of discussion around there's nothing our history actions there are honest way too much let's take a look I introduce content that I started

working I started working for ti system is one of the first work preferences personality type indicators to slow down explosion understanding understanding you are which is the reference information information around you can also tell from my take everything

with a grain of salt but the thing that is interesting to note here is I'm more likely to go with categorizing listening sorting thinking unlikely to do through a problem to brainstorm to want to see all kinds of information and then to suddenly have a

new idea for a new approach you can see that on the red side same kind of thing I'm more likely to avoid conversations where we have to get down to the not sure why this is the right idea I think this is the right way she can working with me and it could

be that you are simply different state and where I am right now so can you think or their husband I'm not sure how the internet is today go ahead and jump into the issue you and give me three quarters of your attention give me issue a quarter of your attention

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Nota: se han omitido las otras 722 palabras de la transcripción completa para cumplir con las normas de «uso razonable» de YouTube.